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A P Summer Institute: Environmental Science

Instructor Biography: Timothy Anderson

Curriculum Vitae Timothy Anderson
Princeton High School            Science Teacher          (609) 688-8740
151 Moore Street, Princeton Public Schools, Princeton, NJ  08540

Professional Profile:  New Jersey State Certified Teacher K-12, Earth, Biological, and Physical Science Certificates.  Worked in science research and applied technology for 13 years before joining the public education field.  16 years working with students, and educators in secondary and university programs in environmental and other science education pursuits.
1998 to present Princeton High School-Actively teaching science curriculum in the district.  Developed and created courses for the district in Biology, AP Environmental Science, , Chemistry, and Physics; Accelerated courses in Astronomy, Oceanography, Earth Science, and enrichment programs in Aquatic Ecology and Tropical Field Ecology.  Science Coach for Science Olympiad, Science Bowl, Envirothon, Ocean Science Bowl, Invent Teams, Delaware Valley Science Council, and the Merck State Science Day.  Advisor to the Environmental Club, and Green Cup Challenge competition.  Twice designed, built, and flew in zero-gravity with NASA/DOE teacher program.
1997-1998 Somerset County Educational Services Commission:  Math/Science teacher for students removed from districts due to behavior.
Career Highlights:
•  AP Consultant for the College Board
• AP Environmental Science Reader for ETS for 8 years
•  Contributed questions to Environmental Science AP Tests
•  Taught AP summer institures: Env. Science at Middlesex CC  3 yrs.
•  Science Team Coach for PHS for 16 years
•  Worked in private industry as a scientist creating remediation technology and methods for petroleum and chemically contaminated sites.
•  Westchester County Health Department for 8 years as a Senior  Sanitarian
•  Inspected water & wastewater treatment facilities, planned, designed, and implemented studies of estuarine waters of Long Island Sound, the Hudson River and lakes and streams of Westchester County.
•  Teacher’s Assistant SUNY Stony Brook, NY – Intro Oceanography & Bio-Lab
•  Adjunct Professor Stockton State College Biology and Genetics, 1997
•  Peer Review Publications in Estuaries & Jour. of American Chemical Society.
•  Poster Presentation 2013 Entomological Society of America, Austin TX
1996 M.S. Marine Environmental Science, SUNY Stony Brook, NY
1984 B.Sc. Biology (Cell, Molecular, Developmental), McGill U.  Montreal
College Board:  Reader – 8 years
Princeton Plasma Physics Lab: Teacher/Scientist
Hudson River Sloop Clearwater:  Volunteer Educator
Friends of Princeton Open Space: Wetland Manager

Environmental Science Program Syllabus:

AP Summer Institute:  Gaithersburg  MD      June 2014        AP Consultant T. Anderson

Intro Course and Participants
Equity and Access Policy
Adaptive Structure of a Course for New Teachers

Misconceptions by Teachers + Students

M Choice exam Assignment, Due Wed
Free Response Asst. Due Friday

Discussion of Labs
How to Conduct a Stream Study - Demo

Computer Model of a Lake
1:00 STP Trip
How to write Free Response Questions

Free Response Exam Qs - Exam techniques for Students
Analyze BOD /standard plate count.
Submitting a Syllabus
Evaluation and Certificates


A P Summer Institute, Environmental Science. Instructor Timothy Anderson. Biography and class information to follow.
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