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AP Summer Institute: Chemistry

APSI Course Description: Chemistry

Advanced Placement Summer Institute


Dear APSI Chemistry Participant:

A new AP Chemistry curriculum was instituted in 2014.  During this four day AP Chemistry institute, we are going to examine all aspects of this new curriculum including all the major ideas in the Framework, the new AP inquiry labs, inquiry in the classroom, the Audit, grading the exam, writing exam questions, strategies to improve learning to improve test scores and anything else that is important to participants. Although participants will work in cooperative groups, there will be individual homework most evenings prior to working together in class. This homework is intended to move you further into the planning and delivery of your AP course.

Attendance every day and completion of homework are also necessary to receive CEUs.   
Below are a few items that you need to bring to the APSI as well as a few items that you should do to prepare for the institute.

Required Items:

  1. Register on AP Central and the AP Community if you do not have an account.   and AP Community, (use same username & password as AP Central.

  1. Learn a little about the new, revised course online at AP Central.  Go to this website, click on AP Chemistry and then look at the items in the center of the page and the blocks on the right side of the web page. Create a file on your computer for these, download and read some of the information. Several of these documents will be in the AP Chemistry Participant’s Manual for APSIs that you will receive, so, do not print the information unless you want a hard copy immediately.
  2. OPTIONAL:  In an effort to include everyone, we will share “good” materials/files. Please bring an electronic copy of a “Best Practice,” that is, a good first year OR AP lab, test, demo, in class activity or whatever activity you really like. You will have 5-7 minutes to present it.
  3. Solve the Free Response portion of the 2016 exam which you can download off the AP Central website. If you cannot find it to download, please email me at and I will send it to you. This activity is important in order to gain a better understanding of the new exam. Do your best (you will not be graded;) we will go over the answers in class.
  4. In an effort to know your needs, please email me to provide answers to the following:

a.   How long have you been teaching AP Chemistry?
b.   Have you completed an AP Audit?
c.   What are three of your major areas of concern in the new AP Chemistry curriculum that you would like to discuss this week?
d.   What else would you like to obtain from this week?
e.    Tell me anything you think I need to know to help you with your course.

Useful Items to bring that will make this week much easier.

  1. A laptop computer and extension cord. (Almost all files that are used will be on a DVD/jump drive and will not be in hard copy form.
  2. A graphing calculator or similar, pens, blank paper for working in class.
  3. A jump-drive with any materials that you would like to share.  You should include your Best Practice on the jump drive to share an electronic copy. If you don’t have a DVD drive, please bring a jump drive with a minimum of 4 GB of free space to obtain MY free materials.
  4. Safety goggles/ apron, long pants, GOGGLES for lab. (There will be at least 3 experiments.)
  5. A large book bag or small rolling suitcase to move materials back and forth. You will probably receive 3-4 AP texts (Zumdahl, Tro, or other authors)
  6. Your 2016-17 school schedule (needed for new teachers).
  7. A sweater, sweatshirt or light jacket just in case the room we use gets too cold.
  8. The 2016 AP Exam Free Response that you downloaded from the AP website with worked out answers (to the best of your ability.)  

Thank you. Together, we will work towards a more complete understanding of the NEW AP Chemistry curriculum and inquiry labs.

Patricia Bordell, Ph.D.
Duquesne University
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Pittsburgh, PA 15282

A P Institute Instructor: Patricia Bordell

AP®  Institute-CHEMISTRY
Instructor Patricia A Bordell, PhD

Patricia Bordell was a high school mathematics and AP Chemistry teacher in various school districts. After her retirement in 2001, she worked in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at Duquesne University as an Associate Professor where she taught Advanced General Chemistry inquiry lecture and lab for many years until she retired in 2014.   Pat is currently active in several chemistry organizations and programs including the American Chemical Society, Pittcon, (The Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy) and the College Board National and International teacher programs.  Besides being a past reader for the national AP Chemistry exam, she is also a national consultant and workshop leader in AP Chemistry, Pre-AP: Creating the Learner Centered Classroom and Vertical Teams in Science.

  Since 2001 she has been a College Board National Leader/Mentor and as such she mentors new consultants who present various College Board workshops.  During the summer, she has presented many week-long AP chemistry and Pre-AP Institutes all around the United States and has conducted workshops in China, Saipan, Austria, Mexico, San Salvador and Columbia.  She served three years on the AP Steering Committee to help develop and present College Board workshops at the Annual AP Conference, which is held in various cities across the United States. She is also one of the reviewers of AP Chemistry syllabi in the College Board’s AP Audit Program. Besides being an awardee for numerous awards in and around the Pittsburgh area, she was also Tandy Technology awardee in the 1990s and Siemens Awardee for Advanced Placement in the year 2000.


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