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AP Summer Institute: Calculus AB

Agenda for the AP® workshop in Montgomery College 

Day 1 

Short introductions
Some observations on the AP program
Looking at the AP syllabus

Solving Multiple Choice questions as a warm up
Presenting derivatives of polynomials
Hand out with Pascal’s triangle
Mean value theorem.
Slope fields 

Day 2 

Please bring to class: scissors, ruler, cardboard pencil, scotch tape.

Applications of derivatives
AP questions with: Related rates        
Minimum maximum handouts.
Activity: building a coke can, building a box- two variations; 
AP questions with minimum maximum

Day 3 
Worksheets for integrals
AP questions with integrals
Mean value theorem of the integrals.
Fundamental theorem of Calculus- AP questions
Building a wedge?

Day 4 
Grading an AP exam. Looking at the rubrique
Grading some student samples. Solving the problems. Seeing additional differential equation problems. More Fundamental Theorem problems. Discussion: the philosophy of the exam,

A P Instructor Paul Gruber

Calculus AB
Instructor Paul Gruber


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