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Workforce Development & Continuing Education

A P Summer Institute at Montgomery College

A P teachers classrooms and high school students

Designed for teachers that are interested in teaching Advanced Placement courses.

The Advanced Placement Summer Institute (APSI) offers 30+ hours of subject specific professional development that equips new and experienced teachers with content and resources to enhance their teaching of AP courses. The APSI provided a unique opportunity for teachers to exchange ideas and information with peers.

Topics that are often covered in summer institute sessions include:

  • AP courses: goals, objectives, content, resources, bibliographies, and equipment
  • Strategies for teaching students at beginning or intermediate levels
  • The AP Examination: how it is developed and graded
  • Syllabi, lesson plans, and assignments
  • How to refresh and improve existing AP courses
  • Recent changes in AP Course Descriptions
  • Updates to course curriculum and exam

Advanced Placement Summer Institute 2015

June 23 - June 26, 2015 | Tuesday - Friday

All sessions are from 8:30am - 5:00pm | 4 sessions | 30 hours

Course cost: $430 + $185 = $615; Non-Maryland residents add $300

Classes are held at our Rockville Campus, Germantown Campus or Gaithersburg location.

Germantown Campus Classes:

Art History MGT 413
CRN# 41058, at Germantown
Art History (Redesigned)
AP Consultant: Wells Gray
Calculus AB MGT 009
CRN# 41046, at Germantown
Calculus AB
AP Consultant: Ayana Touval
Environmental Science MGT 414
CRN# 41059, at Germantown
Environmental Science
AP Consultant: Timothy Anderson
European History MGT 415
CRN# 41060, at Germantown
European History (redesigned)
AP Consultant: Shaynne O'Connell
Govt. & Politics US MGT 416
CRN# 41061, at Germantown
Government & Politics U.S.
AP Consultant: Kathleen Hauger
Human Geography MGT 433
CRN# 41068, at Germantown
Human Geography
AP Consultant: Liliana Monk
Music Theory MGT417
CRN# 41062, at Germantown
Music Theory
AP Consultant: Richard Zweier
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April 6, 2015

Space is Limited

Rockville Campus Classes:

Biology MGT 018
CRN# 41052, at Rockville
Biology I
AP Consultant: Mark Krotec
Chemistry MGT 017
CRN# 41051, at Rockville
AP Consultant: Paul Kimmel
Physics 1: Algebra-Bsd MGT 432
CRN# 41067,at Rockville
Physics 1
AP Consultant: Thomas Hoch

Gaithersburg: 12 South Summit Ave. 4th floor, Gaithersburg, Md 20877

Computer Science A MGT 290
CRN# 41053, at Gaithersburg
Computer Science A
AP Consultant: Kimberly Burton-Regulski
English Lang. & Comp. MGT 010
CRN# 41047, at Gaithersburg
English Language and

AP Consultant: Renee Shea
English Literature MGT 013
CRN# 41048, at Gaithersburg
English Literature
AP Consultant: Patricia Maida
Psychology MGT 390
CRN# 41054, at Gaithersburg
AP Consultant: Alan Feldman
Spanish Lang. & Culture MGT 393
CRN# 41055, at Gaithersburg
Spanish Language & Culture
AP Consultant: Rosalba Bellen
Statistics MGT 401
CRN# 41057, at Gaithersburg
AP Consultant: Barbara Dobbs
U.S. History MGT 015
CRN# 41049, at Gaithersburg
U.S. History
AP Consultant: Geri Hastings
World HistoryMGT 016
CRN# 41050, at Gaithersburg
World History
AP Consultant: Monica Bond-Lamberty
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April 6, 2015

Space is Limited
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