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Tele-Advising FAQs

What is Tele-Advising? 

Tele-advising is a new service being “piloted” by the Rockville campus Counseling Department to expand Online/Email Advising.  Through Tele-Advising a student can engage with a counselor face-to-face using technology to get assistance which is generally limited through the Online/Email Advising service due to privacy/ FERPA concerns.  Moreover, it provides another means of accessing a counselor for those who may have difficulty coming to campus for a variety of reasons. 


Is Tele-Advising offered by all 3 campus Counseling Departments? 

At the moment it is not.  Tele-Advising is an initiative being “piloted” by the Rockville campus.  If this is a service that students see as beneficial it may be expanded.


What kinds of assistance can I get through Tele-Advising? 

Tele-Advising will focus on providing students with academic/educational counseling and some career counseling.  Therefore, students looking for assistance with semester course planning, transfer planning, academic advising issues, basic career counseling, etc. would benefit from using Tele-Advising. 


Is personal counseling available through Tele-Advising? 

Personal counseling is not available through Tele-Advising.  Students experiencing personal difficulties or crises are strongly encouraged to seek the assistance of a counselor in person by visiting a campus Counseling Department.  In addition, please refer to any Local Community Counseling Resources that are available to you.     


Do I need an appointment to use Tele-Advising?


How long are Tele-Advising appointments?

Tele-advising appointments are scheduled in 20 minute time blocks.  If more time is needed session may be extended if possible or you can schedule another appointment at a later date and time. 


What do I need to have for my Tele-Advising appointment?

In preparation for your appointment please make sure you have a current picture ID (e.g., MC ID, driver’s license, passport, etc.).  If you do not have a picture ID only general information can be provided not pertaining to your academic record.  Moreover, you should have any documents or advising resources that are related to your questions/needs.  Some examples would include the your Academic Plan, Advising Degree Worksheet, MC Catalog, unofficial transcript, etc. 

How do I get Google Hangouts, FaceTime, and/or Skype? 

Please refer to the following links for more information on how to get these programs. 


Is it secure to communicate with a counselor using Skype and/or FaceTime?

Please refer to the information provided by  FaceTimeGoogle, and  Skype regarding their respective security and privacy policies. 

Will my Tele-Advising appointment be confidential? 

Absolutely!  Counselors maintain the same level of confidentially and respect for your personal information through Tele-Advising as they would if you were meeting with them in-person.  The counselor will be in a closed door environment.  However, you should take into account your personal surroundings to ensure that other individuals are not listening in that you are not aware of. 



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