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Truthful Tuesday #2 : Clear Your Mind

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Truthful Tuesday #2 : Clear Your Mind

The truth is... sometimes life gets CRAZY.  Our schedules are full and so are our minds.  It's easy to feel totally overwhelmed and unsure of how to stay on top of it all.

This video could very well be the perfect remedy to that feeling of overwhelm, scatterbrained-ness, and difficulty focusing your mind where it needs to be focused.

If this video was helpful - give it a THUMBS UP! And if you have any meditation tips to share, comment them below!

Many Thanks



MC SOCCER DOES: The First Week of School

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Thank goodness for this three-day weekend! It has only been a week into school and we are beat. Tuesday we traveled an hour to Stevenson for a scrimmage. Than Thursday we traveled 3 hours to Glouster for our first official game. All 28 players and 2 managers crammed into two vans.


 You get to know a girl pretty well when you’re stuffed into her personal space for 3 hours. We talked, ate and sang the whole ride there. “All About That Base” by Meghan Trainor has become my vans theme song. It played so many times on the radio that even our coach started singing along.


(If you would like to keep updated on the Raptor athletes make sure to follow)


On top of soccer everyday we are all full time students! I asked a few of my teammates about their favorite classes.

Here are some of The Women’s Soccer Team’s favorite classes this semester:

Women’s Weight Training- “Being a soccer player it was hard to know how to lift with out stunting my speed. My teacher discussed and showed us how to improve muscle tone as well as muscular endurance.”

Controlling Stress and Tension- “After lectures we lay down on the floor and breath deeply and relax. The teacher is nice and practical!”

Sociology – “Professor Hernandez engages the class and forces her students to think outside the box.”

Psychology- “Professor Palmer makes me feel comfortable to speak up in class and he cracks me up every time! He makes learning exciting.”

I hope you all enjoyed your three-day weekend as much as we have! Please let me know about your favorite classes and professors, maybe it will help me out picking classes next semester.


Love always,

Katelynn Suzanne




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Yes, I did it again. I appeared for two classes that weren’t due to start until after Labor Day. But there I was again, clad in tennis wear, raquet in hand, when the pretty security guard approached, “May I help you?”  Well no says I…I’m going…to tennis class.  The woman’s expression of unqualified pity said it all.  Her day had started with this encounter: an advanced case of Alzheimer’s wandering campus in a fog if dementia. She didn’t utter a word, but that look! I realized. “Sir, you might want to check your schedule,” there wasn’t a hole large enough nearby to stick my entire body within and hide.

“Thank you,” I said as she drove off. I had been so excited at taking advantage of the opportunity to wear white for the last time before Labor Day. Yet there I stood, the lonely duke, wondering what to do with the remainder of that fine blue spirit-thrilling sky. It seems by the look of these continually chilly mornings that the days of shorts and sandals, soft cotton Ts, lapping up rays on the Eastern Shore are over. 

This marks the official end of summer. Labor Day. A holiday created to the memory of the American worker whose interests died years ago,  but a fitting way to commemorate all the men and women (and tragically often children) who actually built something, created something of usefulness while forging our great nation.

Those men and women and children who built most everything we take for granted: roads, bridges, schools, parks, hospitals, and those who later worked under oppressive conditions within the walls of American factories, farmlands, endlessly toiling with dignity, integrity, tenacity and endurance all in honor of making our country great.  And now, an all too often spoiled, thankless nation merely grills up some burgers and opens a cold one whilst defending a freeze in the minimum wage as a threat to consumer prices and boardroom profits.  Or maybe it’s just one more day where to not be inconvenienced by alarm clocks, deadlines and meetings.

Some of you might find it within yourselves today to take a moment to reflect on all the amazing things that the American Worker has created for your benefit, enjoyment or safety. For a brief instant, be genuinely grateful.

Reflect this weekend on how you yourself might make a quantifiable, palpable and worthy contribution in your community, school, local hospital or nursing home. I especially ask this of the luckiest among you, the ones who enjoy a cornucopia of freedom and privilege. There is nothing wrong in celebrating good fortune, good health, the company of friends and family and a shared meal - just remember it is an integral part of life, of living, of character to give something back to your town, state, country.  From our earliest years we are trained to win, to take, to be the best, but so rarely are we taught the things that make victory, success and wealth worthy of us: compassion, kindness, philanthropy, social responsibility.    

Warn-out Wednesdays... the weekday remix

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So far you've been welcomed home by Rene, limbered up for the many stressful months ahead with Katelynn, locked down all of your procrasti..... I mean "studying" problems with Lauren, been invited to share experiences with Anthony and empathized with Matt's post on procrastination. Let me now help you, in as many ways as possible to avoid the first obstacle that I have run into this year. SLEEP DEPRIVATION/ INSOMNIA!!!! *crickets chirp as the dreary eyed student body awaits the follow up* It's 7AM and your alarm has been kind enough to inform you that it's time to drag your ragged body from the womb and tomb that is your bed. Once the most awful series of sounds in the universe are out of our heads we can begin a new day, or at least muster the courage not to crawl back into our wonderfully warm and snuggly caves. Recently I've been having a series of bouts with insomnia resulting in my utter annihilation at the hands of a sleepless night. I found out that the root of this evil was that the pre-workout drink that I was having before running into the gym to do battle with myself was the equivalent of FIVE shots of espresso. The result was my being super stressed out at four in the morning hoping upon hope that the sandman would magically appear and throw me into a coma. For all of you suffering from similar circumstances here are some tips to help you make your way through a more peaceful night.

1. Pick a time to go to sleep every night and stick with it! Routine is everything.

2. Nighttime rituals are key for good sleep. Make nightly habits stick, a cup of tea, good book or relaxing shower before bed can work wonders.

3. Avoid lit screens such as TVs, computers, phones an hour before bed. Studies show that light from screens can cause your brain to stay awake even after you're exhausted.

4. Cut caffeine intake by noon if you can and by early evening if you can't. For obvious reasons caffeine can cause serious problems when you're trying to give your body and brain a break.

5. Keep naps, when you can achieve such blissful wonders, to a maximum of 30 minutes or you risk being unable to sleep later and in my experience longer naps will cause you to wake up extremely groggy and once you are awake you cannot get to sleep until far too late later on.

I hope these tips will help you find peace when it comes time for you to enjoy a well-deserved slumber. In the meantime if you'd like a lot more tips and ways to improve sleep check out this article.

your friend in sleepless nights, Will C


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