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I have been stuck here staring at the screen for about 5 minutes now. It seems that I have forgotten how to start a blog post. I guess this is what happens when you lose practice even if you've posted here more than 50 times. Let's begin with my re-introduction.

Hello everyone ! I am Shas, an alumnus of Montgomery College, and currently a first year Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D.) student at University of New England, Portland, ME. A few weeks ago Ms. Jane emailed me that she wanted me to post something as a guest and I said "yes" instantly. I love writing here. 

I arrived in Maryland the day before yesterday after the completion of my first semester of pharmacy school. That was a stressful experience, let me tell you! A lot depends on one's learning style, but for me it was a difficult transition from a 2 year school to a graduate level program. You basically go to school, come home, study for 3-4 hours and then sleep. I'm getting old. Unlike MC days, I can't pull all nighters anymore. I went with the flow, learned a lot of pharmacy stuff, lost my hair, gained 7 pounds, but at the end it was a very rewarding experience as I passed all 6 courses with decent grades. 

I miss Montgomery College, and how I wish I could be sitting in the cute little General Biology class again. The classes I took at MC feel easy right now, but they seemed really challenging when I took them two years ago. I think it's the way life is. Past challenges seem easier than your current challenges because you've excelled at them. Past challenges at MC were the seeds that are currently yielding fruits at pharmacy school. MC is like a family to me. I am friends with some of my professors on facebook. I share hugs with professors when I meet them. I have a lot of love for the college, and I'd definitely love to be able to contribute to MC some day. MC is about endless possibilities. I become happy when opportunities like these arise, and I get to write about my life again. Thanks Ms. Jane for this opportunity.

In the end, I'd like to say thank you for reading my blog. If you have any questions regarding University of New England (UNE), a career in health science (pharmacy), or anything you want to talk about, feel free to email me at

I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season.


Thirsty Thursday (on a Friday): HashtagTtyl

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As you guys can see the semester is getting to an end and many things are going on. I missed my day to blog meditating on these finals next week. For the most part I feel prepared but there's always that one question you can't study enough for. I am really thankful of this opportunity to voice some of my MC journey to you guys for a semester, its been cool. Hope you guys have all your papers for next semester turned in and your potential class list for next semester in mind by now.

Putting off the little things because you're being lazy is NOT the move. As soon as the Fall semester ends we get that break but if you take care of all you need to do before the break you allow yourself to have peace of mind knowing the beginning process is taken care of already. I am like most of college america, a procrastinator, and till recently always waited till last minute to do things. I handle things in a quicker more efficient way and it has been less stressful.

Hope all you guys enjoy the downtime from classes, homework and test. Handle some of the stuff concerning your Spring schedule and classes early so that isnt a concern throughout your break. More importantly be safe and be very critical of your actions during this downtime. 

Till next semester folks


Short and sweet for the final one.

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Well, this is the end my friends. This is my last blog for the semester. Finals are next week and the end of the semester is nearly upon us. I have to be quick with my blog tonight because I have to study for my finals. I don't have to study in an "Oh finals are next week, I had better do some study" kind of way. It's more of an "Oh my god, finals are next week, I don't know anything" sort of situation.

I have been doing some thinking about my winter break though, and I want to achieve some things while we are all on in it. I have a habit of procrastinating and rushing to finish things at the last minute, so I am going to be on top of things, that's the plan anyway. It's a pretty simple list, there are only 5 things I want to achieve.
In no particular order they are:
-Begin my application to University of Maryland.
-Apply for any scholarships I qualify for.
-Apply for graduation from MC.
-Do some volunteer work at the elementary school I have been at this semester.
-Sleep a lot.

I am planning for next semester to be my last at MC. I have really enjoyed my time blogging during Fall and I am looking forward to continuing to tell all about my final semester at MC in my blogs in Spring. I will update you on whether I actually completed my 'to do' list during winter.

Until then though, have a great winter break everyone!!

Happy Friday!


(I thought the best way to end the semester was to share one of my favorite New Zealand songs of all time with you. It’s from a DJ called P-Money, and a couple of years old but I still love it!)


wednesdays with Will- la fin- ...for now

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     As I sit here tapping away on this keyboard, I look forward.

      It's easy to become preoccupied with the past, filled as it is with memories both fond and tragic. Tread too carelessly and you'll find yourself stuck in the ruts of those that have come before you. And while they may have succeeded in some ways, each of us is filled with unique purpose, ideas and dreams waiting to happen. Don't allow yourself to give up because something went wrong, even if everything is a catastrophe. Come to terms with the past, it happened, it was bad, but it's over! The only way you can progress in this lifetime is by accepting your mistakes and trying to do better the next time. you will FAIL, MISERABLY, many more times. But each mistake is one more lesson that can be used to produce greater results or ignored and repeated until your stuck forever in the same rut. 

     Furthermore, don't depend on encouragement. I saw a wonderful saying the other day that went something similar to - winners judge themselves by their own merits, losers judge themselves by the merits of others. If you're looking to be better than the people around you then you're bound by their achievements, measure yourself by your own efforts and you'll go farther than you dared dream. A quick look at some of the most famous/successful men and women of history will show you that they all faced hardship and had to deal with seemingly insurmountable odds at times, yet what separated them from their peers was their decision. They were all faced with a choice: surrender yourself and your dreams or use this struggle RIGHT NOW as an opportunity to better yourself and strengthen your resolve. 

     Which category do you fall into? Those who gave up when they were left alone to face the unthinkable or those who pushed and continued pushing until there were no longer obstacles standing between them and their dreams!

     On a side note, to any of you out there that are reading this or have seen my blog and know my face but haven't read the blog yet, I hope you all take a chance and check it out sometime. 

     Until the spring my beloved brothers and sisters! Finish those exams with vigor and have the most merry of holiday seasons that was ever had by community college students, faculty and friends. 

     Don't give up,

Will C


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