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A wednesday unlike any other

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    Hello all my friends, both realized and unknown! I hope that everyone is having a good week. I'd like to say that I have some enlightening new information to share with you or some exciting new activity to pursue, but unfortunately I've been sick all week. There's very little that you can do while sick whilst still maintaining a recovery status.

      In lieu of any words of wisdom I'll provide some personal and recommended remedies. Some of these will probably be common sense to some of you but hopefully, together, we can all get better and have some fun when the snow begins to fall! 

     * 1st drink lots of water, juice, warm lemon water with honey (it will help loosen congestion). Try to stay as hydrated as possible, it's a fantastic guideline in general.

     *2nd take some time off. I know it's hard I hate dropping daily activities such as going to the gym, visiting friends or any other activities you had planned but it will help you get back to it all that much faster. 

     *3rd REST!!!! Even if you head home and decide to finish off the newest season of How I Met Your Mother because it just came out on Netflix, intermittently take some naps so your body gets the rest that it needs in order to fight the infection.

     *4th If you have a sore throat, gargle salt water. Warm some water so that it's nice and hot, then stir in some salt and gargle. The saline solution will help fight the infection and ease some of the pain in your throat.

     *5th Always up your vitamin C intake to ensure a boost in your immune response.

     *6th Blow your nose! As simple as it may seem, I'm sure that some of you occasionally inhale your nasal nastiness instead of clearing it from your system. Please, do yourself a favor and delete that shenanigans from your body!

      Well folks that's all I've got for you this week. Check in next week for what I'm sure will be an extra exciting episode of Will meets MC blogging!!!

Your man at Montgomery College,

Will C

Truthful Tuesday # 6 : Overwhelm is Overkill

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As you can see, I am doing things a little differently this week.  The past few days have been a whirlwind and I am pressed for time today.  As quick as the vlog is to shoot, it is a tad time consuming to upload, edit, caption and post!

Anyhow, the truth this week is: Overwhelm is totally rampant but it doesn't need to be.  We college students- balancing school, work, family and our personal care can easily become overwhelmed.  When I become overwhelmed my productivity slows and I tend to keep wandering into the kitchen looking for a snack. Overwhelm can turn into a bigger problem when it turns to distress and impacts our sleep and ability focus.

My first time through college I came to stomp out these frequent feelings of overwhelm when I discovered the power of the To Do List.  I have changed a lot since then and now call them “Get To Do” lists because positivity pays.  It helps me keep in check how I am spending my time- does it truly resonate with what my heart desires in life?

To keep overwhelm at bay, I start my days with a list.  Sometimes I write them at night before bed- when I am feeling like there were loose ends to the day.  This way I can leave any stress about it on paper and not in my mind so I can have a restful night.  I used to write them down all over the place but this year I picked a jazzy little MC planner from the bookstore. Each day has space for a list- so that’s where I write them.

My lists take into account due dates (which I have also pre-written in my planner), life events, cleaning tasks that I need to complete, and anything else to be accomplished. Here’s a somewhat silly but great tip for writing your list:

Always make #1 on your list, “Write Get To Do List.” Then, proceed to write your list and cross off #1.  You’ll instantly feel productive and be excited to move on to #2.  :)

That’s all I have for today, until next week…



How I Organized My Head

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Good evening Raptors,


After last week I finally had to organize my head a bit. Since the day fall semester started I have been loosing notes, assignments, books and pens. I couldn’t take it anymore. I could not survive much longer with out creating some sort of system for myself.

I have been using the same notebook for each of my classes. It was cluttered and confusing. Last week, I walked into the school store grabbed a planner and started writing. Anything I needed to remember, I wrote it down. (Class agendas, test dates, project dates, ext.) I pulled my notes out of the notebook and organized them by class. After that I bought 2 big binders, dividers and a 30 pack of pens. I had read a bloggers post earlier in the year that said it was easiest to put all your MWF classes in one binder and your TTh classes in another binder. 

Although I just started using this system it has helped me out a lot and kept me on top of my classes.

Here is the blog:


I hope this helps to keep you organized this fall semester.

Love always,

Katelynn Suzanne


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He could not sit up long enough to watch
The amber-golden sunset with his brood
For a guillotine of pain descended
And felled him like a folded child in womb
An endless night that terrifies the boy
Afraid to shut his eyes lest monsters kill
Him stealIng all his golden dreams of love 
And rob him of his native father's care 
His wife, his children all stand by and cast
Brave smiles lest tears and dread they should belie 
His doctor's pain-free promises seem weak
But hospital can lay him down to sleep 
While we so powerless as many catch
The last great light of all in him that's good
For much of daddy's bravery depends
That we deflect the murmurs of the tomb
Let heaven's gate attend his gentle joy 
Should he approach with fear that final hill
Then hold him as broken-winged dove
Relieve him Lord of darkness and despair
Remove all heartache let spent sorrows past 
Allow him just our love and care to spy
That we may carry him up to his peak 
Enshrouded with our love his final leap


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