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Stating the Obvious

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So I am going to state the obvious his week. Apologies in advance if it is boring.

Number one, it’s getting cold. I’m not sure about you, but to me this week has really felt like winter. I’m not ready for it. I’m just not ready for it to be winter yet. I didn’t get everything I wanted to do done while the weather was nice. I didn’t go for enough bike rides. I certainly didn’t get to go on all hikes I had planned to over spring, summer and fall. I’m going to be honest here. I’m never ready for winter. It just doesn’t get this cold back home, not where I lived anyway. That’s one thing I just don’t know if I can get used to here; the cold winters. Last year was my first winter here. It was rough. I’ve never felt as cold as the days I walked to college in the snow, the wind feeling as though it is blowing straight through you.

Number two, its Thanksgiving next week. Like not having cold winters, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving back in New Zealand. We don’t even have anything that comes close to it, apart from Christmas, but y’all celebrate that here too. I am hoping this year’s Thanksgiving goes better than last year’s. Because it was my first one, I asked my wife what happens at Thanksgiving. By the way we were having a family Thanksgiving dinner with her family, about 15 people. She proceeded to explain the usual customs, the turkey, the mashed potato, the pumpkin pie. I then asked her if we exchanged gifts at Thanksgiving. I should have known by the way her ears perked up, and her sudden interest in the conversation that there was something wrong. “Yes,” she gleefully responded. Fast forward a month later and there I was, handing out the small bag of chocolates my wife had made as gifts to all of her family. It was only when her uncle could not contain himself any longer and burst out in a fit of laughter that I once again remembered I had married into a family of pranksters. Thanksgiving gifts are a myth; well in my wife’s family anyway. But they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make a fool of me. This year I will be more prepared.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Keep warm and good luck studying with upcoming finals on the cards.


New Zealand fact of the week: New Zealand’s national day is on February 6th each year and is called Waitangi Day. It’s named after the place where the British and the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand signed a treaty to give sovereignty of New Zealand to the British.  


Thirsty Thursday: Preventiveness

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We all know by now that it is COLD outside but what are you doing to make sure you don't get sick? I would like to introduce some basic measures to help assist you in staying in class and earning that free A in attendance. I do use all of these traditional methods and I haven't been sick since I was a sophomore in high school, so I would say they are effective. 


1) Eating well - and by eating well I mean eating many fruits and vegetables. Grapes, apples, oranges, carrots and broccoli. They all contain anti-oxidants which help fight off germs and infections. Also try to eat full meals or as close to full meals at least twice a day. By full I mean with all the food groups, eating just a couple pieces of chicken does not count as a full meal regardless of how many pieces you ate. 

2) Drinking water - water flushes all that unnecessary gunk out of your system which allows all of the nutrients and good stuff to flow without interruption. Drinking water an hour before you eat expands your metabolism. 

3) Bundle up - now I've witness with my own eyes students walking around campus with just their shorts on and a sweatshirt. I understand that the majority of those students commute to school so standing outside in the cold waiting for a bus might not be a thought that runs through their mind but not wearing the proper attire outside while its 21 degrees outside is like you're asking to get sick. Covering limbs are essential, usually if my toes and fingers are properly clothed I don't have a problem staying warm. (TIP: for my business majors and those fly guys, dressing in business casual is an easy way to layer up)

4) Hygiene - wash your hands and face after you come from school. Places such as university campus' , grocery stores and places of work carry a lot of germs that just linger. Allowing those same germs to stick on you all day is not a good look. 

These are just a few basic practices to help you guys along the way. I also suggest drinking tea, mainly green tea because it contains free radicals, vitamin C, and is packed with anti-oxidants which all help you fight off colds and viruses. 


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Hello again my friends,

     I hope that everyone is getting along alright as the temperature continues to descend. As I'm sitting here writing this my girlfriend says that she is most certainly not enjoying the cold. I, on the other hand, was standing out in the 21 degree weather with a t-shirt because it felt so good. Since most of you are not aware, I am extremely pale and was born to be a winter baby. 

     Back to the topic at hand, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and whether you celebrate this holiday or not, I think it's an excellent opportunity for everyone to remember all that we have. Be it a house, clothing on our backs, wonderful friends, family (even if they can be the biggest pain), food, etc. 

     Because at the heart of it all, it need not be about a religious group or labels, but rather a chance for everyone to realize that we all have so many reasons to be happy and so many people who have helped us get to where we are. Remember those teachers, friends, relatives, wild acquaintances who helped shape who you are, what you believe and where you are in your life right now. 

     And above all remember that you are loved, that people care even if you don't necessarily know it. May all of you have a wonderful feast on Thanksgiving and may everyone have a chance to 


I KNOW we all need a day off right about now and hopefully the holidays will inspire us all to greater heights when we come back from this short break. 

AND let's not forget that Christmas is right around the corner. Another chance to enjoy a respite whilst hanging with the best of friends and family!!! Yes that sounds awesome, I am so ridiculously excited for Christmas. I cannot wait to see friends, drink some wine, hang around a Christmas fire, dance the night away and have a winter's blast. 

Happy holidays everyone. Make them memorable!!! 

tune in this time next week for my mother's clean and cook - athon!!!!

your festive spirit filled amigo,

Will C

p.s. I should totally have a name for all of you slightly non-existent followers like lady gagas  "little monsters".... we'll work on it

Focus Katelynn! Focus!

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Good Evening Raptors,

This week I have been preparing for a lot of final projects and exams. If that doesn’t already sound fun, I have also been extremely sick. I wish I had more to write to you all about, but it has been a pretty tough week. Since I come from a big family its really hard to get my work done at home. There is always something going on. I felt like I was falling behind again after just catching up! So I went and talked to someone from the athletic department for some ideas. They recommended that I put aside some time, after classes, to find a quiet place on campus where I can work. Although I just started this, so far it has been working.

Here are some other things that I found help when I am getting distracted:

  1. Put down the phone. Turn off your notifications or set the phone on the charger on the other side of the room. This will keep you from constantly checking your phone.
  2. Take short breaks. Do your HW for about 10-15 minutes at a time. Then give yourself time to have a healthy snack or draw (something relaxing.)
  3. Stay neat. Keep your work place clean.  Don’t set yourself up for any unexpected distractions. Stay on topic.
  4. Listen to music. The sound of some calming classical music can be very relaxing. I love listing to classical covers of modern day songs. I suggest! I love using this anytime, but specifically when doing HW.

These tips have helped me focus this past week while cuddled up on my couch, sipping chicken noodle soup. I hope this helps you guys finish off the semester strongly! Good luck everyone.

Love Always,

Katelynn Suzanne


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