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Welcome to our Sonya Kovalevsky Day Program

Sonya Kovalevsky Day 2018

Saturday, November 10, 2018 10AM - 3PM at the Montgomery College Rockville Campus.

Montgomery College’s Sonya Kovalevsky Day seeks to increase girls’ interest, confidence and competence in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).  6th grade girls in Montgomery County Public Schools may apply. The program provides participants with innovative learning opportunities while helping them to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. 

The first 60 sixth grade girls from Montgomery County Public Schools will be accepted. A waitlist will be maintained and names on the waitlist will be given priority access to our winter cohort activities.

Registration is already FULL.  However, we will be keeping a WAITLIST.  When a spot opens up, we will email you.

Please click here to register.

What is Sonya Kovalevsky Day?

skday-2011-1Sonya Kovalevsky Day is a one-day conference for registered 6th grade girls. The event, held in honor of Sonya Kovalevsky, targets Montgomery County middle school girls for hands-on career awareness activities. Workshops and discussions focus on building and applying science, technology, and math skills among the girls, and nurturing enthusiasm for content in STEM areas. The program is part of the College's commitment to increase the number of women pursuing the sciences and math at the postsecondary level. It is the only program of its type in Montgomery County.

What is the Purpose of the Program?

  1. skday-2009-2To inform girls of the many career options that are available to them in mathematics related fields.
  2. To encourage girls to take as many advanced mathematics and science courses as possible while in high school so that they are better prepared to major in mathematics or a related subject in college.
  3. To encourage girls to pursue interests in careers that are still mostly populated by male students.

Who is Sonya Kovalevsky?

Sonya Kovalevsky was the first woman to earn a doctorate in Mathematics. Sonya worked independently attending lectures wherever she was permitted. She earned her degree in 1874 from the University of Gottingen in absentia after writing three dissertations.
In 1888, Sonya won the Prix Bordin, a prestigious prize given by the French Academy of Sciences for her memoir, On the Problem of the Rotation of a Solid Body about a Fixed Point. In 1889, Sonya was awarded an appointment as lifetime chair in mathematics at Stockholm University and membership in the Russian Academy. However, Sonya was still not offered any teaching positions at Russian universities that she desired nor was she allowed to attend the meetings of the Russian Academy.

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