IT Standards & Guidelines

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
Policy | Presentation, Awareness Assessment & FAQs
Standard - Updated 
Banner Desktop Data Access and Security Management
Standard | 
Credit Card Processing/E-Commerce
Standard | 
E-mail   (see Student E-mail below)
InCommon Participant Operating Practices
            InCommon Participant Operating Practices
IT Standard Development Process  
Standard - Updated
IT Standard Exception Request Form
Request Form | 
IT Standard Hierarchy
Standard - Updated 
Network and Information Security and Privacy Program (NISPP)
Program | 
Physical Access  
Network Operations Center Physical Access Process | 
OIT Facility Physical Access Standard 
OITB Physical Access Process | 
Personal Smartphone College E-mail Access  
Standard | 
Remote Access
Standard | 
Server Configuration and Security
Standard - Updated | 
Student E-mail
Standards and Guidelines | 
System and Application Access Management
Standard | 
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Process | 
Vulnerability Scanning - Updated
Standards | Guidelines