Purchasing - Software & Equipment

Discounts on Personal Purchases


The Office of Information Technology is pleased to pass along links to various technology hardware, software, and cell companies who offer purchase discounts (e.g., Dell, Apple, HP, Intechra, Academic Superstore, Software One). All Montgomery College faculty and staff are eligible. 

Personal Purchases Program Availability

The Montgomery College Office of Information Technology is pleased to pass along links to various technology hardware and software companies who offer personal purchase discounts to Montgomery College faculty and staff. These links are meant to be informational only and is not intended as an endorsement of products or services from any of the companies listed.

Apple Computer Corporation offers discounts to faculty and staff. They can be reached at 1.800.MY-APPLE (1.800.692.7753) or on the internet at www.apple.com. Click on the Store, then on Education Store and follow the directions to select your College for personal purchases.

Dell Computer Corporation offers discounted prices on PCs, peripherals or electronics. The member number for this program is BS13640684. You can call the Dell Employee Purchase Program at 1.877.377.0238 or on the internet at www.dell.com/dellu/montgomery.

Hewlett Packard offers an HP.com website providing an easy to use interface for purchasing HP or Compaq products. You can reach the HP Montgomery College Higher Education store online at www.hpdirect.com/academy/montgomerycollege.

Academic Superstore offers discounts on software for faculty and staff. You can reach them on the internet at www.academicsuperstore.com. Software One also offers discounts for software products. They can be reached on the internet at www.softwareone.com

If you are interested in purchasing used College equipment, Intechra, is the College's disposal/recycling company and offers used equipment (PC's, monitors, laptops, printers and servers) at fair market value with a warranty to College employees. The Intechra Outlet Overview and FAQs document provides login information and answers to frequently asked questions. For instructions about logging into the web site, please review the Employee Purchase Program Guide.

If you have any questions about the service or equipment, or need any assistance in the financing or purchase of equipment, please call the individual vendors listed above for assistance. You can also reach IT Resource Management at itresource.management@montgomerycollege.edu.

Employee Discount from Verizon

Employees are eligible for personal cell phone service discounts through Verizon