Acceptable Use Policy 



Montgomery College use of Information Technology resources is provided by the Board of Trustees who have established policy regarding the use of these resources. On February 27, 2001, the Board of Trustees approved an IT Acceptable Use Policy and its associated Guidelines.

Montgomery College employees should review the AUP annually. It is also recommended that faculty review the AUP with their students at the beginning of each semester.

Click on IT Policy Administrator (ITPA) for information on reporting possible violations to the AUP.

For questions regarding the AUP and its application in the work environment, please contact Patrick Feehan via email at or telephone at 240-567-3087.



            Acceptable Use Policy 






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These presentations have been prepared to enhance your review and to test your understanding of the AUP by critiquing the scenarios.

Acceptable Use Policy Presentation (PowerPoint)

Acceptable Use Policy Presentation (PDF - printable version)


The Multimedia Awareness Assessment:

The sound version of the Awareness Assessment contains narration and background music.  The Awareness Assessment contains individual buttons to mute the music and narration.