Handheld Devices


Cell Phones and PagersPile of Phones

Requests for cell phones and other handheld devices are handled through the IT Service Desk. E-mail or call 240-567-7222 (x7-7222). There are several options available. The Telecommunications Coordinator will contact you and work with you to define your needs.

Current College Cell Phone Users

Existing users of Verizon cell phones can update the cell roaming PRL in order to have access to enhancements in Verizon's roaming technology. It's easy and it's quick. Visit Verizon for complete instructions.

College E-Mail on Personal Devices

Employees can now receive College e-mail on their privately owned Smartphones and Smart Devices.  <Learn More>




Smartphones / Smart DevicesBlackBerry

Smartphones and other Smart Devices and services are used for the benefit of the College and must be purchased through the Office of Information Technology. The devices provide direct access to the user's Montgomery College e-mail account and Exchange/Outlook features, such as calendar and contacts without synchronization (such as used on PDAs), web page access (small screen), attachments (small screen), and a cell phone.

If an employee has a business requirement for a device, he or she should contact their supervisor to have a formal request submitted for authorization and approval via a Smartphone/Smart Device Request Form.  In addition, a supervising administrator's approval is required prior to sending the completed request form to OIT. 

Here are the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about College-owned Smartphones.

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