MC Phone

Contact the IT Service Desk to add or remove a phone line or to request a phone move.

If you suspect telephone fraud or misuse, contact the IT Service Desk immediately at 240-567-7222240-567-7222 (x7-7222) or by e-mail. They will instruct you on how to proceed.

There are two options for acquiring a FAX machine:

1) If the department needs an all-in-one model in order to use both FAX and printer capabilities (i.e. - the department intends to connect the unit to a computer), then the hardware request form provided by Resource Management should be submitted.  The procurement process will be facilitated by the Office of Information Technology.

2) If just a standard FAX machine is needed, then the department is responsible for purchasing it from their own funds using their regular procurement procedures.


Telephone User Guides

Single/Multiple Line Phones -D Series

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NEC Dterm I Series

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