Voice Mail

Voice Mail User Guide

Montgomery College's telephone system includes voice mail which can be accessed from any phone, on or off campus.  This system also includes a broadcast system utilized by the Telecommunications Coordinator to broadcast important messages to all voice mailboxes. 

New Voice Mail Guide 

Voice Mail Menu Reference Sheet 

Voice Mail Desktop Reference Card (print & fold)


Access Your Voice Mailbox

  • From your office phone:  Dial x7-1701.  You will be prompted for your security code.
  • From your home phone:  Dial 240-567-1701.  When voice mail answers, dial your extension followed by the * key.  You will be prompted for your security code.
  • To enter a Guest Mailbox, check your mailbox from another phone or to check a second mailbox from a phone that has its own mailbox:  Dial x7-1701.  When voice mail answers, press the * key to indicate you want a different mailbox, enter the mail box number followed by the * key again. You will be prompted for your security code.


Change Your Voice Mail Security Code

  1. Dial voice mail at 240-567-1701.
  2. Enter your current security code.
  3. Press "8" for User Options.
  4. Then press "1" for Personal Options.
  5. Press "4" for to change your security code.
  6. Follow system prompts to make the change.