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 I am the solution… is a cybersecurity awareness campaign sponsored by the Montgomery College Office of Information Technology (OIT) and dedicated to bringing cybersecurity awareness to the College community. This campaign’s central message, “I am the solution…”, emphasizes that as a Montgomery College computer user you are the first line of defense against computer fraud and information piracy. By being a smart and aware user, YOU are the solution!

In recognition of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we are asking the College community to think about their "Vintage" Data. Vintage is great in cars and clothing, but vintage data that is obsolete, redundant or forgotten is risky.

Retaining obsolete and duplicated student and employee information in e-mails, hardcopy documents or digital files puts us at rick of losing or sharing personal information by accident.

Organizing and securing our records, especially those containing personal information, and disposing of them as scheduled is the best way to stay ahead of this problem.  We are asking all College personnel to know what they have, know what they need to keep and how to protect it, and then know what they can shred or delete.

Please consider downloading and hanging some of our posters in your work areas where they are likely to be seen by the most staff and faculty. If you would prefer to have posters sent to you, please contact

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