Montgomery College provides free wireless access (MC WiFi) to the Internet at all three of the campuses and the central administration building on the corner of Hungerford Drive and Mannakee Street in Rockville. MC WiFi zones are available in all of the libraries and various public gathering places at the campuses. MC WiFi zones are currently available for use.

MC WiFi zones provide Internet connectivity to wireless devices that are 802.11 a, b,g, n, and ac compatible. Users are able to access the Internet and through the Internet access college Web-enabled applications, such as MyMC, e-mail and Web Voyage.

Frequently Asked Questions about MC WiFi

Campus WiFi Locations:


Germantown Campus
Map of MC WiFi Zones

Germantown WiFi Map

  • High Technology and Science (HT)
    • Buildingwide
    • Globe Hall
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (HS)
    • Lower level - cafeteria, bookstore, student dining
    • Library floors 1 and 2
    • Conference room 185
  • Goldenrod Building (PK)
    • Buildingwide
  • Sciences and Applied Studies (SA)
    • Floor 1


Rockville Campus
Map of MC WiFi Zones 
Rockville WiFi Map

  • Art (AR)
    • Buildingwide
  • Campus Center (CC)
    • Bookstore
    • Cafeteria
    • Faculty/Staff/Student dining
    • Student activities room 015
  • Counseling and Advising (CB)
    • Buildingwide
  • Gudelsky/ITTC (GU)
    • Buildingwide, including amphitheater
  • Humanities (HU)
    • Buildingwide, including amphitheater
  • Macklin Tower (MT)
    • Library floors 1, 2, and 3
    • Conference rooms 106, 212A, 218, and 607
  • Mannakee (MK)
    • Buildingwide
  • Music (MU)
    • Buildingwide
  • Parilla Performing Arts Center (PA)
    • Lobby
    • Control booth
  • South Campus Instructional Building (SB)
    • Buildingwide
  • Theater Arts (TA)
    • Outdoor quad
    • Auditorium


Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus
Map of MC WiFi Zones 

Takoma Park Silver Spring WiFi Map
  • Cafritz Art Center (CF)
    • Buildingwide
  • Health Sciences Center (HC)
    • First floor
    • Third floor
  • Resource Center (RC)
    • Library floors 1 and 2
  • Student Services (ST)
    • Buildingwide


Wireless Access Frequently Asked Questions

What is MC WiFi?
MC WiFi is public Internet access provided by Montgomery College based on the WiFi standard. WiFi, or Wireless Fidelity, uses radio technologies to connect to the Internet to send and receive data anywhere within the range of a base station. It is usually distances of a few hundred feet.

What is a wireless zone?
A wireless zone is an area within range of a wireless Internet connection. The location of wireless access is referred to as a zone.

Is there a fee for accessing the MC WiFi network?
No, the wireless access is free of charge.


What devices are compatible with MC WiFi?
Devices based on the IEEE 802.11 a, b, g and n standards.

What is available through MC WiFi?
The MC WiFi network provides Internet access only and is completely isolated from the college’s intranets. Users will have access to all college Web-enabled applications.

Are all of Montgomery College campuses completely wireless?
No, there are MC WiFi zones on all of the campuses and the central administration building. Wireless is available in many of the buildings, but not necessarily throughout the building. However, it is possible that there will be “bleed-over” signal and access to the network might be available in locations without an access point.

How can I find the wireless zones?
You can find maps for each campus in the libraries, the offices of Admissions, Records and Registration, and the counseling department on each campus.

Are a user ID and a password required to access MC WiFi?
No, the access is for public use and is not encrypted. Access to secured college Web-enabled applications does require a MyMC user ID and password.

What is the SSID for MC WiFi?

MCPA is the SSID for MC WiFi and should automatically be displayed as an available wireless network whenever you are in one of MC's wireless zones.

If I am unable to access MC WiFi, what should I do?

  • Make sure you are in an access zone
  • Make sure encryption and security are turned off on your device
  • Try another wireless zone
  • If you are still unable to connect, contact the manufacturer of your device wireless card provider for assistance. Ask for assistance in configuring your device.
  • Go to a Montgomery College classroom, lab or library that provides Internet access to accomplish your task.
  • If you are unable to access other Web sites but able to access the Montgomery College Web site, call the IT Service Desk at (240)567-7222.

Does Montgomery College provide any services to assist in setting up and configuring a device to access the wireless zones?
Each computer device is unique, and we are sorry we are unable to provide technical assistance for devices that are privately owned by a student or employee. Employees who have a laptop that has been provided by the College and need assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk at (240)567-7222.