Smart Instructor Workstations


Smart Instructor Work Stations (SIWS) are located in classrooms and classroom/labs. The SIWSs are ideal for projecting PowerPoint presentations and computer images, showing VHS and DVD movies, and a variety of other media applications. The Campus Management Services staff offers one-on-one and group training for first-time users.  

Each SIWS setup includes many audio-visual and computer components designed to support a variety of technology related instructional methods. 

The SIWS has a ceiling-mounted LCD projector that receives A-V and computer images from the station and projects them onto a largescreen in the front of the room. Wall or ceiling mounted speakers provide sound from all SIWS sources.

LCD Projector

visual presenter (document camera) allows the user to project objects, documents, books, single 35mm slides or transparencies. A DVD-VHS combo deck or in some cases, just a VHS player, is connected to the projector so that videos can also be displayed.


Visual Presenter

The VCR is interfaced with a Close Caption decoder for the hearing impaired.

Closed-Caption Device  

The computer components include a Dell LCD monitor or a Sympodium LCD monitor and a CPU unit.


Sympodium LCD Monitor

Each computer has a DVD/CD ROM drive and a standard 3/4" disk drive. A second computer input is provided for the connection of a laptop computer to the SIWS.

There is either a smart control panel or a remote control provided to switch between AV inputs.


 Smart Control Panel


There are are two main types of SIWSs: New and Retrofit.  The retrofit workstations have older furniture, a non-Symposium LCD monitor, and no I/O Panel).

Instructions for New SIWS

Instructions for Retrofit SIWS


How To Request a Room with a SIWS

  • Classes are scheduled in SIWS rooms for the entire semester through the normal scheduling process (faculty make the request through their chairperson) 
  • Faculty and staff may schedule one-time use through the Facilities Office - CONTACT INFO
  • Portable SIWS systems can be scheduled by submitting an on-line or hard copy of the Classroom Equipment Request Form or Online Activity, Event, and Meeting Equipment Request Form.
  • Be aware, however, that demand exceeds supply





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