Equipment Reservations

Theatre Arts Arena


Campus Management Services staff provide technical support for events in the Theatre Arts Arena. The Theatre Arts Arena is a 400-seat auditorium located in the Theater Arts building on the Rockville Campus. This venue hosts a variety of programs, conferences and special events. Services include sound reinforcement for individual speakers and panel groups, computer presentation and video support, and lighting schemes.

The Theater has a large raised stage, a large main floor area, raised side areas and a raised rear seating area that can be blocked off by a moveable wall. Since all seating except for the rear area is not permanently installed the theater is extremely flexible in terms of seating configurations and set up. In order to assure that your planned event is a complete success it is suggested you follow the steps listed below to book your event.

  1. Obtain and complete a Montgomery College space reservation form that can be obtained from the Rockville Facilities Office. The office can be reached at 240-567-5016; Jan Logan is the contact person. This will reserve the theater itself and any tables, chairs, podiums or other physical equipment needed for your event. The podiums supplied by Facilities have integrated sound systems which are suitable for small groups of people. Any additional multimedia support must be obtained via the Rockville Intech/Campus Management Services detailed in the next step.
  2. Complete an Activity, Event, and Meeting Equipment Request form (password required).  We can provide the following types of equipment to support for your event.

    1. LCD projector with very large screen that drops down onto center stage. This can display inputs from a variety of sources.
    2. DVD player (region 1 only)
    3. CD player
    4. Cassette tape deck
    5. Laptop computer with the Microsoft office suite. The laptop is used typically for Power Point presentations or Internet access. This laptop can display USB media, 3.5" floppy disks, ZIP, CDs and DVDs. No, Jaz drives or other obsolete media.
    6. Multiple microphones both wired and wireless within the limits or our equipment connected to the house audio system.
    7. On site operator and technical assistance.
    8. We can supply limited static lighting, no moving spots, no custom lighting beyond what we can currently control.

We highly recommend that you use our laptop and provide any presentations to our staff well in advance of the event in order to insure that it will operate properly. We require a minimum of 15 days advance notice of any events requiring our support. We recommend a discussion of your requirements with one of our staff to provide you with the best possible support for your event. Please contact Campus Management Services at 240-567-7148 if you need more information.