Equipment Reservations

Globe Hall - Germantown


Campus Management Services staff provide technical support for events in Globe Hall.  Globe Hall is a 500-seat auditorium located in the High Technology and Science Center (HT) on the Germantown campus. This venue hosts a variety of programs, conferences and special events. Services include sound reinforcement for individual speakers and panel groups, computer presentation and video support, and lighting schemes.


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To ensure that your use of Globe Hall is a success, we have provided the following guidelines. Adherence to these guidelines will aid us in providing quality technical support for your program or event.

  • Complete a Montgomery College Space Reservation Form indicating Globe Hall as the room you would like to reserve for your program, event or meeting. This form can be obtained from the Germantown Facilities Office. The phone number for the office is (240) 567-7883. Please indicate any tables or chairs that you will need for the Globe Hall stage area or the galleria outside the auditorium. If the stage needs to be setup in a particular way for your program, please include a detailed diagram. The Facilities staff will place chairs and tables on the stage based on your diagram.
  • Please contact the Germantown Campus Management Services unit at least two (2) weeks prior to the date of your event regarding the audio, video or computer needs for your event. The phone numbers for Campus Management Services is(240) 567-7861. You can also submit an Online Request Form. Campus Management Services provides technical support for all activities in Globe Hall.
  • Requests for multiple microphones, computer presentations, video presentations and customized lighting schemes must be arranged in advance. Campus Management Services will not honor these types of complicated technical requests on the day of the event.
  • Campus Management Services can provide a laptop computer for all computer-based presentations. Presenters using PowerPoint may provide their own laptop computer. The Campus Management Services staff needs lead time to interface and configure a presenter's laptop for projection. A lead-time of at least ½ hour is required. A laptop can be operated either from the podium on the stage or from the control booth in the rear of the auditorium.
  • If you wish to show a video as a part of a program in Globe Hall, the video should be a standard VHS or DVD. Formats such as BETA, 8MM, ¾" videocassette or foreign standard (PAL, SECAM) VHS videos can not be supported. Blu-Ray is not supported at this moment.
  • Filmstrip, 35mm and 16mm film audio-visual formats can not be supported.
  • Audiocassettes and compact discs can be played through the auditorium sound system.
  • The Globe Hall sound system can support up to eight microphones for panel presentations. A single wireless lavaliere and/or hand held microphone can also be provided.
  • A speaker's podium is located on the left side of the stage.
  • If you have any questions regarding technical support in Globe Hall please contact the Germantown Campus Management Services office. Your cooperation will result in a successful experience for you and your event participants.