Connected™ Software– At Your Mousetip

Connect Logo

Can you find Connected™ on your computer? Maybe not, but it’s actually right at your “mousetip.” As we mentioned in the last issue, Connected™, by Iron Mountain, backs up files on your desktop computer every day, so that you don’thave to worry about losing files.

So, here’s another tip to help you get the most out of Connected™. Suppose you’re cleaning old files off your computer and later realize that you’ve wiped out a block of files that you need for this year’s annual meeting. You’ve got Connected™ and your files are available back six months; that includes old versions of documents. You can even restore them yourself (or call the IT Service Desk at 240-567-7222 for assistance).

  1. Double-click the icon is the lower right corner of your Windows desktop.
    Connected Icon
  2. Click the Retrieve Files button and wait for the analysis.
    Connected Restoring
  3. Click on the + and - to collapse and expand the tree when searching for your files. Most of them will be somewhere in the My Documents folder.
  4. Put a checkmark in the box next to each file you want to retrieve.
  5. When you’ve found them all, review the list by clicking Go/Retrieve View/Files Selected for Retrieve on the main menu bar.
  6. Click Operations/Retrieve Now on the menu bar and let Connected™ do the work.