VPN Access—Application and Documentation


Montgomery College offers network remote access to College network computing resources via VPN (Virtual Private Network) to authorized individuals. An approved application is necessary to utilize the VPN.

Use of the VPN is governed by, but not limited to, the following Montgomery College policies:

  1. Acceptable Use of Information Technology Policy (AUP) <Learn More>
  2. Remote Access Standard <Learn More>
  3. Virtual Private Network Process (VPN) <Learn More>

By logging into and using the VPN, you agree to accept these policies.

To apply for a VPN account, complete the required VPN Access form.  (You will be required to use your MyMC login to access the form.)  

VPN Access Request Form

  1. Several fields on the form will be automatically completed for you. Verify the information, including Administrator and Supervisor names and e-mail addresses.
  2. Provide any additional information and identify for which applications remote access is needed.
  3. Review the Requester Agreement and click the Submit Form button.
  4. The form will be submitted to your Administrator and Supervisor, if applicable.  If approved, the IT Service Desk will generate a Service Desk request ticket directed to IT Security.

Any problems with VPN installation or operation should be directed to the IT Service Desk at 240-567-7222.