Installing Printers Using iPrint 

1. On your Windows desktop, locate the Novell iPrint Client icon in the Windows system tray. Right mouse-click on the icon and select Find/Install printers on the context menu.iPrint Icon

2. Select the location and printer name of the printer you would like to install from the list of printers. Click the printer name.


3. If needed, click Close on the Information Bar (pop-up blocker) message and click on the pop-up blocker message at the top of the browser window to allow the pop-up.iPrint Pop





4. Click OK on the next window to continue with the install. iPrint Install

5. A new window will pop-up with instructions for how to install the printer.

iPrint Instructions

6. As instructed, click the iPrint Client for Windows link (as illustrated above). Your views may be slightly different, depending on the printer being installed.

7. Click the Save button and save the program to your Windows desktop so that it's easy to find. The file will download.iPrint ProgiPrint Save

8. Once the download is complete, close your web browser and click the program that you downloaded to run the install. Once this done, you are done.

iPrint Progr




iPrint addresses