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Service Areas

Performance Management Services


Provides IT strategic and tactical planning, contract, asset and project management, and budget and accounting services as well as facility management of off-site locations:

  • IT Asset Management
  • Budget/Accounting
  • IT Contract Management
  • IT Portfolio/Project Management
  • IT Strategic/Tactical Planning
  • Technology Purchases
  • OIT Building Services
  • Information Security and Privacy
  • Security Engineering

These areas provide a wide variety of services including:

  • strategic planning for information technology
  • assessment activities through benchmarking and process evaluation
  • research and analyses to guide technology decision making
  • budget planning and execution
  • IT contracts and fiscal management; information technology acquisitions (hardware and software)
  • local government partnership activities related to information technology


Performance Management Services Staff Contact Info

Deputy CIO Performance Management Services




Budget & Finance Manager

Regina Manduley

Phone:  240-567-3034

IT Project & Planning Manager

Ed O'Brien

Phone:  240-567-3043