Blackboard Features and One Button Studio

The Learning Technologies Committee will meet Thursday, Sept. 11 from 3 – 4:30 p.m. in Rockville, Room SC151.

The LTC will feature a presentation on the new Blackboard features and the mobile application One Button Studio. Four new Blackboard features are now available to faculty, including Content Collection, Communities, xPlor and Portfolios. Come hear how these features can be incorporated into classes. The One Button Studio is a simplified video recording setup used to create high-quality video projects without having any experience with lights or cameras. Developed by Penn State University, the One Button Studio was designed with faculty and students in mind. It provides individuals an easy alternative for producing professional video recordings on their own using a Mac OS X App.

In addition, the LTC will be talking about the possibility of survey students and faculty regarding their technology uses.

The LTC invites faculty, staff and students to attend!! For more information, contact Michael Mills at

Teach and Learn with Augmented Reality

The Learning Technologies Committee will meet Thursday, April 10 from 3 – 5 in Germantown, Room PK 105.

The LTC will feature a presentation on Augmented Reality and the mobile application Aurasma. Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that allows computer-generated virtual imagery information to be overlaid onto a live real-world environment. AR has the power to engage a learner in a variety of interactive ways to provide individuals with unique discovery paths loaded with rich content from computer generated, three dimensional environments and models.

Gloria Barron will lead a discussion to define AR and demonstrate Aurasma.

In addition, Tom Cantu will give an overview of Diigo, a cloud-based, social bookmarking tool that enables one to annotate web pages and save or share the annotated pages. Bookmarks can be tagged for easy searching and are synchronized to your cloud account and any device on which Diigo is installed. If desired, users can see others’ annotations and have a conversation on the annotated web page.

The LTC invites faculty, staff and students to attend!! For more information, contact Michael Mills at

Pinterest for Faculty

Pinterest Logo"Pinterest is a pinboard-style social photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies, and more." (Pinterest 2012). Instructors can begin using Pinterest to access inspiring images and to gather ideas and information. Some uses in education include creating lesson plans, sharing resources with students, and organizing content by categories. Instructors and students can create visually appealing bulletin boards; pin interesting and informative items; and share with others through the use of email, Blackboard, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks. A free Pinterest mobile app is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices (iPod, iPad, and iPhone) to facilitate pinning on the go with the use of device cameras.

The Learning Technologies Committee: 

Learning Tech Logo

* Promotes the use of technology in support of teaching and learning.   

* Identifies emerging technologies for enhancing teaching and learning to the College community for potential piloting

* Reviews proposals from the College community to test new technology for piloting and adoption.

* Advises and reports to the Executive Technology Steering Committee.

* Recommends pilot projects to the Executive Technology Steering Committee for approval.

* Shares information in coordination with the Applications Advisory Group.

* Determines outcomes, tracks and assesses data to determine if outcomes were met in adoption post-pilot phase.

* Discusses and considers full usage of available technical functions of College instructional software and systems.