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Lifelong Learning Institute Course Evaluation Form

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Lifelong Learning Course Evaluation Form

I. Write the name and number of your course in the box below:


II. Who Was Your Instructor:  

III. Date of Class:  


IV. Was it a Day Class or Evening Class?  


V. The fee for this class was:  


 VI. Based upon the material covered, do you believe the learning outcomes were accomplished as specified in the course syllabus?  


VII. Please provide the reasons you believe the learning outcomes were accomplished. 


VII. Course Rating. Please rate the course using the following scale from 5 being the highest to 1 being the lowest:

a.  Instructor was knowledgeable  


b. Instructor encouraged class participation


c. Instructor was well prepared for each session  


 d. Instructor communicated effectively


  e. Instructor effectively used class time


 f. Overall Instructor rating  


 g. I would recommend this course to a friend


VIII. Do you have any additional Comments about the Instructor: 


IX. How did you find out about this class?


If "Other", please specify

  X. What classes would you like to see offered in the future?

 XI. Where / What locations would you like to see classes offered?

  XII. Are you a new or returning Lifelong Learning student?


XIII. Would you consider taking classes at any of these times or days. Select ALL that apply:


XIV. May we use all or portions of your comments as anonymous student testimonials in our advertising?


XV. Would you be willing to serve as a volunteer in the Lifelong Learning Office on the Germantown Campus?



 XVI. Optional.

  If you would like to discuss this class, or if you have ideas for future classes, please contact Natasha Sacks, Program Director for Lifelong Learning,  at or phone 240-567-1828.

Or Provide your contact information so that we may contact you:






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