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Hillman Entrepreneurs Program and Scholarship Application


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For the following four questions, please limit yourself to a maximum of 500 words per question.

Please answer part a or b for question number 1:

1) Entrepreneurial Influence 

a) Is there a person close to you that you consider to be an example of a successful entrepreneur? (e.g. parent, relative, spouse, friend). Please briefly describe this person and explain why you view him or her as a successful entrepreneur and influential on your goals to be an entrepreneur.

b) Describe a well-known successful entrepreneur who you think of as a role model and who has had influence on your own entrepreneurship. How have they influenced you?

2) Executing Entrepreneurial Ideas  

a) Tell us about your entrepreneurial ideas. Have you already actively participated in any entrepreneurial activities? If so, please explain how you got started, how long you were involved with the activity, if you consider it a successful experience, and any other points of interest.

b) Do you currently have an idea for a business that you would like to pursue in the future? If so, please explain the steps you plan to take to execute the idea.

3) Business or Philanthropic Goals 

If you had the financial and other resources to do whatever you wanted, what would you choose to do for yourself? What would you choose to do for others?

Your Personal Goals for Joining the Program
4) If you were to define success for yourself within this program, what would it look like?  (You might consider this question in terms of skills, attitudes, or behaviors that you hope to gain.)


How did you hear about the Hillman program? From a faculty member, counselor, student, e-mail, MyMC website, MC’s Facebook page, other? Please tell us more.

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