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Global Humanitites Institute

Curriculum Development 

The Global Humanities Institute works to have a major impact on the teaching and learning of the humanities at Montgomery College. In addition to our work with faculty fellows, campus events and support of faculty scholarship, we also aim to create a new course, to modify existing courses, and to create new learning communities that adopt a global perspective.

New Global Humanities Courses in 2015

GLHU101: Introduction to Global Humanities
Study of the many humanities themes from the standpoint of global interconnections. Global Humanities 101 takes an interdisciplinary humanities approach to a number of themes. Specifically, it encourages students to consider a number of topics related to global issues using historical, literary, linguistic, and philosophical lenses. The course encourages students to recognize their responsibilities to society–locally, nationally, and globally–and to consider their academic and personal goals. Students will also consider current issues of global importance. This is a new offering starting in Fall 2015 on the Germantown Campus and in Spring 2016 on the Rockville and Takoma Park/Silver Spring campuses. Assessment levels: EN 101/101A, RD 120. 3 credits Read more about this course in the Curriculum Section.

HIND129: Elementary Hindi I and Elementary Hindi II
Register now for Hindi I! This beginning language course focuses on the study of the Hindi language and Indian culture. Students will begin to develop the ability to communicate in Hindi through the consideration of cultural themes, language functions, and authentic situations as they acquire the structures and lexicon to work with written language, conversation, and composition. Class starts September 13 on the Rockville Campus. Register for HIND129, CRN# 26345.

POLI270: Politics in Action: Introduction to Human Rights
The term “human rights” refers to the ways that people should be treated regardless of the country they live in, or their religious, ethnic or gender identity.Human rights has come to play an increasingly prominent role in global socio-political relations. And yet, there are major differences of opinion regarding the exact meaning of the term, or how it should be implemented. Learn more about human rights in POLI270, CRN# 25024, offered on the Rockville Campus.

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The Global Humanities Institute is a partnership with the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Help us Prepare Students for the Global Economy 

When you make a tax-deductible gift to the College’s Global Humanities Institute, the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) grant will provide 50% matching funds. Simply visit, or contact the Montgomery College Foundation for more information at (240) 567-7900.

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