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Welcome to the General Studies Program

Make your move! Get your Associate’s! Start your four-year degree at Montgomery College!

Students who major in General Studies explore personal, professional and academic areas of interest within a flexible framework supporting transfer.

By setting intentional, ongoing goals and aligning them with course and activity selections, students foster the integration of personal and academic goals, learn across courses, disciplines, time and experiences, and develop an academic identity founded on learning, goal setting, and personal interests.

There are four cores, and each core allows for an interdisciplinary exploration of related disciplines. Students will select at least 15 credits from any of the discipline courses or individual courses within the core, including at least 3 credits at the 200 level. Students select one of the following four core areas to focus their study:

All General Studies students should develop an academic plan with a counselor/advisor that reflects individual goals.

General Studies Program Advisors, Fall, 2018 - All Campuses

Interested in transfer? Click here to learn about the Articulation Agreements with the college or university in which you are interested.

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