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Montgomery College's General Education Program

Montgomery College’s General Education Program provides students with the foundations for living a productive life, being a citizen of the world, appreciating aesthetic values, and engaging in life-long learning in a continually changing world. Students have opportunities in all classes to develop communication, critical thinking, and analytical skills appropriate for an educated person.  The General Education Program prepares students to face the issues and responsibilities that arise from living in a culturally diverse, globally interdependent world.  

The Full Description of the Program:  
 Program Goals, Competencies and Areas of Proficiency, Distribution Areas, and the Global and Cultural 
    Perspectives Designation

Information for Students 

Whether the goal is to finish a two-year career program or transfer to another school, there are certain abilities that students need to be successful.  All degree programs have a central group of courses which emphasize General Education skills.  

The List of Montgomery College General Education Courses   

Maryland State Transfer Policies for General Education (MHEC):  How courses transfer to other Maryland State Schools

General Education Course Substitution Appeals:  How to request the use of a different course to fulfill a General Education Requirement; if based on a disability, see a DSS counselor for instructions

Information for Faculty  

     Sample Rubrics to Assess General Education Competencies and Areas of Proficiency

     How to Request that a Course be Considered for the Program 

     The Code of Maryland (COMAR) General Education Regulations 

     Links to General Education Resources:

     Greater Expectations, Learning for the 21st Century (AAC&U) 

     AAC&U General Education 

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