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Welcome to the Office of E-Learning, Innovation, and Teaching Excellence (ELITE)

E-learning Innovation and Teaching Excellence ELITE Logo SmallThe E-Learning, Innovation, and Teaching Excellence (ELITE) team is committed to providing excellence and leadership to the diverse MC community in the areas of instructional professional development, learning technology support and college-wide academic initiatives. We hold ourselves accountable to seek and provide practical, innovative solutions to enhance the learning experience of faculty, staff and students.

If you are looking for information on online teaching, please select E-Learning. For technology resources, please go to Innovation. For information such as New Faculty Orientation, please go to Teaching Excellence.

Professional Day Conference 2016

We want to thank everyone for attending the Professional Day Conference this year. We hope to see you all again for the 2017 Professional Day Conference! Meanwhile, relive some of the moments by viewing our Photo Gallery and Video.

Photo Gallery -
Video -

Visit the Professional Day Conference website for other information. Presentations for the conference's workshops will be up momentarily.

Blackboard Usage Summary - FY16

Blackboard Logo Blackboard course activity trending over the semester is, on average, how often an enrolled student interacts with a Blackboard course. Many types of student actions can lead to an interaction being logged, such as accessing a course item and navigating around the course. Activity and legions have continued to increased. While Sunday and Monday continue to be the most active days of the week for Blackboard activity, activity is evenly distributed over the day.


Faculty Showcase: How MC Faculty Use Open Educational Resources (OERs) in Their Teaching

OER Logo Small We want to thank you everyone who attended the How MC Faculty Use Open Educational Resources (OERs) in Their Teaching showcase on Friday, April 15, 2016 at the Rockville campus.

Professors Roger Coleman (Music), Alex Hou (Engineering), Bob Carroll (Business), and Bruce Madariaga (Economics) gave presentation on how they use OER in their classes. If you couldn't make it to the event, please watch the video below. You can also visit the Gallery.

Click Here for Video - Click here for Gallery

The Flipped Classroom Faculty Showcase

ELITE faculty showcase, Adopting the Flipped Classroom Model at Montgomery College, was held on December 11, 2015 at the Rockville Campus.

The flipped classroom is a teaching strategy that allows instructors to more actively engage with students in the classroom. "Flipping" a class means designing lessons such that a student learns content listening to lectures at home. Classroom time is then reserved for content application, having students practice the concepts to be learned using active and collaborative learning techniques. This practice leads to increased faculty and student satisfaction, while it at the same time results in meaningful and lasting learning. Please click on the links below for the PowerPoint presentations:

1. Library - Jenny Hatleberg, Maisha Duncan and Niyati Pandya
2. Psychology Department - Deborah Stearns
3. Biology Department - Leah Allen
4. Chemistry Department - Susan Bontems and Don Newlin

If you missed the showcase, go to the following link to watch the full video! -

Faculty Spotlight Series: Chemistry Instructors Find Open Educational Resources (OERs) for Their Students

This is the first in a series of faculty spotlights, sponsored by ELITE. ELITE will continue to spotlight MC instructors who are doing great things in their classes in the coming months. In the spotlight today is Dr. Patricia Takahara, faculty member in the Chemistry department at Rockville, interviewed on September 22 by Buddy Muse, of ELITE.

Access the interview by going to -

The One Button Studio: Video Production Experience Not Needed!

The One Button Studio is a simplified video recording setup that you can use to create high-quality video projects without having any previous experience with computers, software, lights, or cameras.

Developed by Penn State University, the One Button Studio was designed with faculty and students in mind. This is a unique and automated setup which provides you with a simple alternative for producing a portable high quality video recording very quickly and effortlessly. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

iStream Subscription

Looking for professional development 24/7? The League for Innovation in the Community College’s iStream is a web-based, multimedia portal where faculty, administrators and staff can access videos, articles, publications and learning programs. In addition, iStream provides access to League conference presentations, services, partnerships and collaborative communities. For example, July’s focus is on Pathways to Completion and includes access to presentations and articles on this theme. Access to iStream is free for Montgomery College employees. Follow these simple directions to create your account:

Go to; Click on “Create Your iStream Account”, In the next window, select Montgomery College from the dropdown menu; Enter your first and last name and college email address, Click “Submit”. You will receive a confirmation email with instructions on logging in and creating your password. CLICK HERE for details about what you have access to through the iStream subscription.

Share Your Idea For A Workshop - Submit Your Proposal

Do you have an idea for a workshop? Then go to our I Have An Idea For A Workshop - Professional Development Proposal Form and share your workshop idea with ELITE!

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