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Off-Campus Access to Library Resources

Remote Login Information & Troubleshooting

This is for informational purposes only. Do not login here.

Our license agreements with database vendors require that remote users be currently affiliated with the College AND that they login (authenticate) when using the databases from off campus.

When off campus, you will be asked to log in when you click on the link to access a database or e-book.  

You will need to login using your MC ID number beginning with and including the M and all numbers. This will be a secure (https://) page. Do not use your My MC login for the library's electronic resources and services.

***This is only a part of the SAMPLE login screen; DO NOT login here. The authentication screen comes up AFTER you click
on the link to an electronic resource while off campus or if using a wireless computer on campus.***


Problems Logging In?

Please try the suggested fixes below first. If you still can't connect, please contact us:

Please be as specific as possible when reporting problems (i.e., What error message did you get?, What browser are you using?, etc.).  Better yet, send a screenshot of the error message.

General Information

  • Only currently enrolled students and current faculty and staff can access the databases remotely. Others are welcome to use the databases in the library. 
  • Student information is added daily at the beginning of each semester; if you registered late, you may have to wait a day or two in order to access the databases remotely.
  • Part-time faculty information comes from Human Resources. Your department's administrative aide will put you in the Banner Information System. If you are having trouble accessing the databases, check with your department to see if that has been done.

Security Settings, Popups, & Cookies

  • Make sure that pop-ups are not blocked. You must allow pop-ups.
  • If you are having trouble accessing the databases from work, check with your network security support. Some places of employment configure their network, usually with firewalls or other security features, so that access to our databases is prevented. If you get an error message such as Alert: 2048 Connection Refused, this is probably the case.
  • Some people also have firewall software on their personal computers that may block referrer information to our proxy server. Consult your software manual and/or contact their technical support for help in setting your software so that you can access our proxy server. 
  • Some databases require that you enable JavaScript.
  • You must enable cookies on your browser. (What the heck are cookies? Find out more  here.) If you have accessed the page before but are now having problems, clear your old cookies and/or cache in order to set a new cookie. Sometimes cookies become invalid; for example, if the URL for a database or the library's proxy server has changed. In this case, delete the old cookies.
  • Sometimes hitting the Refresh button on your browser will resolve the problem; or, you might try another browser like Firefox or Google Chrome.

Specific Databases

  • EBSCO databases (partial list: Academic Search Complete, Business Source Complete, Regional Business News, Health Source: Consumer or Nursing/Academic, Military & Government Collection, PsycArticles): Visit the  EBSCO Support page for troubleshooting information and to fill out an email support form. You may also call EBSCO Technical Support at 1-800-758-5995 (select option 1) and identify yourself as a Montgomery College student. Hours: 4:00am-8:00pm, Monday - Friday; 9:00am-5:00pm, Saturday & Sunday.
  • The Films on Demand Best Practices (PDF - 330KB) page addresses common questions about this streaming video database. There are also user guides on the database site.

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