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Welcome! These tutorials cover a variety of research skills which will be useful to you in your college career. They are designed to allow you to learn on your own, at your own pace, and at any time that is convenient to you. The quizzes and assessments will help you measure your progress and understanding. If your professor assigned the tutorial and quiz to you for course credit, be sure to include his/her email address when you complete the quiz.

NOTE: Tutorials marked with has audio have a spoken component. Transcripts are provided.

Academic Integrity & Citing Sources

Doing Research

  • Begin Your Research 
    Describes the basic steps needed to get organized for a research assignment: understanding the assignment, choosing a topic, developing a search strategy, selecting relevant sources, and citing sources.
    Take the Begin Your Research quiz after completing the tutorial.
  • Evaluating Information
    Discusses various criteria for evaluating information from different kinds of sources. Explains how to access different kinds of sources.
    Take the Evaluating Information quiz after completing the tutorial. 
  • Finding Articles
    Describes how to develop and refine a database search strategy, understand the difference between scholarly journals and popular magazines, and evaluate search results.
    Take the Finding Articles quiz after completing the tutorial.
  • Finding Books, Videos, & More
    Explains how to search the MC Library Catalog and find materials in the MC Libraries.
    Take the Finding Books, Videos, & More quiz after completing the tutorial.

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