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Goodbye for Now?

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As I sit here contemplating the semester, I really feel grateful for this awesome opportunity. The Disney College Program has been everything I'd hoped for and more. I've gained so many lifelong friends and skills that I can't see my life without this time. I hope that reading this blog has helped YOU or brought light into one day or another and maybe if you decide to take part in the College Program as well, this has been helpful. I think I really want to end this post with an important statement - This program is what you make it to be.

There are people who left within the first month, there are people who went against the rules and got terminated, there are those who didn't get along with their roommates, those who decided that they hated their job, people who didn't have enough money to stay and people who just got homesick. But if you make it through all of that and you have fun working here at the happiest place on earth I think you can gain a lot - as a professional, a student and most importantly - a person.

Maybe you'll see me around campus this next semester as I come back and I hope you've had as much fun reading as I've had writing! :)  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

Rating the Professors

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I am a Nerd.

What really makes me admit it? I was getting super excited last night planning out my spring semester and registering for classes. Figuring out times, reading course descriptions and piling on a good amount of hours makes one very happy Marcia.

Of course, I didn't mention one other thing that I always look at when signing up for classes. The Professor. In my opinion, the professor MAKES the class. Whether you learn something, whether you get a good grade, whether you have FUN is not really dependent on the subject but on the person teaching it.

Which brings me to my topic of the day - I'll admit it definitely plays a decision in which courses I take but I think a lot of time I (and maybe you too?) forget that it has major flaws. I feel like we should treat it like Wikipedia. A great starting point, maybe something to read over but not something to rely on 100%.

Some of my favorite professors have gotten bad reviews on it - ones that are totally undeserved and probably just made by an angry student who didn't pass the class.

"DO NOT TAKE HIS CLASS! i dont know y he is teaching he is horrible he dosnt know whats going on in his classes and labs and ofcouse he is no help since he dosnt have a clue about what he is teaching!!! i dropped his class before i failed and now have to retake in the summer! NO STUDY SHEET OR ANYTHING HE IS NO HELP!!!""

"She is the hardest professor I've ever had and makes you work for an A or B. I've never gotten a C before taking her class. Her tests are really hard and she rarely gives extra credit. She teaches as if we are at Cambridge Univ (the college she went to). HATE HER"

"To be honest, stay away. its boring and she is a hard grader."

These reviews I took from pages of three of my favorite professors. It makes me regret not going in and writing them a great review for the wonderful job that they did with my class. These reviews couldn't be farther from the truth. The first one comes from a professor whose office I frequented throughout the semester with various questions and he was always happy to have a visitor! The third one? Comes from one of the most interactive and challenging classes I've taken at MC.

So I know I often end these posts with a call to action, but I feel like this is an easy one for everyone to follow. Think of your favorite professor or maybe a professor you just enjoyed taking a class with one semester and go write them a review . Maybe they had a few things about their teaching style that you think other students should know about but mostly I'm asking you to write one for the great professors out there who get bad reviews because they don't take crap from students.



The Unsung Holiday!

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Holidays surround me everywhere right now at Disneyworld. Especially Christmas. Everything, everywhere is decorated at it's wintery best. There are Christmas lights everywhere, Santa hats are worn by staff and the biggest reminder is the hundreds of super-catchy Christmas songs blaring through the streets.

Yet as we already prepare for Christmas I think we're starting to overlook that special little holiday that comes in November - Thanksgiving. It's honestly one of my favorites. I have the best memories of watching the parade and cooking big dinners (or going out to big dinners, it varied growing up :) ) and just being with family. It really saddens me that in the rush for the commercialism that surrounds Christmas that Thanksgiving starts to get shoved back into a little corner.
I laugh, because until this year I would blatantly overlook every sign Christmas was coming until after Thanksgiving. I'm talking about walking out of the room when music came on, refusing to get any christmas decorations, absolutely no tree - but this year it's so different. With Disney having skipped ahead to the holidays I'm already wishing people a Happy Holiday and my roomies have purchased a Christmas Tree for the apartment.

I'd like to look back and remind everyone that Thanksgiving is a great holiday in it's own right though and from someone who may not be the most patriotic - it's also one of the last truly American traditions we have.  I'm going to go off on a rant here, but American culture has negative aspects that have a lot to do with consumption - from buying things to buying more things, but Thanksgiving is one of our more positive things that truly belongs to us. Something not adopted from another culture. We got it from those pilgrims who came to this land not so very long ago. <

Cold Cold Cold!

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So here in Florida it's cold. I know my friends are laughing at me because 50 degrees is not cold but after hitting 70s all of October I've gotten a bit spoiled. The cold breeze while working outside all day can be pretty biting.

The real reason the cold is such a bother (or enough to mention in a blog post) is the extra costume pieces. Here in DisneyWorld we refer to our uniforms as costumes and they're very specific. It's known as the "Disney Look" and it's very strict - from facial hair, to hair color, to types of shoes to hair ties -  the Disney Look encompasses every part of the way we look when we go to work. (And you can definitely get in trouble for any deviations from the "look"). This makes it extra hard to stay warm - since we have to check-out gloves, hats, undershirts, jackets, earmuffs or anything else we need to keep warm from the our Costume Shop. You can't bring in your own things because then everyone might look a little different and the Disney Look is supposed to be "Timeless" in that you can look at photos from 15 years ago and the people from my attraction will be wearing the same thing.

Training is going well. I've completed shadowing (following someone else train) the training for one person who I'll be helping to assess on Wednesday and I'm helping someone else (hopefully) complete their training tomorrow. The shifts go by faster and it's funny how much I didn't know that I've had to take the time to ask the Trainer I'm shadowing. As a trainer you have to know all about things that really never happen - Evacuations, Fires, Smoking Attraction Components - you name it and there's an official policy to how to deal with it and I'm now supposed to be an expert.

Luckily, there are lots of people to ask until I become an expert and I just hope I don't forget anything!

Inspections are coming up at our apartment. This is when the rental company comes and makes sure we're keeping the apartment clean and in good repair. It's quite funny to me because it just means that we scrub everything down and keep it clean for a day or two and than go back to our normal habits. Not that my apartment is dirty - my roommates and I keep it pretty clean. But the inspection requires that we clean out the fridge, wash the bathtubs, clear items from around the sink etc. If you do well you get what's called the "White Glove" award and get chocolates and a picture taken. If you fail (which would be hard to do since they give you advance notice to when they're inspecting) you could be terminated from the program but as long as you neaten up you'll at least pass. Our last inspection we passed but no white glove.

So here's to hoping that this time we get white glove! (though it does come in the middle of a 58 hour work week for me. Ouchies.) Comments/Suggestions for Cleaning are welcome! :D




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