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I'm Back From France!!!!!!

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    And….I’M BACK! Miss me?

    I miss Europe already. It honestly feels like another place over there. The food was amazing, the people beautiful (that’s an understatement), and the sites…breathtaking. Their countries just generate love and romance. It’s hard not to be swept up in the European dream world.

    Now I NEVER thought my trip would end out this way, and who would when you’ve thrown up four times in an airplane bathroom on the six hour flight it took to get part of the way there! Yes, that’s right, I put a few barf bags to use and I’m pretty sure the flight attendants hated me from the first one on. No worries though, I think it was just the plane ride mixed with some pretty awful food that did me in.

    Anyways, we landed safely after that in Brussels (Belgium) and were greeted by Mickael, Paul’s old French friend from high school. The first place we stayed was in Lille (northern France, practically a stone’s throw from Belgium) at his “other French mother’s” house. She only spoke French which was actually kind of nice. Her house was very cute, it had a beautiful garden, breakfast table, low lying beds, and in true European fashion minimal bathrooms including one without a sink (which made “potty” breaks just a little more challenging….).

    On the first Saturday, Mickael married his love Capucine. Their wedding was gorgeous and included a traditional civil ceremony, the religious ceremony, a cocktail hour, a brief break, and a reception that lasted until 5 in the morning. French weddings blow ours out of the water! Dinner was a five course meal: scallops and truffles, beef and veggies, cheese, salad, and of course desert! There wasn’t a traditional wedding cake but instead were 4 different kinds of cakes, cookies, pastries and even crepes with chocolate which were freshly made! The reception was simply fantastic. The music was mainly from America, and oddly enough included “YMCA”, “Macho Man”, and “My Heart Will Go On” (The main theme from titanic haha!).

     The wedding was just the beginning of our trip. We wandered the streets of Lille which was amazing! Cobblestone roads everywhere, simple bakeries, and oh my goodness the shoes! SHOES! I fell in love with every pair without fail! Next, we went to the beautiful city Brugge, Belgium. It’s nicknamed “the Little Venice of the North” and for good reason! Water channels went in and out of the city, little canal boats went under the cities bridges and all of the houses that were right on the water had little doors that opened literally right on to the canal.

    Our last big stop was in non-other than Amsterdam. What a city! The houses on the canal were amazing! They all slanted every which way, and it turns out that there’s a fifteen year waiting list for any one of them! We booked an amazing hotel (I was actually really afraid it’d end up in a bad part of town but we lucked out), took a romantic boat tour around the city complete with wine and cheese, and even made a visit to the incredible Anne Frank house. The whole thing was so moving, I mean I was in the house she hid in for those years, and I saw her famous diary and writing first hand…there just aren’t any words to describe it.  I was in the Secret Annex….that’s something to tell my kids one day.

    Overall, my trip was one to remember! Not many people make it over to Europe in their lifetime, I’m just glad that I did.

EDIT: So I'm having a hard time adding pictures soon as I'm able to I'll make another post with some included!


I'm leaving on a jet plane....

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  1. Power converter……check
  2. Plug adapter…..check

Six days until I get on a flight. I am Europe bound people!! Yep, this chick is going to go rock it out in Europe. I’ve been once before but only to London. If you’ve never been, make it a point to go one day. The people are fantastic, the food and atmosphere is lovely, and all of the cute British accents don’t hurt either J.

  1. Great book to read: Room by Emma Donoghue….check
  2. Camera with new battery…check

This whole trip came into play because of my boyfriend Paul. Him and his family made friends (YEARS ago) with another family’s foreign exchange student. He came for one summer and just kept coming back! Anyways, he’s getting married in France (where he lives) and invited Paul, his mom and his brother and even me to his wedding!

  1. iPod with my special Europe mix….check
  2. Teddy bear…check

It gets better….instead of them taking a honeymoon right away…they want to take us all over Europe! Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Luxembourg and more! I couldn’t be more excited to travel, eat new foods and take LOTS of pictures (which of course I’ll be posting here!).

  1. Fall boots and coat….check
  2. Lots of money to convert to euros so I can buy lots of croissants cheese and wine….umm kind of check??

The only drawback to taking this trip is the stress it may put on my class. At the moment I’ve gotten A’s on every quiz, and a B on my first exam. I’ve been to every class, participated, done the reading and rocked it out in lab class. Unfortunately, with my 10 day trip I’ll be missing a lecture exam AND a lab practical….not so good.

But here’s a tip kids….respect your teachers and their class and they’ll be more willing to help you out. I talked to my professor and she is allowing me to take the lecture exam at the end of the semester and I can take the lab practical as soon as I work out something with the great people who set up the labs at MC. I mean it’s a trip to EUROPE, who wouldn’t go???

  1. Print outs from class to study….check
  2. A HUGE smile on my face….DEFINITE CHECK!!

So readers (and fellow bloggers) here is my brief goodbye. I’ll try as hard as I can to post from Europe, and I promise to put up lots of pictures just for you!

Au revoir!!

Ps. Heres your funny thing of the week:

"If facebook exsisted years ago....."


Gum and a Hit and Run

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I definately got my good deed in yesterday. (sorry I'm posting a day late, although I got my good deed in, I had a really bad day at work :()

Started my day at 8 with my Biology class. We had an exam today (I did ok on it, thanks for asking), and since I finished early today, I had a mini break before our lab started at 9. I decided that I wanted to go back to my car for a piece of gum (wintergreen…yes!) before I had to return.

I was sitting in my car for a little bit, chewing my gum (yummy) and listening to Mumford and Sons when I noticed a girl driving a little bit too fast in the parking lot. Without slowing, she turned quickly into an empty spot and completely scratched the whole side of the car next to hers. My jaw dropped, gum fell out…I was stunned. The driver pulled through the space and put her car in park.

I sunk low in my seat; I lifted my head so my eyes were just barely above my steering wheel. Was the driver going to do something? Anything?? I watched her for what seemed as an eternity until finally a girl plopped out of the passenger seat, closed the driver door and took off for class. She didn’t even look at the car she hit to see if there was any damage. The driver simply walked to her morning class as if nothing had ever happened.

Seriously?? SERIOUSLY? Not even a glance? I couldn’t let this one go. I know that if someone had hit my car and didn’t leave any contact information and didn’t show any remorse, I’d lose it. So I played my big sister card. I got out a sheet of paper, wrote what happened down, included the make and model of the vehicle that hit this person’s car and left my phone number. I discreetly tucked the note in the driver door handle of the car and went to my lab.

While walking back to my car from lab I noticed a big white security truck next to the car that was hit. I immediately ran over and explained that I wrote the note. They took more of my information and thanked me for my good deed. I felt really bad for the girl, she had JUST gotten her car fixed and now it has to go back to the shop.

You see, MC is family (I’m sure the driver didn’t get the memo). I may not know you, but I have your back. Your book falls, I’ll get em, need help finding a class, I got you….someone hits your car….I’m gonna help you out. I mean how would you feel if you walked out of a hard day at class to your car that was hit?? Exactly. Do a good deed, do right by people and good things will come.

Hey at least the driver wasn't like this one:


The Saints Are Coming

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Who Dat Nation. “Who dat, Drew dat, Two dat!” A deafening chant from a city that never sleeps and uses anything as an excuse for an all-night party. Beads, jazz, Café du monde and good old Cajun living. It just doesn’t get any better than New Orleans.

I must admit that I wasn’t always a Saints fan. I’m originally from Pennsylvania and was born a Steelers fan. I wasn’t really into it though, and honestly I think Ben has messed up so much in his personal life that I don’t even enjoy watching him play anymore (From Ben to Drew…what an upgrade!). I moved to Maryland when I was young, and never became a skins fan (sorry). At least I wasn’t a cowboy fan right???

Anyways, about 3 years ago a wonderful man and his wonderful family came into my life and welcomed me with open arms into the “Who Dat” Nation. We bought tickets our first winter together to go visit the rest of his family down on the bayou and of course New Orleans.  My first memory of New Orleans was the ride from the airport to the French Quarter. It had been almost exactly two years after Katrina and you could still see water marks on houses and were tarps still on roofs of still shattered houses. There were still houses with giant x’s and numbers spray painted on (x’s meant that house was searched, numbers meant either the unit who checked it or how many people were found dead). It was horrifying to think about how much suffering these people had gone through in our own country. As tears flowed silently down my cheek I said to myself, “How do you come back from something like this?”

nola home

When we finally made it to the French Quarter and eventually Bourbon Street, I knew the answer immediately. I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes…what a sight! The whole street was bumping with music, people were dancing everywhere, and smiles were all around. You see, New Orleans has heart, it has soul. It’s a city that is truly one big family united by love. Love in their food, love in their music and culture, and love in their people. Nothing can break that.


After experiencing that, how could I not be a Saints fan? Who wouldn’t want to be a part of a team that stands for love and hope? In hard times they raised New Orleans’ spirit. When they came back, the city came back. They’re more than a football team; they’re the heart and life of New Orleans. I now wear my number nine Drew Brees jersey with pride. When I hear “When the Saints Go Marching In”, I grab a napkin and wave it.

 I’m a Saints fan, I’m a New Orleans fan, I am.




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