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Let's Eat!

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Due to a crazy work week, I had no choice but to make this week's vlog at the last minute. I hope you enjoy my short video as much as I did making it. Now, Let's Eat!!!

Ever Miss Your Alarm Clock?

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Have you ever overslept and completely missed your alarm clock? If you're a human being, chances are probably close to 100%. If you're not a human being, I would love to study your alien brain.

Anywho, this week's vlog entry is a fictional account of me missing my alarm clock. So sit back, relax, and remember to wake up tomorrow on time.



The Monty NewsBeat

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Greetings to all! And so it is that I give you without further ado, the world premiere of the one and only "Monty NewsBeat" television show. (Granted, I'm no Diane Sawyer but there's a first time for everything kids)

Until Next Time . . .

Greetings Fall Semester 2011!!!

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Hello fellow students, faculty, staff, alumni, jets fans.

You might remember me from last semester. I was the blogger with all the quirky comments and witty banter. (Did I just write that?) Anyways kids, instead of blogging with words this semester, I shall entertain you with videos instead. I hope you enjoy my crazy antics as we fulfill our educational requirements once again. And so I present to you, my first vlog of the semester.

Will Dennis Radomski (that's me) make it to his first class on time after travelling from a foreign destination? You'll just have to press play below to find out.



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