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Good books and breaks.

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Wow, it's Tuesday already! 

It's been sort of an uneventful week, and I enjoyed it. I feel like I'm drowning in homework, and thanks to the ever relentless flu, I have some make up work to do. Homework can be comforting at times; it makes me feel like I'm getting something done. Right now, I'm finishing up my international relations paper, which required me to read a book called, "Escape from Slavery" and the paper relates some of the material to the current situation in Sudan. The book is a captivating story of a man who was enslaved at the age of 7 in Northern Sudan, and he is forced to work for a family for 10 years. What sets this novel apart from other books I've read on slavery is that this book is discussing a present day issue (Not to say that slavery in the past is not having an affect on anyone today). I think we usually speak of slavery as having taken place in the past, but we are forgetting the other parts of the world that still enslave people and treat them terribly. If anyone is interested in this book, I posted a link, and I know that it is also available at the MC Rockville bookstore. 

 Something else I'd like to discuss is Spring break. It feels oh so far away with the fresh snow we have, but it's actually coming up soon. Does anyone have any fun plans? I'm interested in some of the community service trips that I've been hearing about lately, called alternative Spring Breaks. I know that MC had planned a trip with Habitat for Humanity and applications were due quite a while ago, but I want to find out if there is anything else going on. If anyone reading this has any suggestions, whether it be an MC trip or not, please let me know!

Nice to be posting my first blog

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 Dear Winter,

Please go away. 

Having been raised in gorgeous HOT Florida, I just can't seem to adjust to this cold weather. Upon arrival, with all my packed boxes, in Maryland, it was summer time. At night, it would cool down to about 65 degrees, and I would wear a heavy winter coat, which got me a few weird looks. Up until now, I've been taking the bus to MC (I just bought a car Saturday so I drive now), and waiting for the bus is horrible in the arctic weather. Well, standing out in the cold is no worse than trying to park at the Rockville campus. I feel like the subject of parking is a typical one, since everyone has probably hassled with it at some point. But seriously, no one should not be 7 minutes late to class when they arrive to school 20 minutes before class. I learned a valuable lesson on Monday- show up SUPER early. On a brighter note, I'm really thankful that the Rockville campus has a Starbucks. Coffee drinking is a new habit for me, I just started drinking it maybe 2 or 3 months ago. It suits the cold weather well though, and you can stay alert for class after a late night. 

Another reason I'm excited for Spring, aside from the weather itself, is that I'm looking forward to some of the field trips coming up. I'm in the Renaissance Scholar's program, and there are Saturday morning labs for the course. About 5 or 6 of these lab sessions are actually field trips. I'm particularly looking forward to our trip to Sugarloaf Mountain. This past saturday we went to the Covanta Resource Recovery Facility , which is the place where our trash is sent from the dump to be burned. The energy created by the process in which the garbage is burned creates power for 50,000 homes in Montgomery County. Many people think garbage and they immediately think pollution, but this is a really green facility; the pollution is significantly less than you would expect. The trash is transported by train to the facility and the ash is transported by train away from the facility; this saves a lot of dump truck traffic and emissions.The link I've posted leads you right to the place page, where you can learn more about the process. To any fellow MC student, I would definitely recommend that you get involved in activities whether it be a scholarly program or and after school club. MC truly offers unique experiences that I don't think most people would typically expect from a community college. There all kinds of fun things to get into, like blogging. Just remember to show up extra early for your activities if you're parking at Rockville!




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