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To All the Haters

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 As an aspiring journalist and broadcaster I understand the gravity that words can carry. That is why I love to read and write, because you are able to grasp such detail that cannot be conveyed in spoken language. However, I learned at a very young age that words also have the ability to hurt and tear someone apart. In journalism there are the facts, and then there are the opinions. “The Montgomery College Students Bloggers Program” asks us to write about our “experiences as Montgomery College students, both inside and outside the classroom. Learn about the ups, the downs, and just about everything in between that makes being a student at the College so uniquely life changing—and challenging.” On this blog I have shared stories about my summer job, my first week observations of MC, failed pick-up lines, and dressing for success. While I know that a few of my blogs may be very opinionated, others are completely harmless and sarcastic.

            Online bullying is a growing epidemic in this country because people feel that they have unbounded power hiding behind a computer screen. This is a platform that has affected me, and I am very passionate about. While I feel that it is important for children and teens to learn to deal with conflict, it has gotten to the point where people are saying extremely malicious things for no reason besides self-gratification. I was fortunate enough to take many lessons from the bullying I experienced; however, others are now turning to drastic measures to stop the abuse. Despite my thick skin, comments such as these still do hurt:

-       “Dealing with people requires more than beauty.”

-       “Step out of your rich white girl shoes”

-       “Some of these kids have gone from private school to private school in Montgomery County throughout their whole lives...I'm not saying I feel sorry for her, just that she's very young and has obviously led a fairly sheltered life.”

-       “there is no place in any blog, especially on a COLLEGE website of all places, for these types of woe-is-me white-whines.”

-       “Oh christ, who cares. You're given a blog and these are the "injustices" you've chosen to write about?”

-       “Here's everyone at MC hoping that your greatest efforts get you further next time.”

I am very thankful to those of you who read my blog and wrote encouraging or helpful comments. For those of you who chose to take an alternative route, I hope that you think about what you write. Attacking people for their opinion in a malicious, rude, and condescending manner will get you nowhere in life and may end up doing more damage than you realize.

Here is a PSA from one of my role models Ellen DeGeneres. Feel free to share it.

Hello and goodbye

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             The economic downturn is sure to be the reason why a percentage of students currently attend Montgomery College. I would be one of them. All the orange and purple attire hanging in my closet, anticipating its travel to Clemson, South Carolina, will continue to collect dust, because next semester I will be attending The University of Maryland. I am not sure how impressive it is to be trading a supposed to be tiger in for a soon to be turtle, but my family is pinching every penny.

            Spending a semester at Montgomery College was never on my radar my senior year of high school, and I am still surprised at the unexpected outcome; however, attending Montgomery College was not all the negative things I had it cracked up to be. As an aspiring Broadcast Journalism major, I had the fortunate opportunity to be the Editor in Chief of The Globe, the MC Germantown newspaper, and help exhume it from its watery grave because it has not been in circulation for over two years. I was also able to participate in the Montgomery College Student Bloggers Program, where I took my first stab at addressing the online community. The experience I received is invaluable, and an opportunity that would have been hard to come by at a large 4-year institution.

            The professionalism and relationships that you are able to build with your teachers here at Montgomery College is also an added benefit of attending this community college. I was able to take a 17-credit course load without a great deal of struggle, but hopefully with much success. All of my teachers know my name, and a few even know me on a more personal level. In a lecture hall with hundreds of students, this would have been nearly impossible.

            My only regret is the absence of a social life. I am an extremely active and involved person, and this becomes increasingly difficult when attending Montgomery College. Despite Student Life’s efforts, not much develops that captures a students’ interest. Needless to say, I am looking forward to the numerous opportunities that are offered at large universities.

            I want to thank Montgomery College and the student body for allowing me to become so involved. Even though it was brief, it is my hope that I made some impact.

            Happy Holidays

Starbucks: Jack Frost's Arch-Nemesis

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Winter is not really my season. That is why my original intention was to submerge myself in the glorious warm air of a southern college; however, despite my greatest efforts I am here. Of course, December so far is having below average temperatures, meaning that during the day it isn’t breaking 40 degrees, and the winds are 15 mph. How are MC students dealing with jack frost? STARBUCKS!!!

A red steaming paper cup filled with the tantalizing taste of various flavors that Starbucks has to offer is a common commodity that can be seen in the hands of a majority of students on campus. What is my drink of choice you may ask? Grande white chocolate mocha with whip cream please =).  However, if you happen to come during the class change period, you are sorely mistaken. If you only have 10 min to spare it’s not gonna cut it. While the MBI Café may be delicious, efficiency is something they lack. I have definitely spent a good 15 minutes waiting for my morning jolt.

But all in all I have to hand it to all the MBI Café employees. With the cold weather and the high demand you make it happen, and I am sure it is far from easy or enjoyable. As long as you keep making my white chocolate mocha warm and delicious, I don’t mind the wait. 

Dear Santa

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With Thanksgiving over that means Christmas is right around the corner. All the stores are decked out in lights, ornaments, and festive green plants. Television stations are running back-to-back viewings of Elf and radio stations are throwing in a good Christmas jingle between every few songs. Basically, in about a week you will be sick of Christmas. However, this is the month I love for so many reasons, one reason being Santa. Despite the fact that my mother insists that Santa doesn’t come to people who are over 18, I thoughtfully disagree and continue my list of all the items I want for Christmas this year (with picture and price included). So here is my wish list as of now (feel free to make any recommendations!)

1)   Kindle

I am obsessed with going to Borders and buying way to many books. So I figured I would give the Kindle a try to help minimize my shelf clutter and save paper at the same time!

2)   Make-up

Since getting certified as a make-up artist I enjoy playing around with color and all the neat things you can do with make-up.

3)   New Purse

My grandmother told me that people were making fun of me with my last purse because of how ragged it had become. I have yet to find one to replace it.

4)   Blackberry

Despite the fact I am on the phone and the computer all the time my mother refuses to get with the generation.


I am attending Maryland next semester and own absolutely nothing red. This is my shopping goal for this winter. 


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