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Eric Clapton at Rockville campus! What?

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I have been very eager to post a blog considering this is my first time blogging. All week I have been trying to figure out what I should write. What are some interests people have in common? I was contemplating how I could reach out to the online community.

Then it struck me like a bolt of lightning.shocked Music! Music is something everyone can relate too whether if it is the beat or the lyrics. Personally I’ll listen to anything that’s makes me dance (Rihanna, Sean Paul, Nina sky, Bob Marley, and so on. I’m sure I could go on forever listing my favorite musicians.) As for my mother, she prefers music like Fleetwood Mac, Kiss, Mamas and the Papas and Led Zeppelin. Knowing what kind of music she likes I shouldn’t have been surprised when she got herself all in a tizzy when she saw the Yardbirds were playing on Rockville campus. She leaned over my shoulder scanning the Montgomery college web page (as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing).

I rolled my eyes because I knew what she wanted to ask me. In her high pitch squeaky voice (I’m not lying when I say her voice sounds like Minnie mouse) she asked “Mandy are you doing anything Saturday night?” Her words sound harmless enough, but believe me what she really meant was you’re coming with me whether you like it or not! If canceling my plans weren’t, bad enough I had to listen to her reminisce about her past and how awesome Eric Clapton is as an artist. Oh boy! I thought history class was a bore.

So could you guess what happened Saturday night? Yep, I went to go see the Yardbirds. I’m sure if some of you have heard them or even listened to some of their music. I honestly have not, so I entered the performing arts building dragging my feet. I’ll admit I wasnt looking forward to spending my Saturday night watching a band I know nothing about.

I took a seat in the middle row. I looked at my mother sitting next to me. A smile stretched across her face. My lips pouted in thoughts of being anywhere but here. The light dimmed which obviously indicated the show was about to begin. I folded my arms across my chest waiting for the band to begin playing. I must admit I had low expectations, but this band amazed me. The guitarists were phenomenal! That is coming from someone who listens to a variety of bands such as, all that Remains, Atreyu, and Linkin Park. Even the opening act the Tail draggers preformed beautifully. If you want to give the Yardbirds a try, here is a link.


Since I saw the Yardbirds perform I’ve been checking out old bands on you tube. I’m beginning to think that perhaps these songs never get old. Maybe it is time for me to become more open-minded. If anyone has any recommendations, I will be happy to hear from you because I am in need of new songs on my Ipod honestly!

Well that's my first post as the school year goes on I'm sure I'll have juicer things to discuss! Take care everyone!



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