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Truthful Tuesday # 6 : Overwhelm is Overkill

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As you can see, I am doing things a little differently this week.  The past few days have been a whirlwind and I am pressed for time today.  As quick as the vlog is to shoot, it is a tad time consuming to upload, edit, caption and post!

Anyhow, the truth this week is: Overwhelm is totally rampant but it doesn't need to be.  We college students- balancing school, work, family and our personal care can easily become overwhelmed.  When I become overwhelmed my productivity slows and I tend to keep wandering into the kitchen looking for a snack. Overwhelm can turn into a bigger problem when it turns to distress and impacts our sleep and ability focus.

My first time through college I came to stomp out these frequent feelings of overwhelm when I discovered the power of the To Do List.  I have changed a lot since then and now call them “Get To Do” lists because positivity pays.  It helps me keep in check how I am spending my time- does it truly resonate with what my heart desires in life?

To keep overwhelm at bay, I start my days with a list.  Sometimes I write them at night before bed- when I am feeling like there were loose ends to the day.  This way I can leave any stress about it on paper and not in my mind so I can have a restful night.  I used to write them down all over the place but this year I picked a jazzy little MC planner from the bookstore. Each day has space for a list- so that’s where I write them.

My lists take into account due dates (which I have also pre-written in my planner), life events, cleaning tasks that I need to complete, and anything else to be accomplished. Here’s a somewhat silly but great tip for writing your list:

Always make #1 on your list, “Write Get To Do List.” Then, proceed to write your list and cross off #1.  You’ll instantly feel productive and be excited to move on to #2.  :)

That’s all I have for today, until next week…



How I Organized My Head

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Good evening Raptors,


After last week I finally had to organize my head a bit. Since the day fall semester started I have been loosing notes, assignments, books and pens. I couldn’t take it anymore. I could not survive much longer with out creating some sort of system for myself.

I have been using the same notebook for each of my classes. It was cluttered and confusing. Last week, I walked into the school store grabbed a planner and started writing. Anything I needed to remember, I wrote it down. (Class agendas, test dates, project dates, ext.) I pulled my notes out of the notebook and organized them by class. After that I bought 2 big binders, dividers and a 30 pack of pens. I had read a bloggers post earlier in the year that said it was easiest to put all your MWF classes in one binder and your TTh classes in another binder. 

Although I just started using this system it has helped me out a lot and kept me on top of my classes.

Here is the blog:


I hope this helps to keep you organized this fall semester.

Love always,

Katelynn Suzanne


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He could not sit up long enough to watch
The amber-golden sunset with his brood
For a guillotine of pain descended
And felled him like a folded child in womb
An endless night that terrifies the boy
Afraid to shut his eyes lest monsters kill
Him stealIng all his golden dreams of love 
And rob him of his native father's care 
His wife, his children all stand by and cast
Brave smiles lest tears and dread they should belie 
His doctor's pain-free promises seem weak
But hospital can lay him down to sleep 
While we so powerless as many catch
The last great light of all in him that's good
For much of daddy's bravery depends
That we deflect the murmurs of the tomb
Let heaven's gate attend his gentle joy 
Should he approach with fear that final hill
Then hold him as broken-winged dove
Relieve him Lord of darkness and despair
Remove all heartache let spent sorrows past 
Allow him just our love and care to spy
That we may carry him up to his peak 
Enshrouded with our love his final leap


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Very few things bother me, I don't stir easily and I'm not one to pick a fight, but blatant Hypocrisy is something that I simply cannot stand. As some of you, who have read my earlier articles, know I have a passion for health and fitness. The other day I read an article bashing the female aspect of professional bodybuilding because of the maximally-testosterone-injected women that it puts out and the fear that it is producing, in other women, of lifting heavy weights in the gym. This website has been a favorite of mine because, while other sites sugar-coat and shroud the -darker- side of body-building, this site speaks of drug use amongst the pros and has articles from pros speaking about their own experiences in this underworld. Thereby accepting the truth of things and passing this information on to a public that more often than not has no idea how common steroids are in our country.

     Admittedly, the women of professional body-building are by no means the norm when it comes to female standards of attractiveness, but neither are the men whom the same professional bodybuilding competitions are putting forth. The same men that are not being bashed for their appearance because it is a cultural belief that men should be big, club bearing brutes with no control over the desires, thoughts or actions. And these same men and women are spending A LOT of money to turn their bodies into a freak show. The article goes on to say that drugs have "ruined" female bodybuilding. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with this!!! What the article fails to mention is that today's professional male bodybuilders are as fake and broken as the females. 

     In what was originally a way to aesthetically perfect the body through rigorously studied methods of training and dieting (not in the traditionally understood sense of the word) in what is a beautiful and healthy art. An art that is now a question of who can take the largest stack of drugs possible in order to be an unnaturally massive monster at the right time in order to be rid of the necessary drugs, to pass a limited drug test. In the future I hope that the ideals of this "sport" ,if you will, can prevail and we can return to an appreciation for the body's natural capabilities.

Your friend in varied topics,

Will C.

EDUC 202

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Some classes at MC can become a drag throughout the semester. The endless reading of the textbook, ploughing through information that you’re not sure if you will ever need again. One class I have this semester is very different to the rest I take, that is EDUC 202. My major is elementary education and part of the requirements for my AAT is to go into a Montgomery Public School classroom for the semester. The fact that at MC we get to do this is awesome. I have talked to people I know who are majoring in education at other colleges and they have not set foot into the classroom until the 3rd year of their Bachelor’s degree. I have often thought I wanted to become a teacher. I was surrounded by teachers growing up with my mom, aunt and grandparents all teachers. Having the opportunity to get into the classroom to experience the day to day running of a classroom is so valuable. It has helped me to realize that this is what I want to do.

This semester I am at Jackson Road Elementary School in Silver Spring, in 5th grade. Walking into the classroom for the first time can be intimidating. There are 25 pairs of eyes staring at you and wondering who you are and why you are in their classroom. After the introduction (and the inevitable questions about why I talk so differently) it’s straight to work. I really am there to help the teacher and this semester my host teacher is so appreciative of any extra hands she can have in her classroom. Initially, the hardest thing for me is to remember that I am there as a role model for the students and I am there to help them out when they are struggling with their work. It’s not a playground, it’s a classroom, a place of learning. Each and every Monday I have the chance to spend a few hours at Jackson Road Elementary and I wouldn’t trade this class for any other one at MC. Hopefully in the not so distance future I will have a classroom of my own.

Happy Friday!


New Zealand fact of the week: About a third of the world’s countries drive on the left hand side of the world and New Zealand is one of them. It’s very confusing for tourists, and just as confusing for me coming here. Crossing the road is harder. Even after 12 months I still forget which way traffic is coming from.

Poetry Class

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It's nice to see all of you, here, again this week. Tonight I'll be talking about my poetry class at Montgomery College. There is actually only one thing that I enjoy more than my weekly poetry class. Each class is a an affirmation/inspiration to everything that I am. The discussions of my own and my classmates works, which are the essence of the emotional responses that we feel put into words, lift my spirits like a Deep breath of cool air. I'd like to share a poem that I wrote about... well I'll let you decide that for yourself.

Do not ask me where I am,

for I really cannot say.

Cast off into weightless white void,

drifting unhindered through isolation.

Neither Sound, nor touch, nor taste

just endless isolated space.

Not a hope of escape,

though nothing bars the way

Here your soul shall forever stay.

You cannot get away,

you will not get away!


those forsaken memories of feeling

could somehow be restored.

Free to revive this inanimate creature,

returning what seemed lost to its lifeless limbs.

-William Campbell

P.S. I hope that you all enjoyed this. Please as usual, leave a comment. It would be very much appreciated

 your companion in truth,

Will C.

Thirsty Thursday: Go Ahead, Press Snooze

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8 Wonders of a good nights rest..


  1. Improve Memory - ever knew what the answer to number 3 part B of the Math quiz was and for some strange reason you couldn't recall it? Maybe if you had gotten an extra hour or two sleeping it would've. "Your mind is surprisingly busy while you snooze. During sleep you can strengthen memories or "practice" skills learned while you were awake (it’s a process called consolidation)."
  2. Live Longer - sleep affects the quality of life and too much or too little sleep can be associated with a shorter lifespan.
  3. Creativity - "In addition to consolidating memories, or making them stronger, your brain appears to reorganize and restructure them, which may result in more creativity as well."
  4. "Winnergy" - you guys should know by now I'm all about winning energy or winnergy as I'd like to call it. "A Stanford University study found that college football players who tried to sleep at least 10 hours a night for seven to eight weeks improved their average sprint time and had less daytime fatigue and more stamina. "
  5. Improve your Grades"If you’re trying to meet a deadline, you’re willing to sacrifice sleep," Dr. Rapoport says, "but it’s severe and reoccurring sleep deprivation that clearly impairs learning."
  6. Sharpen attention A lack of sleep can result in ADHD-like symptoms in kids, Dr. Rapoport says.
  7. Healthy Weight"Sleep and metabolism are controlled by the same sectors of the brain," Dr. Rapoport says. "When you are sleepy, certain hormones go up in your blood, and those same hormones drive appetite."
  8. Control Stress Levels"Sleep can definitely reduce levels of stress, and with that people can have better control of their blood pressure," Dr. Jean says. "It’s also believed that sleep effects cholesterol levels, which plays a significant role in heart disease."
From Health.coms "11 Surprising Health Benefits of Sleep (link below),,20459221,00.html

Truthful Tuesday #5 : Thought Swap!

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Happy Truthful... ermm... Thursday?  I'm posting a few days late due to a glitch in the blogger program.  

The video this week is a quick tip for helping you master the butterflies in your stomach!  Conquer nervousness with this simple trick, here's how:

Until next Tuesday,



Monday the 22nd

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Hello Raptors,

I know it is not Monday but due to some technical difficulties I am writing to you on a Wednesday. Last week I wrote about how to try and stay sick-free this fall semester. I used my teammates advice and it helped most of my symptoms. But for some reason my body was always aching and sore on top of being completely groggy. I have played sports my whole life. I have dealt with aches and pains before. This is nothing compared to how it felt after a rough game.

I am pretty good at ignoring physical and/or emotional pain. But this was not just pain. This was a completely different state of being! I didn’t feel like myself at all.

This Monday was September 22nd. That is the marking of 8 months since my mom died. I am starting to notice that I am not as good at ignoring pain as I thought. Ignoring Mamabear's death has taken a huge toll on me this semester. I’m scared of being sad or missing her, so I figured ignoring the fact of the matter was the best idea.

Finally I have decided it is time to ask for some more help.

First I talked to my coach, who completely understood. He gave me a week off from soccer and let me try to organize and prepare myself to confront this issue.

Next, I talked to my trainer. Even though she is there to help our injuries on the field, she has been a homely figure to me this semester. She helped me come to the conclusion that maybe my body is having trouble healing itself due to stress or anxiety. Made sense to me.

Next I emailed my teachers, who are all completely understanding as well. I am meeting with them all to figure out how to help me best succeed this semester.

And lastly (so far), I have been talking to my friends and my teammates a lot. For a long time I did not talk about my mom because no one ever had anything to say. I felt like I made them feel uncomfortable. But now I have been slowly telling my new friends stories and how I am feeling. Being able to talk to them shows them what is going on and gives them a chance to understand why I am acting the way I do now. 

Some stories end in laughs and some stories end in tears.

Either way I want to keep telling her stories.

This is just a small start to the list of all the many people I am going to talk to for help. My MC family has been here for me through the hardest time of my life. I can’t thank my friends, teammates, coaches, teachers and councilors enough. There are good people here. I didn’t expect it, but MC will always and forever be a huge part of my life.

I can’t imagine being anywhere else with out these people.

Hug your mom this week, for me!

Love Always,

Katelynn Snyder

It just got real!

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This was the week. I knew it was coming. This is week my student life turned upside down. I started working 5 days a week last Thursday. It just got real! Now I find my life is all about juggling my responsibilities as I can and doing the best I can at each of them with the time I have. As the semester continues I’m sure this will only get worse. Ahhh, two of my professors reminded us that our first exams of this semester are next week! What?! Already! I did make a list at the start of the semester of important dates from each class. Unfortunately the list has just been staring at me and is not currently attached to a calendar. As usual my procrastination has stopped me from actually looking and dissecting at the list. I promise, I was going to look this weekend….

In between work and school I did get a chance to attend a dance performance in DC last weekend. This is not something I would usually do. However, for my arts in education class our first essay involved attending an arts based exhibition or performance, and reporting back on this. My wife has been pestering me about going to a dance performance because she loves this kind of thing (she loves shows like ‘So You Think You Can Dance’). As luck would have it, there was a Step Afrika! dance performance just across in DC, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone; take my wife along and complete the requirements for my assignment. I attended the event with trepidation, not sure whether I would be called upon to do some dancing myself (I’m not a good dancer). But all I can say is, what has taken me so long to get along to a dance performance! We had a ball. And, no I wasn’t asked to dance in front of anyone against my will! It made me think about the Cultural Arts Center at MC that I walk past 2-3 days a week, where I often see people stretching and practicing their dance moves. Surely there must be events to see here on a regular basis. There is! I looked up on the MC website and there will be events this Fall semester and I will be definitely attending some to support my fellow MC students. You should too!

Have a great weekend everyone! It’s Friday already! Have fun this weekend.



New Zealand Fact for the week: In New Zealand, many sports teams perform a ‘haka’ before the game starts, as a challenge to the other team. This haka is war cry or dance, traditionally performed by the Maori people, the Indigenous people of New Zealand. The most famous is performed by New Zealand’s rugby team, but even at high school teams often perform the haka before the game. Follow the link below to watch an example:

And the New Zealand basketball team vs the USA

Thirsty Thursday on a Tuesday!??: Morning Elixir

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Sorry for the wait guys! Here's my post from last week..

    By now we are about 3 and a half weeks into the semester, 4 for some,  and I know some of you have been rolling over in your beds early in the morning time wishing for 5 more mins to be 5 more hours. We all have grown up in some type of grade school setting where we're up by 6 or 7 am to catch the bus or be at school by the first bell so we should be used to it right?! Wrong! But today I just wanted to share a few early morning secrets of mine. I've already brought you guys the "turn up" early morning playlist now its time to give you some real digests.

    So I'm really big on channeling the correct amount of energy or "winnergy" inside for classes in the morning because we know MC Professors wake up reciting lectures. So before I leave every morning I make sure I have my strawberry banana smoothie. You need..


  • Frozen Strawberries - about 1/2 cup
  • 1 whole banana - or put as much as you'd desire
  • Safeways "O" $5 pack of Baby Spinach - about a handful
  • Water- about a 1/3 of a cup


And you need some type of blender. I use the "Magic Bullet" and it hasn't let me down yet. Blend it no longer than 15-20 secs and all that’s left is what type of straw you want to use.


Try it and let me know how your day went. I think the key is the spinach, just ask Popeye lol. Also if you have any other recipes for good energy smoothies to get those brain cells going post it on here. I watch Dr.Oz a lot so he gives us a ton of tips but I'm sure there are some others he hasn't shared with us.



Lights! Camera! ...........Cancer.

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Just as things seemed to be falling into place (a rhythm, a daily routine had taken shape out of the wild closet of my summer hours)  time had folded neatly into boxed fragments of scheduled obligations, study, exercise, rest and so on.  I felt good about the small antlike cadence of purpose that being back in classes had brought back into my life.

But then life as it is wont to do it threw a Molotov cocktail into my family’s life…Cancer.  Then unwanted words start to invade our little well-sculpted universe: Advanced. Terminal. Inoperable.  Pain Management. Timeframes.  Bests and Worsts.

The world takes on a hush - time suddenly quieted.  It’s like being hurled into a vacuum of the unknown. A long exhalation of sudden and overwhelming regret envelopes you and the tears become impossible to fight. You find a quiet, peaceful place to allow the world to be this hard. And you allow yourself to feel vulnerable and sad and hopeless for a bit until you regain your footing somehow, pick yourself up and remind yourself that you need to be strong for a lot of people. 

And you go on and you decide to be a sport and you cling to the tenuous hope the doctor has perfected in counseling families like ours…”prolonging the inevitable, seeing that he’s comfortable, at home.”  The bell is tolling and it is tolling for us.

Our calendars take on a different priority. Life is colored with a biting implacability where only yesterday that kick in your step as you whistled in happy luck has now suddenly slowed to a stride. One adjusts the view in one’s mind. Recalculates. Reaffirms. This malady has struck most every family, every person I’ve known. Skin. Breast. Lung. Colon. Brain. I’ve known them all far too intimately of late.


Now it has come to nestle it’s dark cloud upon mine.


Only a few months ago I embraced the sweet, heartbreaking reflection of mourning in the lovely eyes of a dear lady friend who had just lost her husband to cancer, a robust man and father of four in the prime of his life. It was hard even from a “safe” distance. However, no one is safe. Cancer belongs to everyone.

So we must all count the endless gifts and joys that exists alongside tragedy.  This has long been my daily habit of good intention in approaching the day.  Among my many  gifts I count without question the good occupation of my work at Montgomery College.

Having the great resource of involving my mind in my studies is going to be invaluable in the coming days and weeks. Reading books has once again become a balm against the coming storm. Books have always been comforters for me, like fireplaces warming my soul on the coldest of unforgiving winter nights.  Here in the world of books and discovery, there is a safe harbor to weather the storms ahead.  Not to mention all the great people here who remind me everyday, we are all in this journey together.

Truthful Tuesday #4 : The Safety of our Drinking Water

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Truthful Tuesday Vlog Post #4

The truth this week is brought to you by me and Keith Clark. Keith spent ten years working for a water organization going to door to door to protect creeks and streams, until this year when he decided that if the organization he was working for wasn't going to protect our drinking water, he would!

Last weekend Keith and I had the privilege of attending a citizens conference on Fluoridation of drinking water in Crystal City Virginia.  Scientists, researchers, Doctors and Dentists from all over the world came to speak on the topic.  

Mercola_Girl_Against_Fluoride_1 Mercola_Girl_Against_Fluoride_2

Things aren't always as they seem, and sometimes information we get about the safety of publicly funded practices is wrong until proven so.  We believe wholeheartedly that this is the case with fluoride.

Some of the guests included Dr Joseph Mercola.  Here is a link to an article he wrote about the Harvard study on Fluoride:

Another guest was The Girl Against Fluoride who came all the way from Ireland for the conference. Here is a link to her Facebook Page :

Last but certainly not least, the conference was put together by an incredible group of folks dedicated to this public health issue. They call themselves Fluoride Action Network. This is their website:

If this scares you and you want an option for getting better drinking water, is a great resource.  Keith and I travel regularly to Frederick, MD to harvest fresh mountain spring water.

If you would like to contact Keith regarding Cleaner Water Foundation, his e-mail address is

Until next Truthful Tuesday




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As flu season comes around the corner it is getting harder and harder for us to wake up and go to class. We are drowsy. We are weak. We are groggy. At MC we come in contact with tons of people, exposing us to tons of germs each day. The chances of you catching a bug are pretty likely! As a college athlete I spend most of my time with my team. If one of us gets sick, we all start dropping like flies. This week, with in days, each member of our team came down with something!

 When people are infected usually you don’t see signs right away. While we seem fine and healthy we may have already caught a bug and can pass it onto other students with out knowing. I don’t say this to make you paranoid, I just think we should be aware and make an effort to avoid getting sick (especially this time of year!!)

Growing up when I got sick I was always told, “make sure you rest your body and drink lots of fluids!” Sleep and a hot bowl of soup was the perfect remedy for me. As students we don’t have much down time. Between school, work and hobbies it’s hard to give our bodies time to heal themselves.

My team and I came up with 5 rules to try and avoid getting sick:

 FLU SHOTS! – seems obvious, but some may find it a hassle to take the time to go to the doctors and get shots! But I promise it will be less of a hassle than catching the flu and not being able to make it to class for a few days.

Wear Gloves- as the weather gets colder you want to stay warm. Wearing gloves will also prevent you from touching lots of potentially infected surfaces. You can even make a fashion statement out of it as well ;)

Wash your hands- we cannot completely avoid germs they are all around us. On average we have 50,000 bacteria per square inch. When we rub our eyes, eat a meal, bite our nails, etc., we are at risk of taking in germs. Stay clean.

Don’t share drinks- bring your own bottle to school. Fill it up at water fountains.

Stay Classy- Hard but important. Each person you hook up with increases your chances of getting sick. Try limiting the hook ups.

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you still get sick. Here are some home remedies and treatments that we learned from our moms, which have helped us this week when we DID get sick: 

If you want to build your immune system, eat blueberries and orange juice.

If you have a sore throat, drink hot tea with lemon and honey.

If you’re feeling nauseous, eat saltines and drink ginger ale.

If you have a stomach virus, drink club soda with salt and lime.

If you have a fever, wrap cold moist towels around your feet, hands and head/back.

I hope my teammates have given you some good ideas to stay healthy this semester. They have certainly helped me. Good luck staying bug free!

Love Always,

Katelynn Suzanne


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Well friends it’s been a remarkable Manhattan week for this MC Student!  

As many of you already know I came up to attend the première of Sally Kirkland’s new film “Archaeology of a Woman". Kirkland didn’t fail to deliver and it was a most powerful and galvanizing performance.

I had a chance to meet and greet many beloved fellow actors I had never met before such as Rutanya Alda (Deer Hunter/Mommie Dearest) - Franc D’Ambrosio (Phantom of The Opera) - Angelica Page (Anna Christie, Edge, Sideman) not to mention many other theatrical and film people. After the screening we repaired to an East Village Italian place, John’s on 12th Street and enjoyed much copious laughter and good fraternal fun.  It was a sparkling evening all in all.

But not two days before as all Americans know and can never forget, was the anniversary of the September 11th tragedy here in New York City.  After many sunny days, it was the first to be glum and dark and gray from the earliest light. I opted to flee Manhattan and repaired to Brooklyn where a buddy had suggested I come to ride bicycles. I went. The day was languid and cool, breezy actually, if gray throughout. Also I had just heard very painful personal news. A man I dearly love, my brother-in-law, was diagnosed with inoperable cancer of the liver. The prognosis couldn’t be worse. So I spent the day in quietude with a very heavy heart and allowed myself to cry over him, the lost on September 11th, and all the pain currently swallowing up our world in war, discord, bloodbaths and enmity between nations and peoples.

But we must all endure wasn’t we? So I put on my best Broadway “show must go on” face and went on my long bike ride to the river’s edge where I saw the final rays of lovely sunset that at the end broke free from the miserable darkness, and there was our Freedom Tower shining its memorial beacon up into heaven.  I stood there, awash suddenly in my profound sadness. Why? Why must our race of creatures be forever enslaved by violence? Why do we kill off humankind’s best hopes for a world of peace? Ghandi. Lennon. JFK. MLK. Bobby. Why would anyone choose world dominance over world peace? 

On the bright side, I was able to attend my Art & Reason Honors course due to my professor’s kindness in accepting my offer to invite me into the class vis Skype due to my absence. It was beyond cool! Professor David Carter arranged it with IT over at Germantown and I was able to be broadcast to my class who could see me and I my class and professor with a cam.  I was able to listen to my student colleagues chime in about their feelings regarding the book we are dissecting: Art and The Zen of Motorcycle Maintenance. So I was never far from campus. And the truth is…I miss it.

Public Transport

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I am one of the MC students without a car. This semester and in previous semesters I’ve taken classes at both Takoma Park and Rockville campuses, so I can fit my classes into my schedule. I would prefer to take all my classes at Takoma Park because I live within a 15 minute walk to the campus. It’s a nice, easy walk that gets me in the mood for class. But it is great that there is the option at MC to take classes at the 3 campuses. If there wasn’t then I wouldn’t have been able to complete as many credits as I have done in my first year. Taking classes at Rockville for me means just one thing though…. Public transport.

If you are in the same situation as me, you know the drill. 9am classes at Rockville means catching the 7:50am bus at the latest from Silver Spring to get to class on time. Just getting to the bus stop on time is the first challenge. The next challenge is to get a seat. More often than not at that time, all seats are taken by the time the bus gets to my stop, so standing is my only option. The hour or so journey on the bus could be a perfect time to catch up on some reading for class, read through notes, flipping through flash cards and to be as prepared as possible for the next upcoming exam. Hanging on for dear life as the bus makes countless stops and starts driving through peak hour traffic becomes my number one mission though. It became apparent on the first bus ride to Rockville that my thoughts of holding on to a cumbersome text book is too difficult during the journey. So the only way to pass the time is to tune into my iPod and contemplate the day ahead.

This semester it looks like there is another option to traveling between the Takoma Park and Rockville campuses by way of a shuttle. Unfortunately for me I’m not taking any early morning classes at Rockville this semester to use the service. But from what I have read it is on a trial basis, so I hope that students get on board and the trial becomes a full time, integral part of travel between campuses in coming years.

Have you had a chance to ride on the shuttle? Let me know what your thoughts on it are.

Have a great weekend!


New Zealand fact for the week: If you are ever in New Zealand and you are invited to someone’s house, you may be asked to “bring a plate.” This doesn’t mean that your hosts haven’t got enough of their own so they want you to bring your own plate to eat off. What they are asking is to bring a dish of food, much like a pot-luck dinner. I have seen many international people arrive at parties in New Zealand with the embarrassment of an empty plate!

Thirsty Thursday: Remembrance

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This is a day that shaped a lot of lives. Today I'd like to first of all take the time to remember all of the victims of this terrible tragedy 13 years ago..

I was 11 years old and in middle school when the events took place. I didn't get it because I was so young but I knew something wasn't right. I immediately called my mom after I got home just to make sure she was ok. My mom has worked in MD all her life and hasn't been to any of the sites in which were effected but I knew something terrible had happened and I wanted to know my loves ones were safe..none of my family were directly effected by the tragedy but plenty of others were.

I understand today may not be the day to read a blog but if our readers are reading this I'd like to know where we're you 9/11/2001..& if you were or know someone who was touched by these events tell us your story if it helps. I know because sometimes sharing things with alike people help. I know this board would offer nothing but positive remarks and comments..

Please share..

- Ant

For When you're worn down

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     Hello again, my ever better friends.

     Sometimes in life things get harder, they were great, good, bad or just plain ugly and all of the sudden they took a turn for the worst. Unfortunately, more often than not, some of our worst times can be brought about by those closest to us. And just as often they can do this without even meaning to. Some of these greatest pain can come from ill chosen words that cut a person to the core. A single slip of the tongue can send someone's whole week over the edge into a spiraling plunge of doom. I've recently been thinking a lot about about how many times I've told one of my parents that I hate them. This cliche is often spewed forth from the mouths of teens in movies and although it may seem the norm I'm sure that it hurt my parents, the handful of times I said it, far  more than I intended in the long run. Likewise, anything that we let slip or that others allow themselves to spill can cause so much more pain than we intend. It's really quite sad to think about how many people have no idea the pain they're causing and if they only knew the pain that was felt they wouldn't be so quick to elicit such responses. I think of the two most pained personality types that I can think of, that of the person who will do anything to make other people happy/ feel good and the person who takes the hurt they feel and tries to make other people feel the same way. 

     I'd like to take a moment to reflect on these thoughts, have you ever hurt anyone intentionally or unintentionally? If so, have you ever thought to tell these people how you feel about what happened or that your sorry for what you've done. Likewise if you've been hurt have you ever forgiven them even if they didn't necessarily ask for forgiveness? We can allow ourselves to carry so much pain and hate over acts or words that happened so long ago and yet even though we're only hurting ourselves we hang onto the pain and hate without relenting or giving forgiveness. And yet how much forgiveness do we need ourselves for the ways that we've hurt people? It's an endless circle of pain, do you have what it takes to try and make a change? 

your friend in thought, 

Will Campbell

Truthful Tuesday #3 : Positive Self Talk

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Do you ever feel like you could be even more awesome than you already are?  Want to know a simple secret for having more success, doing better in school, getting healthier, growing richer, having stronger relationships and improving any and every aspect of your life?

In today's Truthful Tuesday video, I talk about mantras and affirmations and how you can use these to give yourself a boost toward your highest most successful and effective self.

Here are some affirmations I wrote down earlier this Summer when I decided to leave my job to pursue creating financial stability and a free flexible schedule for myself:

“Abundance flows into my life because gratitude flows from my heart.”

“I am my own authority.”

“Money flows freely and easily.”

“My skills and gifts are relevant, useful and valuable to others.”

“I provide my body with the nourishment it requires to be optimally healthy.”

“I keep calm and relaxed in any situation.”

Those are just a few- the possibilities are endless!! What are some of your favorites?

The Best Friend Spoiler

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Dear readers,


Most posts I wanted to talk about my team and my experience with the student athlete side of MC life. I love how sports have made me who I am, just like my teammates. But for this post I wanted to talk about my friendships. (My friendships outside of being thrown together on a team, with no known common interests but the sport you love.) This weekend was my best friends birthday. With soccer and my own distractions I hardly have time to see her. My priorities aren’t quite where I want them to be. When I heard about plans being made by her roommate, I knew I had to be there.


I spent all my extra time this weekend with my best friend.

bff bff2

MC seemed like such a weird fit for me. While, all my close friends were off at school, I was living at home. This week I realized my best friends are here, thanks to MC. I was too busy worrying about missing my college experience, that I was missing my college experience!! My best friend transferred back to MC to be apart of the new nursing program. Even though we are both busy in completely different worlds, she has still been right around the corning and I never made the time.


I may not see her in passing. I may not have classes with her. I may not play soccer with her. But we are both apart of the Montgomery College community. I have met so many intelligent, talented, creative people here. I’m the only one stopping myself from meeting more!


Instead of walking around campus with my headphones in

Instead of sitting at my chair before class listening to music

I could be watching life instead of my phone

I could be talking to my classmate


I had the best weekend. I watched my best friend be spoiled by all the people who love and care about her. If I were not at MC I would be missing this time with my best friend. I want to take advantage of what I am being offered here. I believe we should all take the opportunity to seek out what this school is truly doing for all of us.  You’ll be surprised if you sit down and think about what would be different in our lives if we had not all come here. We each have a different story, a different experience, a different timeline, a different purpose.


What is yours?


I hope you all bask in your time here and make the most of it!


Enjoy your week MC Raptors.


Love always,

Katelynn Suzanne

If you want to keep up with me more than just mondays!

Follow me on Instagram - katelynn.suzanne 





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I leave bright and early today to go to NYC, primarily to attend the premiere of an independent film: Archaeology of a Woman starring a dear friend and gifted actor, Sally Kirkland, a woman of many extraordinary artistic and spiritual properties beyond a long and storied personal and cinematic history. Sally won a Golden Globe for Best Actress for her portrayal of yet another actress, Anna, a woman who unravels in midlife. In Archaeology she explores the depths of dementia. If Sally has ever really unraveled herself, you couldn’t guess it, such an indefatigable woman. Her crowning jewel was her portrayal of the titular character in the film Anna. I highly recommend you check out the trailer I’m furnishing below for Archaeology.. 

I plan to stop in at NYU and Columbia as I begin to look into transfer options. New York City is one of the primary places I am considering as I have lived there on and off and we share a strange and beautiful history. I too am an actor, director, screenwriter, editor, producer. Yes, I eat words and film. Thus, NYC only just seems a fitting segue once I have digested the rich fruit of knowledge I have bitten into at MC. But we all must outgrow our cocoons and a time comes to take a leap and fly into a larger sky lest we lose the last call for a chance at our dream.


Yes! I do! I feel like a kid at Christmas! Can’t help it. School has begun! I admit it, I got this thing for the smell of newly milled paper, old desks, new desks, new subjects, new professors, all of whom have excused my one week absence that I may go about gathering my gems in the city. Yet, no matter where I travel: home to Miami, back to my childhood stomping grounds in Los Angeles, wherever I go and whomsoever I meet of late, I speak proudly to them of my association to Montgomery College.


Wherever we go in life we will forever bear the imprint of previous associations. Too often I hear snooty kids remark with a trace of mockery, “Yeah, Montgomery College, “Harvard on the Pike!”  Yuk. Yuk. Well, I say to them, “I’ve been privileged in knowing and collaborating with educators here at Montgomery who all share something in common with me:  Passion!   Every professor may be vastly different and unique, but one assured fact is that I find I have been extraordinarily lucky to work under very committed, serious-minded and passionate educators.  I can’t remember a one that made me feel they were doing it by rote, out of mere obligation to a job; to the contrary, they have demonstrated a keen devotion to their charges, a willingness to address any concern, any query. Their professionalism is rather uniform here and I proudly take something of them with me, wherever I go, for they have furnished the fuel to keep my fire alive. I will forever have a piece of Montgomery with me.


The Amazing Race?

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Have you ever watched the reality TV show “The Amazing Race”? I’m not sure which TV channel it’s on. I watched the show over my summer break on HULU. I watch all my TV on demand these days, on HULU or Netflix mainly. I became quite obsessed with The Amazing Race during my break and watched nearly a couple of seasons of it. I love to travel and see new cultures and people, which probably comes from me coming from New Zealand. In New Zealand, we are so far away from anywhere else, and people dream of traveling and seeing what else the world has to offer.

Watching The Amazing Race, I couldn’t help but draw parallels to my experiences at Montgomery College so far, and I now think each semester is like a season of the Amazing Race. I know this may seem pretty far-fetched but let me try and explain. On the Amazing Race, teams of two face off against other teams in a series of challenges over a series of 12 leagues of the race. Some challenges are physical, some are mental, and often they are a mixture of both. Teams build alliances with other teams to get through the race and if they finish first they have the chance of winning one million dollars. At college, we sign up for classes at the beginning of the semester, more often than not we don’t know anyone else when we sign up. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses, so we tend to build alliances with others in the class. During the semester we face a series of challenges like pop quizzes, exams, essays, group presentations along the way, and we work with the friends we have made to help us through. We also may face external challenges that affect the time we have to spend on school work like family or sickness. The thing I find inspiring on the Amazing Race is at times people seem down and out, and watching the show I totally lose faith in them and their ability to complete the challenge facing them. But generally they pull through, and summon the inner strength within themselves to complete what they started. Many times in the past couple of semesters I have thought “I don’t think I can do this,” but like people competing on the Amazing Race, I have surprised myself at my ability to dig deep and complete the task at hand. This is one personal characteristic I have developed so far while attending Montgomery College, the belief in myself that I can finish what I started, no matter how hard it appears.

Ok, so at the end of the semester we don’t win a million dollars (if you have a great major though, you might be heading towards making a lot of money!) Our prize at the end of the semester is getting the grades that we set out to get. At the start of each semester I now feel like it’s a race to get to the end and complete the 18 weeks ahead of me.

It’s Friday! Have a great weekend everyone. I wish this was another long weekend!

*My New Zealand fact of the week this week is relevant to the Amazing Race! The host of the show Phil Keoghan was actually born in New Zealand started his career there. I actually used to watch him on a children’s show called “Spot On” when I was growing up and was surprised to see him on TV here!



Workout wednesdays... another weekday remix

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Hello my fantastic followers...all four of you WOOHOO!!!! You are all loved.

     I hope that everyone was able to enjoy a fabulous holiday weekend and is well rested for the short week at hand. I apologize to my readers for being a little off schedule again, but it seems that Safari desires my doom. And that is why I am currently rewriting to you on Thursday. 

     In any case, I'd like to share a personal passion of mine with you today. HEALTH AND FITNESS.  These may be two of your most dreaded words in the english language or they might be two of your absolute favorites. Today, I want to speak to those of you who have never seen the gym or any form of long-term exercise as anything other than a failed new years' resolution. I'll start by saying that I'm not one of those loonies that runs mile after mile after mile for pleasure *albeit I have the utmost respect for those of you who run marathons, I do not like that*. What I find most enjoyable about the gym is the continued ability to challenge myself week after week to rise to new levels through varying modes and difficulties. The gym is a therapeutic place for me where everything in life fades into the background as all of my attention and focus are driven towards making my body fall to my will. But enough about my passion for the gym. 

     The key to making anything stick is to make it something you enjoy. If you go into the gym week after week and you hate it or loathe your time there, you're doing it wrong. No matter the walk of life, the best possible outcomes will rise from your own passions. Some that you've always known you love and some that completely took you by surprise. This is the same in exercise, you must find something you enjoy. 

     For several years I worked at a rock climbing gym in Rockville called Earth Treks. It's a fantastic place for people of any age to go experience the adrenaline pumping fun of climbing in their own neighborhood. And it's not a joke, indoor climbing is a sport and there are climbs that you could train your whole lifetime and probably still not be able to climb. But that's the fun of it, challenging yourself without even thinking about it. When you begin pushing yourself more without thinking about it, you're on your way to a new favorite hobby. 

     Another personal favorite of mine is laser tag. Yes, that is something that you did when you were a child.... unless it wasn't around when you were a child. But it is not just for kids, at least not the way that I play it. You do not know the meaning of the word DEATHMATCH if it only refers to something you did in a video game. If you aren't sweating when you come out of laser tag, you are NOT DOING IT RIGHT. Laser tag is an exhilarating experience that everyone should try. 

     This brings me to my last favorite. ULTIMATE FRISBEE!!!! if you've never played, imagine football without the tackling and a frisbee instead of a football. Now you're starting to get the picture. This is an epic game. As a matter of fact my friends and I are trying to start an UF club this semester so if you or your friends are interested leave me a comment!!!! 

     Well I suppose I've badgered you, who don't exercise very often, enough. Though I hope that I've changed your thoughts about whether or not it can be fun a little bit. If anyone wants to talk about anything having to do with lifting or exercise in general I'm always up for a discussion. Leave a comment!

your gym rat and laser nerd,

 Will C

Thirsty Thursday: Daily Playlist

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Hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend!

I'm probably the opposite of many students on their way to school. I have early morning classes M, W, and Fridays and I am usually using the metro to and from class so I'm big on starting and ending my school day with music. I have the tendency to "turn up" so to speak in the morning time because I feel as though that'll wake me up fully and get me ready for my learning day. Then on the way home from class I usually listen to a cool down type playlist or group of songs. After a long day of learning terms, listening to professors preach and in class participation I think my cool down list helps relax my brain after all of it.

I'm very interested in what type of student you are in the morning time whether it's going to class or going into the office for work. It's kind of weird because when you see my list it's almost like I'm two different type people but really it's how my mood is set up on the daily. Get up go out and get wears on and I get whatever it is, in this case it's extended knowledge, after that  it's time for a cool out..

These are just a few examples of music I go through throughout the school day. I'm an old young soul when it comes to music

King Louie
Gucci Mane
Big Sean <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Travi$ Scott

PM: cool down:
Kanye West
Jay-Z <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
R Kelly
Michael Jackson
Carl Thomas
Isley Bros.

I'm interested in getting to know some of your thoughts on my selection and some of your musical selections to start and end your school days off...

Truthful Tuesday #2 : Clear Your Mind

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Vlog for Montgomery College Student Blogger Program

Truthful Tuesday #2 : Clear Your Mind

The truth is... sometimes life gets CRAZY.  Our schedules are full and so are our minds.  It's easy to feel totally overwhelmed and unsure of how to stay on top of it all.

This video could very well be the perfect remedy to that feeling of overwhelm, scatterbrained-ness, and difficulty focusing your mind where it needs to be focused.

If this video was helpful - give it a THUMBS UP! And if you have any meditation tips to share, comment them below!

Many Thanks



MC SOCCER DOES: The First Week of School

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Thank goodness for this three-day weekend! It has only been a week into school and we are beat. Tuesday we traveled an hour to Stevenson for a scrimmage. Than Thursday we traveled 3 hours to Glouster for our first official game. All 28 players and 2 managers crammed into two vans.


 You get to know a girl pretty well when you’re stuffed into her personal space for 3 hours. We talked, ate and sang the whole ride there. “All About That Base” by Meghan Trainor has become my vans theme song. It played so many times on the radio that even our coach started singing along.


(If you would like to keep updated on the Raptor athletes make sure to follow)


On top of soccer everyday we are all full time students! I asked a few of my teammates about their favorite classes.

Here are some of The Women’s Soccer Team’s favorite classes this semester:

Women’s Weight Training- “Being a soccer player it was hard to know how to lift with out stunting my speed. My teacher discussed and showed us how to improve muscle tone as well as muscular endurance.”

Controlling Stress and Tension- “After lectures we lay down on the floor and breath deeply and relax. The teacher is nice and practical!”

Sociology – “Professor Hernandez engages the class and forces her students to think outside the box.”

Psychology- “Professor Palmer makes me feel comfortable to speak up in class and he cracks me up every time! He makes learning exciting.”

I hope you all enjoyed your three-day weekend as much as we have! Please let me know about your favorite classes and professors, maybe it will help me out picking classes next semester.


Love always,

Katelynn Suzanne




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