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A state-of-the-art science center

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I am sure by now all of you have heard about our new science center at Rockville campus. Some of my friends who went there on Monday had these words to describe the building: just awesome, fabulous, glorious and mind blowing. Their opinions triggered me to go there on Tuesday. I felt really good to visit the main campus after an entire semester. Before this, I didn't even know that the huge building I used to see, was the science center under construction. 

The building is absolutely gorgeous ! At first, the door was quite difficult to open, mainly because I had an empty stomach. The wide open interior of the building has an awesome lobby. I really liked the stuffs (lighting system + posters related to astronomy) hanging from the ceiling. I could see people studying on the floor and having group discussions in the hallways. The environment is so welcoming *o*

A "not-so-significant" bad news for the faculty is that their department is full of tall, huge windows. It would be quite difficult for the professors to maintain their privacy. It only takes a quick look through the open windows to see if the professor is in.  We don't need to make appointments anymore lol. Just kiddingtongueout

I talked to some professors the other day, and they claimed that our science center is way better than some 4-year colleges. I hope the $74-million science center will easily exceed the expectations of rapidly increasing student body in science, engineering and mathematics facilities. 

Since many of you, who don't have classes at Rockville Campus, might not have seen it yet, I have clicked some photos for you. Enjoy the photos, and visit our new science center before it gets old.

Until then, take care, and enjoy what's left of the National Coffee Day.

Prioritize Your College Life

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      This week has been overwhelming. I’m already waiting for the holidays to come, so maybe I can catch a break and spend time with family. This is my second semester at Montgomery college. I must say it’s definitely more difficult than last semester where I only took one class. Now I’m taking on three classes which doesn’t sound like a lot to most people. However college is a definitely a wake up call, so to new students I suggest you start out small and work your way up to take on more courses. What’s difficult about this transition is learning how to balance classes, family, friends, work, relationships and “me time.” In order for me to know what’s important to my life I’ve decided to make a ‘list.’ This list allows me to prioritize my life while I’m in school. Here’s my life!

    1. Right now SCHOOL is my number one! I spend most of my time studying.  Even at work you’ll find me studying in an isolated corner when I don’t have costumers to attend to.  School is important because it helps me to move closer to my life long goals!




2. My relationship! My boyfriend and I have been together for a long time and he motives me to do better for myself. Sometimes it’s hard to motive yourself and sometimes you need a reminder that you are capable and strong! My boyfriend is my best friend and whenever school stresses me out he is able to calm me down and give me some words of encouragement.



3. Family! Although they drive me completely insane, they are constantly remaindering me how proud they are. It’s a great feeling to have positive reinforcements!



4. ME TIME!!! I am a quiet and reserved person . My ’me time’ is more important than my social life. The time I have alone allows to recollect myself and ease my stress. I manage my stress through rock-climbing, reading, building dollhouses, and dancing. This also includes spending time with my ferret. By the way experts say pets are good for stress management, so if you’re a pet person and school has you overwhelmed I suggest you spend some time with you pet. Also if you have one of those ‘bad days’ they’re great for listening and cheering people up.


5. Friends! Since school has started I haven’t spent a lot of time with them. I feel friends are important though because sometimes it’s nice to get out and have some fun. This helps to reduce stress as well. Go out and have some fun every once in awhile!



6. Work! To some this maybe on the top of their list, but work is one the bottom for me because I only work to make that extra cash, so I’m able to go out and have some fun! This also makes me feel independent!



My favorite places...

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I spend roughly seventy hours per week in school between classes, work, extracurricular activities, and studying time, so, every semester, I find myself a place where I can go when I need to relax before, after, and between classes. A place where I can drink a cup of coffee, study for a test, or to simply sit and enjoy a moment for myself before my reality hits again.

So, I decided that for this post, I would share with you some of the places in the TPSS campus where I spend most of my days.

I work at the computer lab located in the third floor of the Student Services building, so I spend a lot of time here. It’s a nice place to work, and people here are great!


This semester, one my favorite place is this. The student lobby located on the second floor of the student services building. I like to go there when I need to concentrate because most people who go there need to concentrate too, so it’s very quiet and peaceful. When you need to study for a test, this is the place to go!


This is “my happy place”. This is where I go when I need to relax and have a cup of coffee.


During the summer, I enjoy sitting outside at this little park. As long as it's not raining, I go there when I want to enjoy the day.


And finally, the Student Senate’s office. I spend at least 6 hours here working on my senate project among other things. 


Oh yeah! Most of the time, these places are crowed, but I took these photos at 7:00 am, so almost nobody was there. What can I say, I'm an early bird! 

So there you go! My favorite places in the TPSS Campus. See you next week, and don't forget to leave your comments!




The All-Nighter

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Hello all,

Thank you for taking the time to view this entry.  I am blogging  live from the Montgomery College's Student Technology Center (Takoma Park, MD).

My class,  HP102 (Fundmanetal Concepts in Inquiry in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics) just finished, and it was awesome.  I had a wonderful time participating in intellectual discourse with my fellow honors classmates.  We discussed complementary obersations and experiments to test hypotheses in ecology and strong inference by testing alternative hypotheses. 

Tonight is going to be a long night:  I am preparing for an AC202 (managerial accounting) quiz/exam and for an HP103 (American Foreign Policy) one-hour discussion -- that my partner, Chloe,  and I have to lead -- about World War II and the Cold War.  Since HP103 is a seminar-style course, my classmates and I are expected to be experts. 

By the way, I have great news:  Recently, I was selected to participate in Dr. Pollard's "Conversation on Consequence" course, and I was awarded an MC Foundation Scholarship.  Horay! 

Also, below are some pictures of the Renaissance Scholars Welcome Reception that I recently attended.

I wish everyone much success this semester, and continue to strive for the best.

Peace and blessings,

Antoine Battle


Ever Miss Your Alarm Clock?

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Have you ever overslept and completely missed your alarm clock? If you're a human being, chances are probably close to 100%. If you're not a human being, I would love to study your alien brain.

Anywho, this week's vlog entry is a fictional account of me missing my alarm clock. So sit back, relax, and remember to wake up tomorrow on time.



I-Spy MC

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Surprise – it is me again!  Please leave me some get-well-soon comments: I am suffering from a severe case of “I-Have-Too-Much-Homework-Syndrome,” in which the symptoms include a swelling of the hands from typing; the frightening appearance of bags under my eyes due to late night studying; and reoccurring nightmares of  daunting exams due to the contagious worries of classmates.  Help! shocked

Please do not worry:  I am just joking around.  Anyway, I have some new snapshots for you to enjoy. 


FYE Meeting on 9232011 FYE Student Ambassadors at MC Volunteer Fair Social Sciences Computer Center (Front Desk) MC Breakdancing (Rockville) Diversity at Takoma Park Fun at Takoma Park Red Cross First Amendment Challenge AmeriCorps Jam Session at Takoma Park Office of Student Life (Rockville) Lillian

Thank you for taking the time to check out this blog entry.  I look forward to receiving your feedback and working on my next entry. 

Peace and blessings,

Antoine Battle

Students react to new Facebook changes

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Student Blogger Program Week 2

 Anyone happy with new Facebook changes ? I guess most of you aren’t. This was a hot topic on Wednesday afternoon at the Germantown campus library. Here's what most people had to say about it:

"They all seem to be copying Google+ to no end."

"I hate the new news feed! The top stories thing is ridiculous! Where is "the recent status updates" option?"

"How can Facebook decide what or who is most important to me?"

What say you?

 12, 14, 13?  

Student Blogger Program Week 2

This photo had no impact on me until this morning when I saw two freshmen friends (class of 2014) writing their names on the board saying "Class of 2013".  Just after I wrote my name on the one displaying "Class of 2012", without a second thought, they rushed to the rightmost board assuming it was for the “Class of 2014.” Later, I noticed the fallacy in arrangement, and thanked them for helping me with this week’s blog. I am not complaining about this; I would rather call it a (n unchrono)LOGICAL way of grabbing freshmen's attention early on in the semester.

Thinking about joining a club? 

Student Blogger Program Week 2

You have come to the right place.  If you are a man, and a bit confused about the club’s name, let me make it clear. Both men and women are welcome to our club. The mission of women's studies club is to promote equality, opportunity, justice, respect, empowerment and freedom amongst men and women. President Elysa Marchicelli, who is also a student senator, has a lot of activities in store for us this semester.  So, come join us! "Like" our facebook page by clicking here.

Time to Reveal the Answer!

It is now time to reveal the answer to last week's vision test. The right answer is 3. Before I leave, here is a photo showing you where the heads actually were.

Student Blogger Program Week 2

I hope you guys liked my blog. Good or bad: keep the feedback coming. Take care and see you guys next week .





Numbers look all the same to me!

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If you’re in Math 094 then this blog might be the thing you need! When I signed up for this course, I knew I was going to be crammed into one class with pre-algebra and elementary algebra students. However, I honestly did not know the entire course is online in a math lab. Although there's a professor in the room, it seems the bonds between a student and professor been replaced with a computer monitor.  For those who absolutely despise math (and numbers in general) I have a few tips that may give you that boost of confidence to pass you’re 094 math class.  In addition, this may help to other classes similar to Math094.

cool1. Attend every class session: Sometimes it may seem like there’s no point because the class is mainly online, but if your anything like me you’ll probably get distracted when there’s a fly buzzing all around you’re empty bedroom.  Your eyes might get heavy because the pillows on your bed look comfortable.  Trust me go to class! Get most of the work done there, so when you have a question you don’t have to keep clicking the “help me solve this” button you can simply ask the professor.

confused2. Can you spare time?  If you have 30-60 minutes in between classes, I suggest you spend that time in a math lab.  At least an extra 20min a day can make a big difference. 

happy3. Practice: I’ve learned math is a subject you can only become good at it if you spend a lot of time practicing.  When I become frustrated with a problem, I write it down and work on it while on bus or when I take my lunch break at work.  The key is to work on that problem until you recognize it and know how to solve the problem.  Remember math tends to become more complex as you excel, so take the time to memorize solutions now!  By the way, Flash cards are convenient.  I recommend this website (if you’re like me and don’t necessarily have the time to make 20 flash cards).

indifferent4. Don’t stress!  I realize that as a student we are constantly meeting our deadlines. Honestly, for me keeping up with math is the most difficult.  Even in a class such as Math094 has a list of sections that should be due by the end of the week.  Everyone has a different way of learning, and sometimes this pace maybe going to fast or slow. (If it’s too slow for you then you‘re probably ahead of the game! Lucky!”  This maybe fast paced to some people. My suggestion is to have a weekly planner and a list of sections that needs accomplished at the end of the week.  In your planner remind yourself when you want to take you are test, so you can prepare yourself without rushing or stressing out. 

biggrin5. Motivate yourself! I posted a picture of South Carolina State on my binder in hopes of going there someday.  When I’m in math class, I yawn until I have watery eyes and at home, I tend to sit in front of my laptop and cry because math is that tedious for me.  (Hopefully, math don’t make you cry)  However, math to some people is painfully boring, so print something that reminds you where you want to be in your future.  Self-motive! Every class is a stepping-stone towards our future. I deserve to walk to halls of South Carolina state someday, and you deserve anything that brings you happiness! Remind yourself and you shall succeed.  

I wish everyone the best of luck! If anyone has anymore, suggestions please comment.  Trust me I could use some more advice!


Being a full time student... not easy!

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Unbelievable, it's been less than a month since we got back to school, and I'm incredible busy! Amazing how time flies when you're doing what you like!!! My schedule is a little more than tight this semester, but I'm confident things will get better soon!

Academically, I'm challenging myself to a whole new level. 

Being part of the Renaissance Scholars Program was one of my goals since I first heard about the program two semesters ago, and even though taking an evening class has its drawbacks, I'm really enjoying the class. My classmates are brilliant, and my professor is also great!

I can't believe I'm sitting in that classroom full of these geniuses that really know what they are talking about! It’s very refreshing to be among people who actually do their reading and homework before class and have these interesting debates about whatever we are studying. 

Additionally, I'm taking four more classes, two of them honor modules, and even though I have more homework than usual, I'm really enjoying these classes. It's not easy being an honor's student, but the thing is, I love it!

Outside of academics, I'm involved in so many things that I'm afraid I will forget some of them, so I'll just focus on two of them.

First, as the vice president of the Student Senate at the TPSS, I am working in this pretty cool project which involves the senate and the clubs. This is definitely one of the things I want to write about in the future.

Also  as the vp, I have to represent the senate in several committees, some of them college wide. I am part of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee which is developing a set of goals that will put Montgomery College at the top of community college in the area. I am learning so much from the other people in this committee, and I’m definitely acquiring skills that will benefit me when I apply to any four year institution. 

In addition, I work for the college's newspaper (First edition will hit stands in two weeks, so be aware!) The editor, adviser and other reporters are great people who have taught me a lot! I get to do what I like, and I get tons of experience in the process! 

I also have a job and a family, so definitely I don’t have time for myself anymore!

Indeed, as I see things, this semester will be a busy one. I haven’t even had lunch with my best friend since the semester began! However, I like challenging myself. I really don’t mind the endless sleepless nights because I know that, at the end, everything I’m doing will be for my own benefit.

 How’s your semester going so far? Leave your comments and tell us about it!

See you next week!!!



The Monty NewsBeat

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Greetings to all! And so it is that I give you without further ado, the world premiere of the one and only "Monty NewsBeat" television show. (Granted, I'm no Diane Sawyer but there's a first time for everything kids)

Until Next Time . . .

Soundtrack to My Semester

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A novice to blogging, but not to creative writing, let me just "pretend" like I know what I am doing.  Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the organic elements of my experiment in MC's "blogosphere."

Right now, it is time to set the mood.  No, I am not talking about the type of mood you would set when you want to spend quality time with your significant other.  I am referring to the mood for this semester, which is not just any semester for me; it is my final semester at MC.  So, you know that I have to go out with a "bang," or should I say a "boom" since I have an official soundtrack to this semester.

As the classic writer Charles Dickens states in his opening line of A Tale of Two Cities, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."  I guess my would be titled A Tale of Two Campuses, in which I would state, "It was the beginning of a new semester, it was the end of all semesters."  Although I am ecstatic about the new opportunities that have been presented to me this semester, I am disheartened that I will be leaving soon. 

However, I will remember the words of the following songs, which I feel reflect my experiences at MC:

1.  Mary J. Blidge's "My Life" -- Inspires me to be more introspective and to have a positive  outlook on life

2.  Rissi Palmer's "I'm Not of This World" -- Encourages me to overcome challenges and to embrace change

3.  Bill Withers' "Grandma's Hands" -- Induces me to conjure images up my grandmother, my source of inspiration

4.  Lenny Kravitz's "Fly Away" -- Allows me to escape from the rigors of school, work, and other personal responsibilities.

5.  Rihanna's "Only Girl (In the World)" -- Reminds me that I have to make that "special someone" feel like "someone special"

6.  The Temptations' "Ball of Confusion" -- Empowers me to help resolve some of the social issues that we face today

7.  Beyoncé’s “I Was Here” -- Motivates me to have a positive impact on others

That's enough about "me, myself, and iTunes."  What songs would be on the soundtrack to your semester, or on the soundtrack to your life?  Leave me a comment.  I look forward to reading it, and I will be sure to respond.  Thank you!

Peace and blessings,

Antoine Battle

Getting a blog started

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isn't as easy as I thought it would be, mainly because I will be doing a photo-oriented blog. Photographs will definitely limit my unfruitful blabbers, and help me become more informative. Whenever I am out of photos, I will try to entertain you with the ideas relating to my college experience. This idea is influenced by Longfellow's saying: "Art is long, and time is fleeting." So without any further delay, let's begin.

I have three photos to share with you this week. Check them out !! 

Photo #1: I took this photo as I made my way to Germantown campus on Wednesday morning. It has only been a couple weeks since the school started, and we've already received two "crime alert" messages. It is now time we do our part to create a safe place. So, how about looking at these signboards carefully ?

Photo #2: Since most people I met were quite upset over having to pay for printing, I was expecting the library and its computers to be less populated. However, it was just a hasty generalization; our library is full of new, enthusiastic faces, and people form decent lines to use WEPA kiosks ! 

Photo #3: Let's run a quick vision test. How many heads can you see in this photo ? It is said that windows are a character defining feature on a house. You might find some characters in there. Once you've figured out your answer, post it in the comment section below. I'll reveal the answer next Friday. 

I hope you liked my first blog. Leave me some feedbacks in the comment section below. Let me know what you liked/disliked about my first post. If youhave any college-related photos you want to share in my blog, you can email me at Take care and see you guys next week!  



Second year experience...

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This is it… my first blog entry. 

How exciting!

All these ideas in my head and so little time to decide what to write about… 

So, I figured I’ll share some of my wisdom (yeah right!) with all those of you, new students (and some of the returning students too) in MC.

By now, you guys have had your first year experience orientation. You've met your professors for this semester, and you are familiar with the campus. I won’t repeat what professors and advisers already told you.  I’ll write this based on my own first year experiences.  

This is a guide for all those new students (and I’m sure some former students too) who still have no idea what they are doing in college (I’m still trying to figure that out myself.) So, without more preambles, here you go. 

My top five things you should know about being a student in Montgomery College.

1. If you haven’t declared a major yet, explore your options. When I started in MC, I declared pre-nursing as my major. I changed it to General Studies when I discovered my passion for journalism. I’ve taken journalism, history, political sciences and art classes and I’m still exploring more. I’m still interested in nursing, and journalism is something I want to do at some point in my life, but as far as I’m concerned, there are more careers out there, and I want to explore at least a couple more before I declare a specific major.

2. Get involved in clubs, organizations, and volunteering opportunities. This is a great tool to succeed in MC. The skills you learn while working in these organizations will help you for the rest of your life. I am a shy person by nature, but here I am writing for this blog and speaking publicly in front of professors, students, and even the college’s president thanks to my position in the student senate. Also, you will meet very interesting people, and you can start building your resume too. There are so many clubs to choose from, and if you don’t find one you like, you can even create your own! Just visit the office of student life to find out how to do it.  

3. Set your academic (and realistic) goals ASAP and stick with them. Personally, I want to graduate and transfer as soon as possible, so my priorities right now are passing my classes with excellent grades and acquire the skills that will help me in the future. So far, I’m succeeding, even thought that means that I don’t have a social life. Hey! Life is about sacrifices too, and at the end, all the hard work is worth it. 

4. Take advantage of the programs the college offers. No matter what your needs are, MC offers many programs that will help you greatly. Take the time to go and talk to a counselor. When you do that, ask for the available programs. Most importantly, use them! God knows how much time I used to spend in the writing center and the math lab. That helped me to overcome issues I was having in some classes. Don’t be shy! People who work at these facilities are very nice, and they are ready to help you with whatever you need. 

5. Enjoy college! No matter what, college is a one life time experience. Enjoy it! Have fun with you friends, meet new people, explore your options, and get involved! For me, it has been a great experience so far, and I’m sure it will be for you too. See you next week!

Eric Clapton at Rockville campus! What?

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I have been very eager to post a blog considering this is my first time blogging. All week I have been trying to figure out what I should write. What are some interests people have in common? I was contemplating how I could reach out to the online community.

Then it struck me like a bolt of lightning.shocked Music! Music is something everyone can relate too whether if it is the beat or the lyrics. Personally I’ll listen to anything that’s makes me dance (Rihanna, Sean Paul, Nina sky, Bob Marley, and so on. I’m sure I could go on forever listing my favorite musicians.) As for my mother, she prefers music like Fleetwood Mac, Kiss, Mamas and the Papas and Led Zeppelin. Knowing what kind of music she likes I shouldn’t have been surprised when she got herself all in a tizzy when she saw the Yardbirds were playing on Rockville campus. She leaned over my shoulder scanning the Montgomery college web page (as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing).

I rolled my eyes because I knew what she wanted to ask me. In her high pitch squeaky voice (I’m not lying when I say her voice sounds like Minnie mouse) she asked “Mandy are you doing anything Saturday night?” Her words sound harmless enough, but believe me what she really meant was you’re coming with me whether you like it or not! If canceling my plans weren’t, bad enough I had to listen to her reminisce about her past and how awesome Eric Clapton is as an artist. Oh boy! I thought history class was a bore.

So could you guess what happened Saturday night? Yep, I went to go see the Yardbirds. I’m sure if some of you have heard them or even listened to some of their music. I honestly have not, so I entered the performing arts building dragging my feet. I’ll admit I wasnt looking forward to spending my Saturday night watching a band I know nothing about.

I took a seat in the middle row. I looked at my mother sitting next to me. A smile stretched across her face. My lips pouted in thoughts of being anywhere but here. The light dimmed which obviously indicated the show was about to begin. I folded my arms across my chest waiting for the band to begin playing. I must admit I had low expectations, but this band amazed me. The guitarists were phenomenal! That is coming from someone who listens to a variety of bands such as, all that Remains, Atreyu, and Linkin Park. Even the opening act the Tail draggers preformed beautifully. If you want to give the Yardbirds a try, here is a link.


Since I saw the Yardbirds perform I’ve been checking out old bands on you tube. I’m beginning to think that perhaps these songs never get old. Maybe it is time for me to become more open-minded. If anyone has any recommendations, I will be happy to hear from you because I am in need of new songs on my Ipod honestly!

Well that's my first post as the school year goes on I'm sure I'll have juicer things to discuss! Take care everyone!


Greetings Fall Semester 2011!!!

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Hello fellow students, faculty, staff, alumni, jets fans.

You might remember me from last semester. I was the blogger with all the quirky comments and witty banter. (Did I just write that?) Anyways kids, instead of blogging with words this semester, I shall entertain you with videos instead. I hope you enjoy my crazy antics as we fulfill our educational requirements once again. And so I present to you, my first vlog of the semester.

Will Dennis Radomski (that's me) make it to his first class on time after travelling from a foreign destination? You'll just have to press play below to find out.



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