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It's a Gift

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 Finally, I get to write my first post. I must say this comes at the right time in my college life at Montgomery College. When I started writing this blog, I literally sat still in front of my computer for about 15 minutes because I did not know what to write. I read the blogs of my fellow bloggers and they were really good and I don’t think I can top that. So finally I decided to write about what getting an education at Montgomery College means to me as my first blog.

It is my last year and probably will be the busiest. After being at Montgomery College for two years now, one lesson I learned from previous semesters and classes is that I need to be serious and start studying for the first test from day one. Maybe that’s why my week of classes seem like I’m already a month into school.

This semester I am taking physics, Anatomy and physiology (Honors), First Aid and CPR and Abnormal Psychology (my mum asked me if there was a normal one).

My schedule may indicate that I will be very busy but I look at it a different way because I consider myself lucky to have this opportunity. There are many people who wish they could go to school but their circumstances do not permit it. I believe that Education is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and Montgomery College was the best choice for me because of the community I found here among people who have more thousands of responsibilities but they will still find time to return to school to get an education. Those are the people that inspire me every day when I come to school. Contrary to public opinion, Education is not all about being smart and as one of my favorite quotes by Mr. Martin Luther King which I saw in a movie ( Storm the Yard,2007), “Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.”

That is the gift I want to give myself, what is yours? Think about it as this new school year begins.

This week I am reading Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg the COO of Face book, it is the trending book for women empowerment so grab a copy (men too!! It would be really charming to see a man reading it.)


On Staying in Touch

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As we near the close of the first week of the semester, we fellow educational sojourners have been inundated with a hodgepodge of syllabi, objectives, deadlines, and mind boggling amounts of required reading and research.

During these first few days, one common element ran through my professors’ introductory remarks: communicate, communicate, communicate. Never has that word meant so much to me as it does now. I used to be that snotty know it all in the front row, inwardly scoffing as the professor went into detail about keeping in touch with her, and what arrangements could be made if life happened.

My first full time year at MC was a difficult one emotionally. Several days after I graduated from high school, my grandmother passed away after battling with ovarian cancer for only a month. On top of all that, my other grandparents’ health began to suffer as well. Beside myself, I threw myself into summer classes and activities in an attempt to bury my grief. I thought that I was going to be okay. But a month into the 2012-2013 school year, I found that I was emotionally weary. I had difficulty focusing on my homework, I was having nervous breakdowns in class, I couldn’t sleep for more than 4 hours at a time, and I constantly felt nauseous. Unwilling to admit that my grandmother’s death was having such a profound impact on my mental capacities, I stubbornly refused to e-mail, call or otherwise meet with my professors to let them know what was going on. I just stopped showing up for classes when the pressure became too much. Yet the more work I put off, the deeper my anxiety and depression engulfed me in their dark claws. Many of my most beloved hobbies (reading and writing, for instance) grew to be the bane of my existence; I dreaded going on campus, and I got to the point where I absolutely detested anything related to school.

At last, during a meeting with my Spanish professor, she asked me if there was anything going on at home that was affecting my work. I broke down and finally let go of all the grief, stress and guilt of the past few months. She graciously let me sit and sob in her office, and after I dried my tears, she gave me the contact information for the counseling services available to students. I just couldn’t believe that an instructor would care so much about what was happening in my life! It’s taken more time than not for that realization to set in, but thankfully, I’ve learned my lesson.

So to those of you going through family difficulties or any other hardship – take it from one with a stubborn streak; let your professor know about it sooner rather than later. It might feel humiliating, but you’ll be glad that you did it. Here’s to a successful semester!

- Kimberlee

Here’s one of my earworms from this week: G-Dragon: One of a Kind 

On Loathing of the Alarm Clock

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by Greg

     For the first sixteen years of my adult life, this sums up my attitude towards the harsh noise with which I began almost every day...

     I don't have the power of Peter Parker/Spiderman.  However, for all those years my first thought or utterance on work/school days really was an expletive: typically English’s most versatile word, the F-bomb.  The alarm clock’s main purpose is to rip you from the comfort of a warm bed and sweet dreams, just to rudely deposit you into the real world, with all it’s “to-do” lists, deadlines, and appointments.  I believed it was a grotesque machine and I despised it.  However, recently I have begun to question my loathing of the alarm clock. 

            Initially, one of the main advantages of undergoing debilitating cancer treatment is not needing an alarm clock anymore.  I had the perfect excuse to sleep-in as long as I wanted, and I used it.  Also gone were the task lists and the fragmentation of my day into 15-minute increments so I could accommodate all the demands on my time.  It was a nice silver lining… at first.  As the weeks drug on to months, and the months to years, life became too simple.  Rarely did anyone need me to do anything or show up for something.  For a long time, I also required little of myself.  I had nothing to do and no purpose.  For most people, especially those with Type-A personalities like mine, this is an awful, depressing existence.  I would wake up after 10  every day well-rested but yearning for the day when I would once again need the alarm clock.

            Yesterday was my first day of class at Montgomery College this semester.  At 9:25 am, the halls were packed with students waiting for their classroom doors to open.  I overheard four people complaining about getting up early for class.  It’s okay.  Millions of students across America this week share your pain.  Millions of other people race to Starbucks before work.  Many of those millions probably wished to shatter their alarm clock or rain down nasty slurs upon it.  For once, I didn’t join them.  Granted, my alarm was terribly impolite at 7:15 am, but instead of starting my day with negative thoughts or words, I began with gratitude.  I had somewhere to be.  I am improving myself, so in turn I can better support my family, my community, and my planet.  I have purpose.  So does every student, faculty, and staff member at MC.  Think about that tomorrow morning when your alarm clock goes off.  It’s telling you that you are needed.  So, wake up and be happy!  

If you need motivation, click this - U2: Beautiful Day 


(I Get By) With A Little Help From My Friends

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Hello, Friends.

Since it’s the very beginning of a new school year and a new semester, I feel I should start my blog the same way I started my career here at Montgomery: with a little advice.

When I first started here, I had so many questions. Some were little things, concerning parking and such, but others were much more important. Why can’t I sign up for this class? What do I need to do to be accepted into a Health Sciences program? Will my credits transfer from another university? On top of the questions I had, I am also a gratuitous planner. I have a hard time committing to anything without knowing exactly what I’m getting myself into. Because of this, I really needed someone to help me plan my course of action. This, my friends, is where the Office of Counseling and Advising comes in.

My advice?

If you have any questions, anything you are unsure of (even if it seems small or stupid or insignificant), or if you are worrying about something regarding your schoolwork or your plan, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment with a counselor in the advising office. I went there recently and I feel so much better for it. They are willing to listen, more than willing to answer your questions, and they won’t make you feel stupid for asking. You aren’t annoying them! Helping you out and giving you advice is their job and from what I’ve seen, they really do enjoy it. The meetings tend to be quick and efficient as well, so if you are worried about a time-crunch, don’t fret. I had tons of questions when I went in and they got me in and out fairly quickly and never made me feel like they were rushing me.

So, this being the beginning of the semester, chances are you have questions (or will at some point). I urge you to just go and ask. I did, and the people there were extremely kind to me. They are there to help you and you should take advantage of it.

Seriously, do it. It’s totally worth it.

Until next time,


Also, since I’m really liking the whole “Music I’m Currently Listening To” thing my fellow bloggers have got going, let me make my own little contribution (theme appropriate and everything):

“With a Little Help from My Friends” 

Beatles original: With a Little Help from My Friends-Beatles

As well as the cover by Joe Cocker: With a Little Help from My Friends-Joe Cocker

(There’s also a version by Mumford and Sons, should that be of interest to you.)

Miraculous Monday

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Since today is Monday I thought I would tell you a little bit about my miserable relationship with the not-so-first day of the week. I dread the creeping approach of Monday. Monday is back-to-work day. Monday is back-to-school day. Monday is end-of-the-blissful-weekend-back-to-arduous-reality day. Monday hates and fakes. It tries to act like it’s the second day of the week so that Sunday gets blamed for everything. But guess what Monday. No one buys it!


Mondays just… suck. You need some evidence? Well for one, Monday marks the end of the weekend. Two, my period always starts on a Monday (that’s bad for me and everyone around me). My weekly workout regimen begins on Monday (physical exercise, bleh). My pet lemur died on a Monday. Well actually no—I’ve never had a pet lemur. But if I did I’m sure Monday would’ve had something to do with its demise.


I wish I had a mouse lemur as a pet!


This Monday is no better. It’s the first day of school at Montgomery College and consequentially the end of summer. I was late for my first class, I tripped up the stairs on my way to Spanish, and I got caught checking out a hot guy doing parkour next to the Macklin tower. Why, oh, why Monday do you do this to me?

But this hate-hate relationship I’ve got with dear old Monday has got to change because—you may not have noticed, but—Monday is my blogging day.

That I chose.

Of my own free will.

Point is I can’t write blogs about how I hate Mondays every week. So I guess its time for me to give Monday a little TLC. That way I can think of even more ridiculous things to blog about. And maybe even make your Mondays a little better too.

Therefore, I declare that no longer will Monday be the end of my weekend. It will forever, from this day forth be but a transition to a new promising week. Rest in peace Miserable Monday and hello Miraculous Monday, I’m celebrating new beginnings. And weekly Monday blogs. :)

Happy Monday!




A little Monday inspiration from pinterest.


Tiffany’s Monday Music Selection:

Monday Monday by The Mamas and The Papas



Eleventh Hour

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. . . and great, first blog of my first semester (of my last year) as a student blogger for MC and already I'm on the fast track to unacceptable. Literally now, the eleventh hour and I am juuuuuust now basically hammering this out before eyelid induced sleep time. It's is a pretty appropriate summary of my personal college career; procrastinate until you detest your work ethic enough to be honest with yourself. Hindsight is 20/20 but after a few semesters, you'd think regular sight would have caught this trend before it was too late.

So, I spent the last day of summer like usual; living life to the fullest (or at least fattest). The end of summer always makes me feel terminal, like there's the sudden need to make every moment of this final day count for something and that usually entails stuffing my face to bodily exhaustion and examining my mental state. At the end of things though, it's just another day and when I get up tomorrow, I'll scrape myself together, speed myself to school, and walk with some hope into my first class of the semester that, at the very least, I can catch a break and a tail wind with a good teacher or two to help navigate my wrecked self safely and sanely through the semester. Happy sailing everyone.

Drink: Hard Cider

Indulgence: Costco Mini Rugula (in copious amount)

Music: "Tic Tac" Natalia Lafourcade 







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