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Bon Voyage ^_^

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It has been a very pleasant week. I did manage to get the 6th "A" I was looking for in my Chemistry lecture. Thanks to Dr. Aschom. It wouldn't have been possible without him deciding to kick the last question out of the test as most people (including me) didn't get it right. This shows he is genuinely interested in students’ success. He is a great professor, and I am glad I had the great pleasure of being taught by him. Similarly, taking Anatomy and Physiology with Dr. Barrie has been a phenomenal experience. Not only is he a great professor, but also a very down-to-earth person. If you see him somewhere, he will walk right up to you to shake hands. I fall somewhere between grade "A" and "B" in his class, but regardless of the grade I get, I have immense respect for him, his way of teaching, and most importantly his way of treating people.They both are the best professors at Montgomery College. 

It's hard to believe that I completed one year of blogging with this 27th blog post. At first, I thought it was going to be tough to find new topics to write every week. However, by the time I finished the first 5 blogs, I had realized that it had started coming naturally to me. Hence, I can tell I have made most out of my blogging journey.  

But wait...this is not the end, quite yet ! 

Ms. Homan and Ms. Jane have offered me to continue as a blogger for next semester, and I recently accepted the offer in the blink of an eye. I am definitely going to blabber -- share more pictures -- and may be do some videos next semester. Although I will be more focused on my PCAT (Pharmacy College Admission Test) which I will be taking this July, I will take some time out to learn the video editing techniques for sure. 

Before I leave, I wish you all good luck for your finals. God willing, we will meet again next semester. Also, I want to share a video, and a quote to celebrate Gautam Buddha's birthday, which is today. Hope you will have a great summer ahead !

"Look not for recognition

 But follow the awakened 

And set yourself free."

- Gautam Buddha 



Another Goodbye.

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This is my final blog until the fall! I wish everyone good luck on finals. After every semester I like to reflect on how I have changed and what I have learned about myself. The purpose of college is achieving our lifetime goals, whatever that maybe. My lifetime goal is to become a well-known novelist someday. Until then, I’m going to enjoy and embrace the life of a college student.

Some of you might say “what’s so great about college it’s super stressful!” That is very true! However, I say, every semester is like an open book filled with empty pages. We create our novels through experience. Each class we take is a step toward our passions. Each person we met is a step toward life long friendships. Each professor ends up being the voices in our heads to motivate us even more.

Professor Sen, has taught me about the perspectives on arguments. It’s funny because I thought this class would be a breeze. I mean I enjoy arguing. I have that mentality that “I’m always right.” Arguing with purpose takes practice. I remember I had a meeting with her and I told her I was struggling with the writing. I am not used to writing without putting MY input or MY prospective, it’s all based on facts. She was understanding as she told me, “Amanda, I too have to check myself and not add my opinions. It’s tricky, but it’s necessary to learn this kind of writing.” Since, my major is English it’s very real that one day I might need to write that way. I am lucky I chose a professor who understood me and who is relatable. 

What has her class taught me? Believe it or not, I am as short as I am short tempered. This class taught me to keep an open mind. Open your ears listen and respect what people have to say. Yes, we may not agree with everyone, but everyone has a reason. A reason that should be recognized. Instead, of being on the defensive, I am silent because I eager to know why that person feels that way or sees it that way. This is a lesson that can be used outside the classroom. We cannot stand as a strong community without understanding. Our voices are only as strong as our silence when someone is speaking trying to reach out. Allow them to reach out! It might make a difference! 

Thank you , Professor Sen! I hope to see you again. I might just consider taking mythology. You never know! 

Semester Wrap up

(Keren Nathalie Urrutia) Permanent link


 And this is it... My final post of the semester.... 

I decided I would reflect on the last semester and give you some updates about the things I've blogged  :)

Here we go....

The first week of classes, I announced that I would be blogging twice a week and that I wanted to post pictures… We know that didn’t happen haha… My camera really sucks and I was always busy doing other things to take the pics L …. I’m sorry about that…

I also talked to you about my fear of public speaking… My speech class went better than I expected… I enjoyed the class although I still get really nervous… At least, I didn’t faint during my speeches haha. And tomorrow the greatest challenge for this class… The honors’ colloquium speech which I hope will be the best of the semester… We’ll see.

The Writing Club my friends and I started was a real success. We had two poetry slams that were very successful, and our club has received a lot of support from the Office of Student Life. I’ve met wonderful people thanks to this club, and I made new friends that enjoy writing as much as I do and that have made this experience wonderful. We have many other projects and events planned for next semester!

I experienced writer’s block for a couple of weeks which was not fun! But, my favorite professor helped as always, so after trying a couple of things to get my inspiration back, I was able to write again… (that was a long, awkward sentence haha)

The college is changing its governance structure, and it’s implementing one in which students will be part of it… I was nominated by several of my fellow students and some faculty and administrators too J  I campaigned for the position and thankfully, I won. The student council had its first meeting a couple of weeks ago, and it went well which it’s great because we had a good start already.

I tried really hard to leave some of my addictions. It didn’t go well at all haha. First, it’s very difficult to not use the internet when you’re in school, so I keep checking my Tumblr constantly… It got better with Facebook because I get really bored when I check it, so I stopped going to the site daily and just check once a week when I really don’t have anything else to do.

I also tried to stop drinking coffee which was a very interesting experience. I quitted for two weeks or so, but the endless sleepless nights won, and I needed it in order to function the next day… Hey! At least I tried haha… Kudos to the people at Munchies who actually tried to make stick to my goal and asked me if I have had coffee already every time I went to get my large, flavored coffee haha. I was embarrassed but my need for caffeine won over my state of shame. Oh well… I’ll try during the summer again haha.

Finally, I participated in many interesting things this semester. I attended a meeting with the Board of Trustees which was an awesome experience. I was part of the first episode of MC101: On the real, which is a new program where students share their tips to be successful students at MC. I was one of the students attending the State of the College address in which Dr. Pollard discussed the seven truths about Montgomery College and the future plans for the college and students. I attended a forum about the Common Student Experience where we shared our experiences at MC with Dr. Beverly Walker-Grifea. And, a bunch of other things including voting for the MC colors and mascot, taking Renaissance classes, going to plays, participating in Student Life events, and blogging of course. 

I think it was a very interesting semester… I’m really looking forward to next year and all of the new things that I still have to do. 

Oh well... good luck on your exams and happy summer.... I'll see you next semester J



Big Brother

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I have spent numerous blogs bragging about the friends I have made at MC who are close enough to be my sisters and brothers. I have yet to tell you much about a friend of mine at MC who happens to actually be my brother.

                  Allow me to introduce my older brother, Max. Max has been my best friend from the time I was born three years and a week after him. Rather than being jealous of the new baby (as I was when my younger brother showed up) Max – at the age of three – immediately accepted the role of older brother and has always looked out for my younger brother and me. People have always been able to tell that Max and I are siblings due to our similar facial features and annoying habit of always knowing what the other one is thinking. We look so similar, and are so good at reading each other’s minds, that throughout our lives, people have confused us for being twins.

                  On May 18, 2012, here at MC, thousands of people may think Max and I are twins when we have the distinct honor of graduating from MC together.

                  Just as MC and the MC Scholars Program was the perfect place for me to begin my college career, MC has also been a great place for Max. During his senior year of high school, Max decided he needed a slower transition from high school to college. As a commuter school with a lower tuition fee, Montgomery College offered Max the opportunity to slow down the first half of his undergrad degree and pick up some valuable study habits without breaking the bank. MC has opened doors for Max in his chosen field: the video game design industry. Originally learning about an internship at Bethesda Softworks from an MC Professor, Max has spent several semesters working at “Beth Soft”, and thanks to its proximity to MC has been able to go to school at the same time. MC also has an articulation agreement with the University of Baltimore at Shady Grove for the Videogame Design major. Max will be transferring to UB at Shady Grove this fall – at the same time I transfer to Saint Mary’s.

                  Max and I are undoubtedly two drastically different people. Mom says we’ve had distinct personalities from the womb, and of course we will continue to be distinctive for the rest of our lives. Despite our differences and our disagreements, I owe a lot of who I am to Max, who, along with my parents, was my first teacher. He taught me how to play pretend, and how to embrace my uniqueness. He taught me how to blow bubbles in my bubble gum and how to make rude noises with my armpits. He laid the groundwork for my high school theater career by trying out for his school play in sixth grade. There are still things I have to learn from Max, such as how to not go crazy with stress, and how to do nice things for people just because it’s the right thing to do. Max is patient, compassionate, and fun like no one else I know. It has been an honor to walk in his very tall shadow for the past twenty years.

                  Congratulations Max on your graduation! Congratulations to the MC class of 2012!

                  MC, thanks for being there for my big brother and me.  



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