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Do You Know What You Want To Do With the Rest of Your Life?

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(It’s Okay If You Don’t)

Hello Friends,

So, my little sister is waiting on college acceptance letters, and has been spending time researching her intended major (Engineering). I started thinking about what I was considering doing at that age and realized that it is nowhere NEAR what I am studying now. When I was in high school, I wanted to be a teacher. When I  was applying to schools, I was thinking about going into law or paralegal studies. By the time I got to college, it was business. And now, I have just submitted my application to the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program (fingers crossed) and I can definitely tell that this one is it for me. It feels right in a way that the others never did, even though I thought they were the perfect choice at the time.

My point being, you don’t have to know what you want to do with the rest of your life at 18, or even 30+. I feel lucky that I have figured it out now, and I am just about to turn 22. I have changed my mind over and over again over the course of a few years and I find that as my interests and priorities change and mature, my career and education choices tend to mature with them. I have wavered back and forth between things I am good at, things I like to do, and things that will get me a decent paycheck. I finally feel like I have a solid grasp on a balance between all three, but it did take a few leaps of faith (and a major head injury) to get there.

I guess what I’m saying is don’t let the stress of deciding get you down. It’s very, very likely that you will change your mind at some point (probably more than once, if you’re anything like me). It’s okay not to know. It’s okay to settle now and change your mind later when something better comes along. It’s okay to value some things more than others in your decision. It’s also okay to be perfectly sure that what you are choosing is actually what you want. Whatever you are feeling in regards to your future, it’s okay. If you keep your mind open and pay attention to how you are feeling in your classes and your everyday life, you’ll find what you’re looking for. It was a long and arduous process, but I know I did.

Until next time,


Song selection: Songbird, by Fleetwood Mac (random, I know, but I was listening to it earlier and thought I’d share)

Margaret Whiting Monday

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While brainstorming ideas for this blog I realized that not one person has commented on the snow. Maybe they’re tired of it, maybe they’re used to it, maybe they just don’t care. But let me tell you right now, if you hate snow and I’m just rekindling repressed memories then you should stop reading this blog.





It is the best and here’s why.

You never have school, you rarely have to work. The unreasonably satisfying feeling you get when you realize that other states get just as much snow as you do (and more) but STILL have to go to school. It’s undeniable beauty. Leg warmers! Snuggling. You get to do cool things like build snowmen (and women), have snow ball fights, and make snow angels. Hot tea. Hot chocolate. Hot cocoa. Hot milk. Hot water. Take your pick.  It’s the perfect excuse to act like a child. Shoveling is a workout without even having to go to the gym. It makes for really convenient ice-skating. If perchance you have a lake near by. Or you could just pretend you’re ice-skating on a lake if (like mine) your road never gets plowed. When else can you wear obnoxiously puffy articles of clothing and heavy boots? It gives you an excuse to curl up with a good book. Or sleep in. Or sit in front of a fireplace. Or one of those other decidedly leisure activities that you decided to no longer make time for. Sledding. It reminds you of Christmas. What scrooge out there doesn’t like Christmas? If you don’t like Christmas how about the Little Mermaid Two: Return to the Sea? Baldo? Snow Dogs? FROZENNN?!!! Any other magically snowy Disney Movie? The feeling you get after you switch out your cold wet socks for warm cozy ones. Two words: LONG. JOHNS. The ridiculousness of the name should be enough to put a smile on your face. Ever notice how silent it is right after it snows? Or how funny it is when people finally decide to venture outside? Especially when they don’t have all wheel drive… The pleasant surprise you receive upon realizing that it’s not actually that cold outside.


Point is, snow is awesome. Especially when it conveniently pushes back that test that you procrastinated on studying for. Ehem.


Happy Monday!




Tiffany’s Magical Monday Music Selection:

Baby It’s Cold Outside by Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer



I really can't stay.
But, baby, it's cold outside.
I got to go way.
But baby, it's cold outside.
This evening's has been.
Been hoping that you'd drop in.
So very nice.
I'll hold your hands, they're just like ice.
My mother will start to worry.
Beautiful, what's your hurry?
And father will be pacing the floor.
Listen to the fireplace roar.
So really I'd better scurry.
Beautiful, please don't hurry.
Maybe just a half a drink more.
Put some records on while I pour.
The neighbors might think.
Baby, it's bad out there.
Say, what's in this drink.
No cabs to be had out there.
I wish I knew how.
Your eyes are like starlight now.
To break the spell.
I'll take your hat, your hair looks swell.
I ought to say no, no, no, sir.
Mind if I move in closer?
At least I'm gonna say that I tried.
What's the sense of hurting my pride?
I really can't stay.
Baby don't hold out.
Ahh, but it's cold outside.
I simply must go.
But, baby, it's cold outside.
The answer is no.
But, baby, it's cold outside.
This welcome has been.
How lucky that you dropped in.
So nice and warm.
Look out the window at that storm.
My sister will be suspicious.
Gosh, your lips look delicious.
My brother will be there at the door.
Waves upon a tropical shore.
My maiden aunt's mind is vicious.
Gosh, your lips are delicious.
Well maybe just a cigarette more.
Never such a blizzard before.
I've got to get home.
But, baby, you'll freeze out there.
Say, ya, lend me a comb.
It's up to your knees out there
You've really been grand.
I thrill when you touch my hand.
But don't you see?
How can you do this thing to me?
There's bound to be talk tomorrow.
Think of my life long sorrow.
At least there will plenty implied.
If you caught pnuemonia and died.
I really can't stay.
Get over that old doubt. Ahh but it's cold outside.

Up and Back at em'

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Sorry for the delay. . .It seems like we had a few technical difficulties with the site but hey we’re back. . . I’m sure all of you out there in interwebs land were waiting with bated breath (or maybe abated breath) for this week’s blog. It does seem that we’re back.

     On the topic of things that take forever to get going, I have to ask. Why must I always procrastinate? Why do I assume that I work best under pressure. . ? I become an insufferable jerk under pressure. I might get work done, but I can’t live in a cave while I’m doing it (well maybe. . .no!) and I never get better and reading or comprehension. I have to admit I’ll never gain the skills or learning through osmosis or even speed reading comprehension by simply waiting til’ the eleventh hour to do anything. Without fail I will end up in a heap on the nearest, hardest, coldest floor panting and raving and trying to come up with a list of key topics to just scrape by; or as I call it my C+ minimum guide.

Do people still hire taskmasters? Can I be taken to one when I need help studying. Maybe the crack of a whip would keep me motivated. My guess is that there are people that you can hire for just about anything, but hey I’m on a limited income. I’m just a student.

 To anyone: How do you get/stay motivated for studying? Is there a process? Does it just come down to sucking it up?

Also, fellow procrastinators, what lies do you knowingly tell to grant yourselves just a few more hours of sweet do nothing time? You know it’s not really worth it right?



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