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The Benefits of Warm Weather

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Hello Friends!

It’s been such a nice day today! It’s amazing to think that temperatures in the 60s and just squeaking up to 70 can feel so good, but after weeks of living in 30 degree weather it’s a wonderful reprieve. I love that warm weather can be such a boost to the mood. The stress has definitely been picking up lately, but one or two days of warm weather and it’s like all of the things that have been dragging you down just melt away.

On top of that, the weather has finally been decent enough in the past week to get out and exercise. Running is my go-to, and it gets terribly difficult when temperatures are below freezing and the sidewalks are covered in ice. Today was the third time in the last week that I have been able to go for a nice long run without worry of slipping or just the general apathy that comes from cold weather.

With warm weather and exercise, my mood has picked up considerably. My muscles ache in a way that is less of an ache of pain and more about the satisfaction of accomplishment. I feel more energized and much more willing to get up, go out, and get something done. I must say, if you can, go out and experience this weather, even if its just taking your books into the backyard to study or going for a short walk. It’s doing wonders for me, hopefully it will do the same to you.

With spring break approaching, here’s hoping that the weather stays mild!

Until next time,


This week, I'm feeling Island Song, by Zac Brown Band:


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