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Finals Week

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I can’t believe this semester is coming to an end and that this is my fourteenth and last blog for this semester. It has been a great experience for me so far and I know next semester will be better. I always get anxious during the finals week especially when I have a cumulative exam and sometimes it affects my performance but I hope this week will not be as bad as the previous ones. As my classes came to an end this week, some good things are also happening. For my Anatomy and Physiology class, I took the honors module of the class so I had to write a research paper and present it in class to my classmates. My research was on the incidence of Traumatic Brain Injury and its effects on the immature brain and my mother came to watch me do the presentation. Unfortunately, my “prezi” presentation could not open on the class computer so I had to give my presentation without one. It still went great (based on the remarks my audience and teacher gave me). I also got a call from a professor I had written a paper for after my internship at the Library of Congress telling me that she liked my paper and will like me to present it to a panel. I do not know much about that for now but I am just happy to be getting that opportunity.

            It is also sad that one of my heroes Nelson Mandela went to rest yesterday. His life reminds me of the service we owe to the people around us. It also influenced me to mention an incidence that happened to me one day. I was in the writing center one day when a student came up to me and asked me if I was “Madonna”, I said yes and she told me that she will like to talk with me because the professor of her developmental class for international students  had shown them my blog in class. Since then we have met regularly to talk about her educational plans and some of the difficulties that she is experiencing. This made me very happy because I felt that by blogging about my experiences, I could influence some people who can identify with me.

I wish everyone success in their finals and we will meet again next semester.


On the End...for Now

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Ah, here it is: my final blog post of the semester! There have been times when it seemed this day would never come, and myriads of wondrous ideas popped into my head then about what I should, would or could write. Then today came and…nothing. My little grey creativity cells fled as the research paper troops took over, burning everything in their path. I was totally blank.

It’s like when you hype up your sweet 16 or 21st birthday, and the day passes with absolutely no hoopla whatsoever. The disappointment. The angst that fills your soul when you realise that you are the only person in the Western hemisphere who did nothing significant on the day of your birth. I suppose that comparison is a tad dramatic, but still. You get the point.

And yet, even without one of my “great” ideas, here am I – writing. It has been an interesting semester, to say the least. From my overcommitted and hyper-anxious self to Gandhi’s grandson, my neighborly neighbor, and grinning towheads; each moment has been an opportunity to grow and learn. I’m not as entertaining or gifted a writer as Tiff or Isaac; neither am I as informative and knowledgeable as Sarah or Greg; nor am I as active in the College community as Madonna. But hopefully my style appealed to one or two of you, and you enjoyed what I had to say. I relished penning my (at times abstract and disconnected) thoughts for all the Intrawebs to see (or at least glaze over), and I look forward to it next term, as well. 

To all my fellow students: good luck on finals! And to everybody, have a very merry holiday season and a happy new year! 

With much love, 


P.S. I’m stealing Tiff’s idea to ask for suggestions for next semester. What improvements could I make? Feel free to comment below – I’d greatly appreciate it! 

My Totally Unrelated Musical Selection:

Bah Humbug!

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by Greg the Grinch


           I have been feeling very grinchy ever since Thanksgiving.  Partly this is because I have been battling a stomach flu.  The last good meal I ate was Thanksgiving dinner.  Black Friday was the perfect descriptor of the next day, and I probably even looked like the Grinch.  I have felt physically better since Saturday, but I still don’t have an appetite.  Not eating has kept me acting like someone who wants to steal Christmas.  That’s my excuse for this post.

            Honestly, there’s more to the story.  I think I’ve also become worn thin by the commercialization of Christmas.  Everywhere I look, someone is trying to convince me that I, the people I love, or even people I don’t care for, need more stuff.  Moreover, I am told that if I fork over the money for mostly unnecessary wares then I am a good person or at least people will think that I am.  To make matters worse, I see that most people buy into the corporate manipulation.  Many are willing to end a family gathering early, and go shopping for “good deals.”  They buy into it so much that they go into debt, and at the extreme, physically fight others.  Mind you, the fights (or debt) aren’t over anything like food, medicine, shelter, education, or freedom.  They are usually over an electronic gadget to replace an older one that still works perfectly fine.

             Many would accuse me of sacrilege and blasphemy.  However, Pope Francis is on my side!  Last week he released a 224 page paper on his economic principles.  He specifically harshly indicts the consumerism that is so commonplace around Christmas.  People like Rush Limbaugh have labeled him a “Marxist,” and even I don’t agree with many of his economic ideas, but I think he is correct about the “idolatry of money and possessions.”  He realizes that money and the “stuff” peddled incessantly during the Christmas season don’t really make people happy.  Don’t get me wrong.  We need money for the necessities and it helps us enjoy (and have) downtime.  When goods and services are distributed fairly, the competition inherent to capitalism raises the quality of our lives.  However, it does not buy love (no matter what the diamond and toy industry says), and it does not buy real friends (they don’t like you because you dress fashionably, have an XBOX One or you beat someone up at Walmart to get them one).  It may buy something you and your loved ones can talk about or have some laughs over, but that something can often be simple and inexpensive.  The important thing is that there is joy to be SHARED  – that’s what make us happy.

              So this holiday season, don’t get sucked into the hype.  Buy gifts you can afford for people you actually like.  Be generous if you can.  The best gift is a necessary item or something you will be able to enjoy together.  Of course, that 8 year old nephew may not want to experience anything with you.  However, maybe there is something he can do with his friends – something better than drooling over a videogame by himself.  There is always investing in his future too.

            Happy Holidays and good luck with finals.  

Goodnight and Goodbye?

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Hello Friends,

Well, as I’m sure you know if you have been following the bloggers, now is the time for my last blog of the semester. I was trying to think of something especially poignant or witty to say, but found that all I can really say is that I’m thankful to have had this experience, and I hope I get to keep doing this type of writing for as long as possible.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before (I think about it quite often, but I’m unsure as to whether or not I have actually articulated it), but one of my goals on my Bucket List is to write something and have it published under my name. Now, when I made this goal I was thinking something along the lines of print media, but I have realized that these blogs that I have been doing every week have technically been published onto the internet under my name. And I am not just doing this in my free time because I felt like it. I’m getting paid to do this.

Now, it might not be on the scale that I am hoping to reach one day, but this, to me, feels a lot like success. Writing has always been something that has sat in the back of my mind as something I’d love to do, but never seemed practical as a means of making a living. But for the past few months, I have been a paid writer, and that definitely feels like a step in the right direction when it comes to my big dreams.

So, thanks again Montgomery College (more specifically, Jane Abraham) for giving me the opportunity to fulfill a dream and to take yet another step in the right direction to fulfilling an even bigger one.

Good luck to everyone as finals approach and Happy Holidays!

I hope to write for you again soon! Thank you for reading!

Until next time,


Hmmmmm…I’m feeling that this occasion calls for a tribute to my very first blog post. So, The Beatles it is! The Beatles-Paperback Writer

Momentous Monday

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It’s time for sadness. This week is my last blog. I know I know. Please try to control your overwhelming emotion. There is no need to cry.

I’m doing enough of that for the both of us.

In honor of my first (and possibly last) experience with the MC blogging program, I thought I would give some advice to incoming bloggers.


Don’t be meticulous!

I am probably a little bit OCD. I type up my blog in word first. Then I edit it. Then I put it in the blog window. Then I edit it again. Then I add pictures. Then I edit it to make the format pretty. Then I post it only to look at and fix it again. Then I do it again. And again. And again until I am finally satisfied. My advice? Do not do that! It’s super time consuming. And annoying, And stressful. It probably takes me 2 ½ hours to put up a blog. I am ridiculous. Make it look presentable but don’t stress about it.

Learn how to post pictures correctly.

And do it quickly. For the first three blogs or so none of my pictures showed up. Pictures really make your blogs fun. And even though they’re a pain in the butt to post, once you get the hang of it its no big. Or, if you're too lazy like me, add rainbows. It makes your blogs beauteous! Yes I just said beauteous.

Make bad Jokes. :D

People love them. I cannot tell you how many people laugh at my terrible jokes. Or they may just be laughing at me. Either way I lie to myself and pretend I’m funny. It’s an immediate confidence booster for you. And at least if your blogs aren’t comical at least they’re entertaining.

Develop your style.

Create a few patterns that your readers will look forward to seeing every week. Not only does it give them a sense of familiarity but it also gives you a place to start. Every week I know my title is going to start with M, I know I’m going to have to pick a magical song related to said title, and I am 90% sure I am going to make a list. Granted, that doesn’t mean you have to have identical blogs every week or copy someone else’s style. Let your creativity out and have a little fun.

Do not mention unmentionables…

This is supposed to be an unedited blog. But, hey. You’re still catering to a PG13 audience. Try not to over do it. When you do you put the mystical blog bosses in a precarious position (trust me, I know). They don’t reallyyy want to edit your stuff but they kind of feel obligated to when you start talking about fish genitalia. Oops. I did it again.


I know what you’re thinking. Tiffany, you’ve only been blogging for what? Six months? Who are you to be giving advice?

Good question... I have no answer.

Except that I’ll miss you. And blogging. And if you protest enough maybe, just maybe they’ll invite me back to blog for spring semester.



Happy Monday!



P.S.  Now I am opening the floor to you guys. Any suggestions to improve my blogs? Things you like, things you don’t? Be brutal. I can take it.


P.P.S. Ditto to everything that Isaac said! 


Tiffany’s Magical Monday Music Selection:

An End to the Pending

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Ahhhhhh. . . This is apparently my final blog of the semester. It's been. . . an experience. . . a good one, but mentally draining at times. It's been interesting, being required to go on and on about what is generally a mundane existence filled with the sensation of a tightened coil finally wound down. The stress is released but what purpose is there of a coil that has no force left to give. Such is part of the feeling in these, the last few weeks of the semester. After this semester (unless I manage to, in my own patented way, mess it up) I will have gotten out of MC with an AA and hopefully a few opened possibilities. I'll wait to see those grades before I let any exuberance become palpable. Granted I plan on taking some continuing education courses through the college but lordy, completing a tangible goal is the boost that I need to keep my engines running a little bit longer. 

I'd like to take a moment to thank any readers who may have stumbled across my blogs posts to then find their browsers' back buttons malfunctioning. I hope the reading wasn't utter crap (especially when compared to some of the great and truly insightful writing of some of my peers. I feel honored to take part in this experience with such a varied group of people) and I thank you. I also want to thank Jane Abraham and the rest of the staff that helped keep this whole thing chugging along and for giving us the chance to say a few good words. Thanks everybody.

Finally, I want to wish everyone a happy holiday season (post-Thanksgiving pre-New Year and everything cross-culturally in between). I hope that this semester has been kind to all of you out there. Good luck and good life. 


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