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Always the Victim

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Do any of you have a friend who always plays the "victim"? They always make themselves seem like they have been wronged when in actuality they are the one that caused the whole confrontation in the beginning? If you don’t have a friend like this I envy you (serious face).

If you do have a friend like this, then you should understand exactly where I’m coming from. I have a friend who no matter what the situation is he will flip it so that I seem like the bad guy. For example, the other day we were talking on the phone and he was being rude. First of all, he was sitting on the phone not saying a darn thing... then on top of that he begins talking to someone in the background while I'm on the phone! Is that not rude? I think it is. So I decide to hang up the phone, and that’s when it all goes down. He says it was rude for me to hang up the phone but, I think it was rude for him to start a conversation with someone else while I WAS TALKING ON THE PHONE.

The above scenario is just one of the many situations that arise in our one sided friendship. I have decided that nowadays true friends are extra hard to come by and I think that I have the perfect outline on how to know if your friend is not a true friend.

Sign no.1.- When you get a bad grade in one of your classes and you turn to your friend for consoling and they laugh in your face!

Sign no.2.- You and your friend are walking through a clothing store, you hit your foot on a clothing rack and possibly could have broken your toe and your friend bursts out laughing without concern for whether you hurt yourself or not.

Sign no.3.- Your sitting on a Metro bus drinking HOT coffee and your friend decides that it would be amusing to hit your arm and make you spill hot coffee on yourself.

Sign no.4- You tell your friend something in confidentiality and your friend decides to take it upon them self to try and solve the issue by throwing you under the bus.

Those are the top four signs to knowing if your friend is a true friend or if they are no good. As you can see I clearly have a no good friend...


95 Theses

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I can sympathize with Martin Luther’s obsession with sin. The devout Catholic monk who inadvertently began the Protestant Reformation had a mild – okay, maybe not so mild – obsession with confessing his sins. All of them. Every single one he had committed since the day he was born. It became a matter of great concern to him that he might have forgotten one and would be sentenced to eternity of suffering.

            I sympathize very deeply with this. I feel the same way about plagiarism.

            I have become obsessed with citation, the way Luther was obsessed with confession. I will wake up in a cold sweat the night before a paper is due (a paper I finished with no lolly gagging thank you very much) and worry that perhaps I paraphrased somewhere and didn’t cite. Perhaps I forgot my quotation marks. Perhaps my evil twin has conceived of the same words in my paper and posted them all over the Internet so that a simple Google search makes it appear as though I have copy and pasted my entire essay.

            No one would believe me that it was an accident or that my mathematical proof of how many word combinations exist the world is sufficient evidence of my innocence. That paper that I sweated and cried over would get a big fat goose egg and or I would get the can and that would be the end of my academic career (and that would be far worse than the eternal torments, just ask Hermione Granger.)

            Martin Luther was lucky. He found his salvation in faith and posted his 95 theses (and since he was a theological professor at Wittenberg, you can bet your immaculate, plagiarism free record that he properly cited).

            I am not nearly as lucky as Martin Luther in this respect. Faith alone cannot save me from plagiarism. I can’t clap my hands because I believe in the goodly citation fairy who will watch over me and make sure I don’t plagiarize. I can’t rely on my professors’ faith in my honesty to save me if I accidentally forget to cite a paraphrase.

            Yet, maybe faith is the solution to this problem. If we all had more faith in our abilities as writers, if we all had more faith in each other’s academic integrity, if we all had more faith in a professor’s ability to spot plagiarism, then maybe I could delete my draft of 95 theses on why academics have an unhealthy fixation with citation.


P.S. I have cited nothing in this tirade. It is oddly liberating.

P.P.S. To some of my very literal friends: this is hyperbole. There is no reason to be concerned about me. 

Dear Santa

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With Thanksgiving over that means Christmas is right around the corner. All the stores are decked out in lights, ornaments, and festive green plants. Television stations are running back-to-back viewings of Elf and radio stations are throwing in a good Christmas jingle between every few songs. Basically, in about a week you will be sick of Christmas. However, this is the month I love for so many reasons, one reason being Santa. Despite the fact that my mother insists that Santa doesn’t come to people who are over 18, I thoughtfully disagree and continue my list of all the items I want for Christmas this year (with picture and price included). So here is my wish list as of now (feel free to make any recommendations!)

1)   Kindle

I am obsessed with going to Borders and buying way to many books. So I figured I would give the Kindle a try to help minimize my shelf clutter and save paper at the same time!

2)   Make-up

Since getting certified as a make-up artist I enjoy playing around with color and all the neat things you can do with make-up.

3)   New Purse

My grandmother told me that people were making fun of me with my last purse because of how ragged it had become. I have yet to find one to replace it.

4)   Blackberry

Despite the fact I am on the phone and the computer all the time my mother refuses to get with the generation.


I am attending Maryland next semester and own absolutely nothing red. This is my shopping goal for this winter. 

Rating the Professors

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I am a Nerd.

What really makes me admit it? I was getting super excited last night planning out my spring semester and registering for classes. Figuring out times, reading course descriptions and piling on a good amount of hours makes one very happy Marcia.

Of course, I didn't mention one other thing that I always look at when signing up for classes. The Professor. In my opinion, the professor MAKES the class. Whether you learn something, whether you get a good grade, whether you have FUN is not really dependent on the subject but on the person teaching it.

Which brings me to my topic of the day - I'll admit it definitely plays a decision in which courses I take but I think a lot of time I (and maybe you too?) forget that it has major flaws. I feel like we should treat it like Wikipedia. A great starting point, maybe something to read over but not something to rely on 100%.

Some of my favorite professors have gotten bad reviews on it - ones that are totally undeserved and probably just made by an angry student who didn't pass the class.

"DO NOT TAKE HIS CLASS! i dont know y he is teaching he is horrible he dosnt know whats going on in his classes and labs and ofcouse he is no help since he dosnt have a clue about what he is teaching!!! i dropped his class before i failed and now have to retake in the summer! NO STUDY SHEET OR ANYTHING HE IS NO HELP!!!""

"She is the hardest professor I've ever had and makes you work for an A or B. I've never gotten a C before taking her class. Her tests are really hard and she rarely gives extra credit. She teaches as if we are at Cambridge Univ (the college she went to). HATE HER"

"To be honest, stay away. its boring and she is a hard grader."

These reviews I took from pages of three of my favorite professors. It makes me regret not going in and writing them a great review for the wonderful job that they did with my class. These reviews couldn't be farther from the truth. The first one comes from a professor whose office I frequented throughout the semester with various questions and he was always happy to have a visitor! The third one? Comes from one of the most interactive and challenging classes I've taken at MC.

So I know I often end these posts with a call to action, but I feel like this is an easy one for everyone to follow. Think of your favorite professor or maybe a professor you just enjoyed taking a class with one semester and go write them a review . Maybe they had a few things about their teaching style that you think other students should know about but mostly I'm asking you to write one for the great professors out there who get bad reviews because they don't take crap from students.



I'm thankful for so much!

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As promised, here’s the “I’m thankful for” post :). Like I said in my last post, it would be awesome if we reminded ourselves of what we’re blessed to have more often. It really helps to put things in perspective :).


  1. – Best thing ever! I miss my favorites like 30 Rock, Community all the time because of either a messed up circadian rhythm or some Scholars related Shenanigans. Most new episodes are up on Hulu a day or two after they air. So it’s perfect for catching up (especially during Weekends). Plus Hulu is great for discovering good shows. This is how I initially came across Community and The Good Guys
  2. Bradley Whiford – After practically running the country as Josh in The West Wing, Bradley Whitford is back! He has a killer stache and is pretty amazing. Good acting also brings me great joy!
  3. Montgomery Scholars – If my other posts haven’t made it clear, I love the program :)! The people, the camaraderie, the awesome professors (and yes the late night paper writing).
  4. Note Cards – Awesome for scribbling down random thoughts or questions about something. I have a tendency to forget little things and occasionally even some of my own insights. Which is why my desk is filled with Note Cards with random scribbles – everything from “Get some more Tea the next time you shop” to something about the Meiji Restoration.
  5. Office Hours – Pretty self-explanatory. I tend to have random thoughts about something we learned in class, so I tend to drop in during Office Hours and chat with my Professors. Of course, a lot of time these random thoughts are total garbage, but that’s another story…

I decided to steer clear of the regular ones like heat, food etc.

Oh and they are in no particular order, so don’t read too much into it.

Free time?!?

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I was planning on making an obligatory Thanksgiving post yesterday about all the things I'm thankful for. Frankly, it seems a bit silly that Thanksgiving is the only time of the year people about things they're thankful for. We should really reflect on it more often...but more on that later.

I'm soaking in all the free time. I feel as if part of the reason MC's Administrators/Overlords decided to give us this wonderful 5 day weekend was to allow students to take a step back from all the academic stress and whatnot and gain some sanity back. I'm a big fan of sanity. Especially my sanity. I've never fully gotten into the 24/7 study rituals or the academic grind. Let me demonstrate what I mean in equation form.

Sleep and Sanity > Stress

Anyway...I've been sitting around, not doing the readings or pounding away on the computer writing essays. I'm hanging out with High School friends - this is a required ritual every long weekend considering a grand total of zero of my friends followed me to MC. Catching up with friends, catching up on sleep and brief periods of inaction have so far graced my break. Inaction is exactly like it sounds - sitting around and not doing much. Lao Tzu would be proud. Sort of.

Normally I'd retreat to nature instead of sitting around, but the chilly weather and darkness at 4pm (WTF NATURE?!!?) have crashed my routine. So ya.

P.S. This isn't my obligatory "I'm thankful for..." post. That's coming. Maybe over the weekend as I get closer to the reality.

Happy Days!

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Date: November 25, 2010
Current location: Northwest, Washington D.C.
What I have eaten:

1 McChicken, medium fries, medium coffee
1 bowl of chicken soup with lentils
Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, green beans, bread roll, gravy, mashed potatoes, mashed potatoes, Inca Kola, hot chocolate, pumpkin pie, hot chocolate, pumpkin pie, to be continued….

Currently Watching: Alice in Wonderland

I will have you know that I am writing through a food coma. It is 9 p.m. on Thanksgiving day, and so much food has been eaten.

Wit and creativity are failing me on several levels. I don’t have much to report. On Tuesday, my best friend and I went to the gym at 10 o’clock at night because we didn't have any homework because there was no school the next day because it’s Thanksgiving break and this reminded me that the kind of stress I‘ve been experiencing lately is, indeed, not forever. I had forgotten what it was like to not have to worry so much. On Wednesday, I woke up at 1 in the afternoon and cooked cereal for breakfast, and felt amazing about life.

My family traveled to Florida for Thanksgiving, which left me open to pick and choose where and with whom I would spend the day. This is how I ended up here, with my amazingly cool aunt (she reads this) and a number of almost-strangers. It’s cozy, fun. It’s Thanksgiving and I’ve never really cared for the Holidays.

This always irritated my mother, who has accused me of being cynical countless times. It’s just that…Facebook status updates about all the things people are grateful for nauseate me a bit and the happy thanksgiving texts I have received thus far have not been replied to, except on a few occasions.

I’ve never understood this; one allotted day to be thankful. It brings out the best in people sometimes, yes. To visit one another and share food and laughter. I am not a cynic but rather an impossibly optimistic belliever in that if we all woke up and thought about one thing to be thankful for on a daily basis, we would smile more often.

I am thankful for: Every single day.

…And my grandmother not commenting on my labret piercing. Cuz that woulda been hella awkward.

Have a happy break!

Thanksgiving and reading and music

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    This has taken longer to write since usually I'm alone on Thursday mornings. Today however, the blog has been delayed by requests for iced tea from my youngest, passing remarks from the other two children and various preparations for dinner. For my second class at MC I read Virginia Woolf's “A Room of Ones Own” where she writes that a woman needs to have a place where she can work without interruptions. With three kids I think it to be sound-proofed as well, but I'll make do with what I have.

    There's a turkey in the oven and soon my husband will make some pie. My teenaged daughter baked a pound cake for the first time. I bake and I'm happy that recently she's been exploring the world of baking mostly on her own. She will ask advice from her father and me sometimes but mostly she goes at it all on her own. She's made some delicious things (homemade creme-filled cupcakes like the Hostess ones but nicer, anyone?) but sometimes the first round goes a bit wrong. I've told her the saying that “Make a recipe three times to really get the hang of it.” and she's being wonderfully patient when she cooks. Back to today, there will be some vegetables to cook right before dinner and the gravy to make. But right now we're having some peace and the rest of the family and a guest are reading for a bit and then they're going to play a board game. So here I am blogging for Thanksgiving.

    I am thankful for many things today. My sprained knee is healing and I'm getting around a bit with a cane. (I need to find some exercises to do so that it doesn't happen again. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.) The rest of the family is pretty healthy. I've had the part time job for nearly a month and it's great. The people there seem to be pleased with my work and I enjoy it. Even better, I can sometimes work from home, like I did last Friday and Monday when my knee was pretty sore. Remember, I got the job through the MC e-jobs section, so if you're looking for work that can be a terrific help. My classes have been going well, too and it's hard to believe that the semester is almost over. I'm thankful that I could go back to school and keep working on getting a degree. I may be in my fifth year at a two-year school, but I'll get there someday.

    Oh yes, I fixed the link to the flying car film in last week's post. Being a blogger is helping me learn how to do more things with html and embedding videos and such. To learning new things is something else to be grateful for.

Here's the Text of "A Room of One's Own" 

and early American music: an orchestral arrangement of “Chester” by William Billings.

Response to B.Sullie

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 B.Sully, oh B Sully, you’ve inspired me to write me own “O, you go to MC” story. I, like Ms. Sullivan, attended a private school. Being that the price tag on these schools is something to the affect of 20k-a-year, you don’t often see students attending community colleges after, unless the student didn’t have the academics to get into school.

I, myself, was a mediocre student in high-school, but I did get into schools. My parents fell upon financial hardship, and I couldn’t afford any of the universities I got into out of high school; and so I find myself at MC. I’ve done as well as any student can do at MC, but I’m still looked down upon by friends and acquaintances for going to a college with a 100% admissions rate.

I can walk away from MC knowing that the entire way I consider the world, my style of writing, any my perspective towards work has changed SO much; I know I’m getting a great education.
Others look at me graduating MC as if I’ve somehow managed to BS my way through classes, limping along the entire time, and that I’ve now gotten into a school that accepts everyone anyways.

When I go back to visit my High School teachers, they’re uninterested in me because I go to MC:
“So, theo, still at MC?”
“Yea, but I’m going to Maryland next semester”
“Oh, okay. So, (other visiting college student,) how’s school going for you? What kind of classes are you taking? You liking it there?”

To be fair,
I was not a great academic in high-school.
Like, I wrote similarly to a kindergartener pre-MC.
Here is an excerpt from my College essay:

I have attended a small school for the entirety of my high school life. Before i came to my high school i attended a public middle school. i was certainly a minnow in the pond during middle school…I am confident enough in the person that i have become to take the criticism and doubt i get in trying new things. I am a growing person and the things that will be open to me in Marylands highly valued diverse community will be like a playground to me.”

I mean, this isn’t awful, but my punctuation is pretty bad, my little sister probably understands correct capitalization better than I did, and I referred to myself as being in a “minnow in the pond.” I don’t know what kind of idiot I took the admissions officers at UMD to be, but I have been a human my whole life.

The Unsung Holiday!

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Holidays surround me everywhere right now at Disneyworld. Especially Christmas. Everything, everywhere is decorated at it's wintery best. There are Christmas lights everywhere, Santa hats are worn by staff and the biggest reminder is the hundreds of super-catchy Christmas songs blaring through the streets.

Yet as we already prepare for Christmas I think we're starting to overlook that special little holiday that comes in November - Thanksgiving. It's honestly one of my favorites. I have the best memories of watching the parade and cooking big dinners (or going out to big dinners, it varied growing up :) ) and just being with family. It really saddens me that in the rush for the commercialism that surrounds Christmas that Thanksgiving starts to get shoved back into a little corner.
I laugh, because until this year I would blatantly overlook every sign Christmas was coming until after Thanksgiving. I'm talking about walking out of the room when music came on, refusing to get any christmas decorations, absolutely no tree - but this year it's so different. With Disney having skipped ahead to the holidays I'm already wishing people a Happy Holiday and my roomies have purchased a Christmas Tree for the apartment.

I'd like to look back and remind everyone that Thanksgiving is a great holiday in it's own right though and from someone who may not be the most patriotic - it's also one of the last truly American traditions we have.  I'm going to go off on a rant here, but American culture has negative aspects that have a lot to do with consumption - from buying things to buying more things, but Thanksgiving is one of our more positive things that truly belongs to us. Something not adopted from another culture. We got it from those pilgrims who came to this land not so very long ago. <

O, you go to MC

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This weekend I attended my old high school’s championship football game. This is the seventh time that Good Counsel has faced off against Dematha, and it’s the one game as a falcon you cannot miss. I arrived to Navy Stadium around noon ready to tailgate and see old friends home from college. This is where things started to go downhill.

Everyone shared stories about their dorms, roommates, and activities they are involved in. Then they would turn to me and ask, “Where do you go?” When I would respond “MC,” they would stare at me with a blank face and a smile and respond with, “O, that’s nice.” I would have to add the fact that I was going to Maryland next semester for any further conversation to occur.

I am not sure where this negative view on community college comes from, but it is something that I constantly face. If you say you go to a community college, people usually ask where you are planning to go after, rather than what you are doing now.

However, my day spent walking down memory lane, catching up with old classmates really made me appreciate Montgomery College more because it made me realize how much I was glad to be out of high school. The game ended on a high note though – Dematha was demolished by Good Counsel in a 42-3 victory. 

The Spirit of the Match Girl

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Note: The following instance is purely fictional; it is my modernized re-telling of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Match Girl. My apologies to the great Danish writer if I have at all distorted his vision. 

Snow fell in Washington DC even though it was only November. The crowd dissipated early that evening; with the exception of a few straggling shoppers, everyone had gone home – wherever home was – to prepare for the next day’s feast. Yes, it was the day before Thanksgiving but little Janie had few blessings left to count as she walked, bent in half with cold and hunger, across the street.

Her bare feet had started to turn blue. She hopped back and forth upon them, hoping the repeated impact with the cement sidewalk might draw warmth to them. In her hands, she held matchboxes, each one bearing the picture of a different DC tourist attraction. But no one was interested in the kitschy matchbooks and so Janie had not sold a thing all day. Even in this season of giving, no one stopped to give her so much as a penny or even notice that she wore nothing on her feet.

The already dimmed sunlight began to fade and the streetlights flicked to life.

Janie dared not return home empty handed. Her daddy would surely hit her if she returned home with nothing.  He had gone strange after he lost his job and the house. They moved to the city; her daddy started hitting her mommy and then he started hitting Janie too.  The cold bit her fingers, toes, neck and arms. Hunger ate away at her insides. It was no warmer in her new home, nor was there any more food there than here on the street, so on the street she stayed.

Some older girls walked by, carrying heavy shopping bags over their arms. They wore thick coats, woolen gloves and tall fur-lined boots.

“Yeah, my shoes are starting to old,” said one of the girls, indicating her boots. Janie saw no holes. The boots looked brand new to her. “I think I’ll get some new ones.”

The boots looked so soft and warm, that Janie rushed towards the girl, wanting to ask for the older girl’s unwanted shoes. But as the dirty, bent child approached, the two girls unconsciously shifted their bags out of her reach and moved to the other edge of the sidewalk. They continued on their way, discussing idle things.

Janie sighed and slumped into the alleyway. The message was clear enough. She was unclean and homeless; they took her to be crazy and dangerous. Janie sank against the wall and hugged her knees to her chest for warmth.

As it grew darker, the snow fell more heavily, and the wind blew more bitterly. Janie began to shiver uncontrollably.

Surely, she thought, if I just light one match to warm my fingers, Daddy will not miss it.

Her numb shaking fingers fumbled through the box until with some difficulty she withdrew a single match. Scratch! Hiss! She struck the match and a flame erupted, an island of light and warmth in Janie’s dark, frozen universe. Janie imagined she was sitting in front of a roaring fire that warmed her face and fingers to a rosy hue. Just when she was reaching to thaw her toes – splut – the match went out and she was alone in an ally once more.

Hurriedly, Janie lit another match. It burst to light. This time, in the match’s flame, Janie saw a long wooden table covered by a snow-white tablecloth. The table’s planking groaned with the weight of a giant golden turkey, and a ham, and a mountain of mashed potatoes with rivers of gravy oozing over it, and rolls with butter, and stuffing, and pumpkin pie…!

Too soon that match died as well, bringing the sumptuous feast with it. Her mouth watering, Janie lit yet another match, hoping that the feast would return.

This time by the match’s meager light, Janie saw her dead grandmother, wearing a heavy red holiday sweater, sitting in front of her. Granny smiled lovingly, and held out of her arms to Janie.

“Oh Granny!” cried Janie climbing into the specter’s warm lap. “Don’t leave me alone! I know you will vanish when the match goes out just like the fire and the Thanksgiving dinner.”

Janie lit a whole bundle of matches wishing to prolong her Granny’s visit. Janie laid her head on Granny’s shoulder and inhaled the heavenly scent of baked bread. There she fell asleep in her grandmother’s warm embrace.

The next day, police investigated the body of a little girl, huddled in an alleyway.

“Frozen to death,” said one of them.

“Probably tried to keep herself warm,” said the other as he pointed to the expired matches which lay all around her expired little body. 


This story may seem like a shameless attempt to toy with your emotions but if this at all moved you, know that homelessness and hunger are present issues in the United States and the DC area. The cold times are approaching along with the holidays that celebrate the warmth of family, friends, and most of all, sharing. I urge you, as you give thanks this week, to recall the current economic situation – the worst in 70 years – and to lend a hand to those who need it.



Rapping Scholars and Bill-the-Butcher

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Two things. The Info Session on Saturday went great! I went in at 10am and rehearsed my speech a little (along with Sam). I was initially worried that the room would be rather empty but my fears were soon proven wrong. Around 11, people trickled in and the entire arena was soon full. The Second year Scholars did a Slideshow summing the memories of the year past. I’m looking forward to the memories yet to come! One of them did a little rap about Montgomery Scholars. Though the rap was cool and everything, the highlight was Professor Collins providing the beat! A friend of mine captured this and posted it on Facebook, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to embed it here. I’m leaning towards it cannot be done. But here’s a picture!

Collins being Awesome

In other news, Daniel Day Lewis (aka GREATEST ACTOR EVER) is going to be headlining Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln. Though there aren’t that many details, I’m fairly certain it’s a movie about the 16th President, rather than the car. Maybe it’s my love for History and Film (and this being a wonderful converge of the two) or my eternal admiration of DDL. I am super psyched. Since the next two weeks prove to be all-nighter worthy (there’s just nothing like finishing piling work in a mad dash to the semester’s end), I’ll take every little victory I get. Especially if it’s a convergence of Daniel Day Lewis, History and Steven Spielberg.

I was considering posting a video of Daniel Day Lewis as “Bill the Butcher” (from Scorsese’s Gangs of New York) but realized it might be incredibly violent and give people nightmares.

Scholars Info Session Tomorrow

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There’s an information session for the Montgomery Scholars program tomorrow. In a nutshell, it’s MC’s flagship Honors program. You take several interdisciplinary, liberal arts courses together as a cohort. There’s the summer study abroad in Cambridge, not to mention your 2 years at MC being free. The professors are fantastic and the amount of camaraderie between all of us is amazing.

Asking around, I’ve found that many of my fellow Scholars came to the Info Session as juniors or seniors and fell in love with the program. I hadn’t heard of the program in great detail until a couple of weeks before the application deadline. I think my dad might have mentioned it a couple of times in passing, but I never considered it seriously as an option. In fact, I applied on the last possible day. It was the day of my Statistics Semester Final. I sprinted home, right after I finished the exam. I finished my application, went around Rockville trying to find a mailbox – mailboxes by the way, aren’t as common as you’d expect. I was kind of in a hurry as I was going to watch Up in the Air at Regal pretty soon. I don’t want to give you the impression that it’s easy to get in, there’s around a 1 in 10 shot of being accepted.

In short, I ended up getting up. I went to the Brunch in spring and fell in love with the program instantly after I heard the professors speak. I think the college admissions process would have been incredibly stress-free had I known about the program around November. Well actually I’m not sure about that. I might have been too intimidated after finding out how hard it was to get in.

If you know anyone who’s a junior or senior, you should tell him or her about the Info Session tomorrow. The professors, some current students - including Yours Truly - are going to be speaking there. It’s in the Theater Arts Arena at the Rockville campus at 10 am.

Going Loko Four Four Loko

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As you may or may not know, as of the 17th of November, the FDA has banned the sale of alcoholic beverages that contain caffeine, such as Four Loko. Until the FDA stepped in, individual universities and State Governments had taken responsibility of banning the drink themselves. Before the FDA instituted this ban, only a few states had actually gotten to completely barring sales of caffeinated alcohols.

The federal government has finally stepped in because they saw the consumption of caffeinated alcohol as negatively affecting the “public’s health.” People were being hospitalized and dying from Four Loko consumption at a rate that deviated alarmingly from that which we’re used to from normal alcohol comsumption.


 And so Four Loko has gone the way of Silly Bands (Crazy Bands, Rubber Animal Bands, Wacko Bands, Silly Bandz, Zany Bands, Shaped Rubber Bands, Insane Bands, etc.) What’s the significance of this whole Four Loko fiasco? 


Well, it’s proven that youth-culture cannot handle the introduction of new state-altering substances. It is in this introduction of Four Loko where we, as youth, proved ourselves to be unable to incorporate caffeinated alcohol into our drinking-culture without endangering the “public’s health.” Put simply, too many people act irresponsibly during the introduction of substances that aren’t already integrated into our culture; while regular alcohol drinking was a norm in our culture, the blend of caffeine and alcohol was not; thus I treat it as a separate substance

What other state altering substance has also had an opposition rooted mainly in the belief that it’s introduction into society would endanger the public’s health?

(A lot of you can probably see the connection by now. If not, allow me to make it more visible.)


In California, on November 2nd, Proposition 19, legalizing state-wide cannabis sales, was defeated, with 56% of voters voting against its passage. With a simple majority, the proposition would’ve passed. What was the reasoning of those who voted against it? Opponents claim that it contains gaps and flaws that may have serious unintended consequences on public safety, workplaces, and federal funding.” Quite simply, people think that the public’s health will be negatively affected. (They also want Federal Funding.)


There’s nothing that vindicates this stance on preservation of public health more than youth’s complete failure to handle Four Loko responsibly.

Supporters of marijuana’s legalization, thank those who misused for Da’ Loko, because they’ve proven that youth cant handle the introduction of state-altering substances.  

Opponents of Marijuana’s legalization, party, because this is a huge victory for you; make sure you drink responsibly.

So, To sum up my arguement: Weezan

My Life At MC, but really my life as it relates to Harry Potter

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I think everyone is feeling the daily grind at this point. My friends are exhausted and I’m exhausted and my deepest, most heartfelt desire is that this semester ends…soon. But the reality is that a month stands between now and then, within this month a number of assignments, within the countless hours I’ll spend on these assignments perhaps a mental break down or two.


Demand academic perfection from yourself in the form of a four point oh, and tell me this ain’t true.

I am facing a problem that I imagine a lot of Montgomery College students are forced to deal with, and that is the idea of working through college, consequently studying through work, sleeping through the bus ride, reviewing exam terminology on the go. Multi-tasking at all times, always, because there aren’t enough available hours in the day.

Holding down two jobs while going to school has been a legitimate challenge. But I have acquired the skill of smiling through it, and just that one lesson alone is somewhat worth it all.

SEE ME, life. biggrin

I mean, at least I’m not a 17 year old wizard running from Voldemort, ya know?

You guys, Harry Potter comes out tonight and I have my ticket ready. This never gets old. I feel like this is the biggest opportunity I’ll ever get to publicly share my love for Harry (and Hermione, really) so I’m going to take it, though I’ll keep it short and sweet.

I, much like you and you over there, grew up with Harry. I fatefully picked up a Spanish version of the third book when I was 11 years old, checked out of the Germantown Public Library, which I had, at the time, made into my second home.

The funny thing is that Harry’s story made me the reader and writer that I am today, but I still lack the words to fully express how deeply in love I fell with the books. I was a pretty lonely kid back in the day, pretty uncool (which hasn’t changed much) and lacking of certain English-speaking skills. Generally, it was just not a good time to be me, fresh out of a plane, with newly separated parents and an utter inability to communicate with the people around me.

I started reading the series in Spanish when I was in the 4th grade, and finished reading Deathly Hallows in English my sophomore year of high school. And to me, that is just so significant on so many levels. To grow up with a fictional character in that manner, to watch them go through the ups and downs of life; to watch yourself go from being some scared kid in a big country looking for answers at the public library to a relatively self-assured (and thus annoyingly pretentious) teenager waiting outside the local Barnes and Noble with the girlfriend who loves you enough to accompany you….

That's life. And truthfully, it's kinda magical.

See you all midnight!


The Good, the Bad and the Ow-gly

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    So many things this week, both good and bad, . The job is great. I look forward to going to work three days a week. It felt odd on Tuesday to not head out as soon as the children were all off to school. Along with that good thing, I was sent a link to a video of a fascinating experimental aircraft. It's a flying car!! If anyone remembers the “Jetsons” cartoon show, the real one isn't as big or fast as the cartoon, but it's still a car that can drive on the highway and then take off and fly. I wonder how that would work around here, though, if some people carried their driving habits aloft? Texting at three hundred feet would be dangerous, for one thing, and I just remembered that at least some of the area around downtown D.C. is restricted air space. But imagine taking off before getting stuck in a jam on Rockville Pike or the Beltway. Probably the Phy. Ed. Departments wouldn't like the playing fields to be used as runways though.


Flying car video 

    On the bad side, I read an article in “The Chronicle of Higher Education” by a man who writes essays and papers for other people to hand in. He included some emails which he said were exact quotes from a client; they were full of misspellings, bad grammar and at times almost incoherent. I'll admit to feeling very irritated. I knew about the “paper mills” that sell essays and term papers. That's why in some classes I've had to submit my work to “” to check for plagiarism and the need for MC to have the plagiarism tutorials on-line. But the author of the article says that he can't be caught because he writes each paper as it is needed. Well, I work hard on all of my papers and classwork and my professors know me well enough that they know that I don't cheat. Turning in something that someone else wrote would be lying, as far as I'm concerned and then any grades would be a fraud and a fake. I'll try to calm down but I'm feeling indignant about people buying a grade.


     The last item in the title is because I accidentally sprained my left knee yesterday afternoon. It's not really bad, I can hobble along carefully with a walking stick, but it hurts like the dickens. It was probably due to over-extending and then twisting it. My husband took me to the walk-in clinic last night and I have medication and instructions on care. Remember: R.I.C.E – Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. I need to elevate it soon, but here's a bit of advice: for the “ice” use a bag of frozen vegetables. Peas are traditional but last night I used spinach. They wrap around the injury better than ice cubes.


     Music today is from Japan: Joe Hisaishi and some of his score for “Princess Mononoke” a great animated movie.


E. O'Hara and B Sully Say

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This guy?


This guy?


This guy?


Before determining who the most manly man is, we should examine what traits the most manly man should have. He should be:

  1. Righteous – He should have a mission that is good and grand.
  2. Disadvantaged – he should fight against, and beat, innumerable odds.
  3. Brave
  4. Powerful – Others should abide to his wishes.
  5. Loved – Men, women, and creatures alike should see the greatness of this guy and love him for it. 

It is, then, clear that the manliest man ever to have graced existence is…


Ash Ketchum 
Yes, the one from Pallet Town ( to distinguish him from all the other Ash Ketchums.)

1. Is he Righteous?

Well, first of all, he definitely has a mission that is grand.
Professor Oak here calls the world a “world of Pokémon”

"world of Pokemon"
This is the same as saying that the world belongs to the Pokémon.
Ash means to catch EVERY Pokémon, which he states many times, thus subjugating them to his will. Ash is basically trying to conquer the world. Sounds like a “grand” mission to me.

Is it a good mission?
Ash goes around uniting Pokémon under his rule, in an effort to gain control of the world from the Pokémon. He’s not actually stealing anything from the Pokémon because the “world,” in anything beyond an abstract construction, is nothing anyone can own. The Pokémon “rule” it, making it “theirs,” but do not own it. There’s nothing wrong with him taking the world from them, then.
There’s also the issue of him conquering individual Pokémon. In Ash’s defense, every Pokémon that he conquers, without exception, either submits to him by will or ends up being grateful to him for conquering them. So, if there’s an 100% chance the Pokémon will be grateful to have been conquered by Ash, until an exception exists, it’s okay for Ash to conquer the Pokémon.

I think it’s safe to say his mission is righteous.

2. Is Ash Disadvantaged?

Take a look at Ash’s living conditions.


There’s 3 buildings in his town, the path to the closest market goes through tall, creature-infested, grass, and Ash’s house is no bigger than 9 of him. (What is Ash’s house? A house for ants?) His town has like 4 people that we know probably live in it, one of which is just a fat guy that stands out front of the Pokémon lab all the time, talking about technology. I’d say Ash lives in pretty inadequate living conditions. More than that, Ash constantly battles people in his efforts to conquer the world. He has a HUGE mission, TONS of people are in his way, and he comes from a house the size of a Freshman’s dorm room. 


3. Is he Brave?

Well, in declaring war against the “world of Pokémon,’ he has put himself in a position where he is under continuous danger of being attacked by a force that is much larger than himself, and all the while he retains his boyish charm. If that’s not enough to convince you, I will move to further justify this claim:
Are you scared of thieves?  I dunno, I’d be pretty scared if potentially-armed people broke into my house. Guess what, Ash wards off thieves EVERY EPISODE OF HIS LIFE. Team Rocket tries to take Ash’s best-friend and/or possessions/Pokémon of his friends REGULARLY; ash is just like “whatev, lol” And beats them to a pulp.   
People think this kid was brave because he defeated 3 inept thieves just 4(?) times.


(He turned out well, LOL)


So, yea, Ash is brave.

4. Is he Powerful?

He has a powerful cast of creatures he’s conquered following him around, doing his every bidding. Yes, this man is powerful. 5. Is he Loved?

Ash is definitely loved by his Pokémon, as they are all grateful to be his subjects.
He constantly has followers who have given up their way of life to accompany Ash on his own journey; that commitment is telling of a deep care. Moreover, whenever one member of his crew reluctantly parts ways with him, another person is quick to throw away their life to join up. People tend to love Ash pretty easily.
He has a best friend, Pikachu, who shares a deep bond with Ash; the two clearly love eacother.


It should be mentioned that another common trait you seem to see among manly men is that they are loved — specifically by women. Ash always has a woman with him, and only one. Is it because only one woman wants to be with him at all times? I don’t think so. Being that the time between when one woman leaves his crew and another joins him is so short, I’m inclined to think that Ash is just a one-woman kinda guy. He’s constantly batting back other women’s attempts to join him on his quest to conquer the world of Pokémon; he only considers applications to be his woman when he feels like it.

Even Professor Oak came to the conclusion wink that Ash is the manliest man!


The ONLY problem I see with Ash is that he looks like a mixture of Pauly-D and Justin Bieber.


Mission: Opening Line...

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   So I just found out ten minutes ago that I am the opening line for the Montgomery College Holiday Greeting Video!

I was sitting at my desk at work doing some MathXL homework when I received an email from my boss telling me that I am the opening line for the MC Holiday Greeting Video... Cool right?! At first I had to re-read the email a couple of times and make sure that it was in fact intended for me. After I finally realized that it was not a mistake I became excited :-). Me in front of a camera = happiness, but only when I'm properly prepared and right now my hair looks a mess because of the weather. Not good.

Since I'm the opening line I am going to have to make a great first impression. I love being the center of attention and having the opening line is ssssweeeeettt. I am being filmed this Thursday, which means that I have to make sure my hair is perfect and that I dont eat anything on Thursday so I won't look fat on camera (laughing out loud). I have to wear something subtle because I don't want to throw off the camera and if you didn't know,  I don't like subtle... I like colors, prints, designs and different fabrics. I think I will be able to throw a little piece of me into the mix while also following the rules.

I have to get back to my MathXL homework because as most of you know, I definitely need the practice! When the video is finished I hope you check it out and even if you don't want to watch the whole video you don't have to wait too long to see me because... I'm the opening line! :-)... "It twas the night before.....", to be continued.

One of Those Days

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Yesterday was one of those days that would have inspired Garfield to famously grumble, “I hate Monays” although he has no reason to hate Mondays because he is a cat and the hardest thing any cat has to do is wake up his humans at 4 am on Saturday. (Just ask my cat, Igor; he’ll tell you all about it.)

            First of all, there is no heat in my house. We are in the process of getting a geothermal heat pump, which, although eco-friendly in the long run, takes some time to install. When our 14 year-old standard heat pump realized it was being replaced, it decided to die in protest, a full two weeks before the new heater will be done.

            Second: I actually managed to get home earlier than normal (which seemed like a good thing at first). I was looking forward to finishing my homework (for once) in the comfort of my own living room. (Though to be honest, with no heat, it wasn’t especially cozy.) There was however, a Verizon truck working on New Hampshire Avenue and they managed to knock out our phone, television and worst of all Internet. (I am posting from the MC library). So I had to troop over to Olney library so I could finish my homework and register for classes.

            All of that was inconvenient. Here’s where things become frustrating.

            I logged onto mymc with my entire schedule in mind. I go to register and lo! The only Calculus II section that my current, really awesome professor teaches was full. There are a number of rude words I would have shouted at my computer were I not sitting in a public library. Furthermore, I couldn’t figure out how to get on the waitlist and I couldn’t sign up for physics because I didn’t have the right prerequisites.

            By eight o’clock pm, my older brother and I decided we had endured enough madness, so we frequented Sandy Spring’s new Urban BBQ (because bacon cheeseburgers really do adjust your perspective on things.)

            I went to bed at 11:30 last night (which is 2 and half hours past my bedtime).

            “Goodnight,” I said to my equally stressed out mother. “Tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow we’ll wake up and it will be Christmas and we will have heat, and Internet, and I will be registered for the right class and all my projects will be done.”

            “Happy Festivus,” agreed my older brother from his room across the hallway.

            I woke up this morning to find that it wasn’t Christmas. It’s cold, wet November. But, I did manage to get on the waitlist for the Calc II class I wanted and I registered for a back-up Calculus so I could register for physics.

            It’s only 9:00 am and already I’ve been able to fix most of yesterday’s problems (except the heat and Internet. But I can live with that.) 

Harry Connick Jr. Comes to Montgomery College

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This weekend I had the privilege of meeting my second celebrity in the past month. Back in October I was one of two hundred and fifty people chosen to meet the President for “A Conversation with President Obama” which aired on MTV, BET, and CMT. Although I only got a handshake and a ten second conversation with the President, I walked away feeling extremely honored and privileged for the experience. This past Saturday I had an amazing opportunity to not only meet Hollywood celebrity Harry Connick Jr., but also to sit down for an interview with him. As an aspiring E! News broadcaster I jumped at the chance.

When I sat down with Harry Connick Jr., he was dressed in an elegant black suit with a matching black-stripped tie. He appeared to be very relaxed and enjoying his reception that was being thrown for him in the music building at the Montgomery College – Rockville campus. He was at Montgomery College to see the production of The Happy Elf, which he wrote the music and lyrics for. “This is a really exciting project, and it is my first time writing a children’s’ musical,” he explained, “but it is still a work in progress.” 

Montgomery College is The Happy Elf’s last stop before going to New York. Harry Connick Jr. expressed how thrilled he was about the show coming here adding, “Dr. Pollard is doing great things, and this is a great healthy environment.” When asked what character he was most like, he compared himself to the main character Eubie, the happy elf. “I am a very impulsive and enthusiastic person with a short attention span. But I think there is a little Eubie in all of us.”

At the end of the show Saturday night, Harry Connick Jr. and Tony Award-winning director John Rando came on stage to answer questions from the audience. Everyone became star-struck when Harry Connick Jr. sang a melody from his song “Christmas Day” with the help of Clint Johnson who played Eubie.

So if you have yet to see The Happy Elf make sure you come out and support our students. The Happy Elf will run through November 28th

Yay Daylight Sleep...err Savings

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A little background for those not familiar with this custom. We forward our clocks one hour ahead in the spring, and move them one hour back during fall. The goal is to maximize the daylight (or minimizing darkness) in the afternoon. And this isn’t something the United States does to annoy the rest of the world either (that’s achieved by not using the metric system – and if this is gonna be dug up when I’m up for public office sometime in the future, I surely jest!). Many countries, especially in the Northern Hemisphere, use daylight savings time.

Maybe it speaks to that human fear of the dark. I’m sure many of us slept with a bed light or were (are) afraid of the dark. But there are supposedly some practical benefits to doing this. Many cite the economic boosts retailers receive as the “extra” daylight encourages people to go out and shop more. But changing the times and working around this entails economic costs of its own. On the health side, some point to the benefits of the extra Vitamin D while others point to shaking up people’s sleep cycles.

For me anyway it’s a blessing. My sleep cycle is entirely dependent on the amount of sunlight in the surrounding areas. If it’s dark I fall asleep, if there’s light out I wake up – irrespective of the actual time. Of course this is always interrupted by the rare all-nighter or, the more frequent, nap. So daylight savings means my sleep cycle isn’t completely wrecked by the change in the seasons. So yay! On that note…seriously nature? You’re gonna be dark when it’s 5:30pm out? Really?

On another note…does anyone here know how TV channels cope with daylight savings? When we advance our clocks in the springtime, do TV channels just not schedule anything during that slot? Or is that programming forever lost in TV land along with cancelled shows?


Closing Walls and Tickin' Clocks

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Not only do I walk into my English class 45 fashionable minutes late, I also post my blogs when the day feels right.
I have recently been treating time with utmost disrespect.

My phone alarm has failed to, well, alarm me that it’s time to wake up several times in the last two weeks. A couple of these mishaps did not interfere with my routine too much. But I did miss my 8 a.m. class last Tuesday after a drowsy argument with myself in which I debated whether or not to wake my mother up for a quick ride - resounding answer: nah, let the woman sleep. Let me sleep in today.

As such, when I woke up late again on Thursday, I took a quick shower and arrived at the Humanities building around 8:40. Sneaking up on room 317, I did that thing where you try to inconspicuously walk in like you’ve been there the whole time, and you were just taking a bathroom break, but really that cover up is quickly given away by the fact that you have a backpack on. You know?

I know the professor saw me. And really, with 30 minutes left of class, I dropped all inhibitions, approached her and inquired about the scholarly endeavors we are currently working on. Honestly, props to her for not calling me out because it would have angered me slightly. I legitimately dislike condescending remarks; they make me close up immediately. She made it very obvious that I was behind - totally valid point - and discussed my thesis with me for a couple minutes. End of discussion.

Which brings me to the amount of work I’ve yet to do but can’t seem to get around to doing. I’ve always joked about being a procrastinator, but have never really actually considered myself one. Due dates/deadlines have never been an issue, especially when it comes to an English class. But there’s something about this particular research paper and how tightly structured it is that keeps me from actually starting.

Plausible solution: lock myself in this weekend and type some sort of draft.
What is really going to happen: Monday night all-nigther.

Buying Redbull BRB.

MC on TV about ST and History

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An update after watching the 10 o'clock news on Channel 5: near the end of the hour they had a story about the history seminar that I took earlier this semester. It was taught by Professor Kelly Rudin at the Germantown campus and it was a great class. It had lots of interesting material to read, watch and discuss, and sometimes the discussions could get pretty lively. Some how the station heard about it and asked if they could film some of the final session, which included a debate as part of our grades. It was a fine class, indeed.

I'm going to be dating myself, but I watched the very first showing of Star Trek (The Original Series) when it aired on the TV in 1966 and here's how it started (though not in high def. We saw it in black-and-white).

Random things, flat tires and Frost Two Ways

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This is going to be a pretty random post because I'm feeling a bit worn and random myself.  But Life is like that sometimes.

I've been on the new job for a week and it is very nice. It still doesn't feel quite real to be going to an office after so many years. But I'm in the pattern of everyone getting up in the morning and as soon as the youngest child's bus leaves I can get myself together and hare off to work. It's a part time job, so I go over on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. That leaves Thursdays clear for chores, the on-line Health class and this blog. I like the work and the people seem pleased with what I'm doing. So I'm going to have new experience to put on my resume which is very nice. It will also be nice to be getting a pay check after so long. None of my children's feet are going to get smaller after all.

However, just to keep things from getting too positive, when I was at the grocery store a lady pointed out that I had a nearly flat tire. Sigh. I made it to the service station where I knew that they had a air hose and got the tire re-inflated so that I could get home. I wonder what I'll see in the morning. I've known how to change tires since I was a teenager. (My father believes that everyone should know how to do such basic and necessary things. Particularly living in Montana, which has some very long stretches of road with little traffic, it's important to be able to handle some things on your own.) There could be a tire patch in my future, though I hope not. It's always something.

Today is also Veterans Day which a lot of people in the area had off as a holiday. When I was a kid today was called Armistice Day which marked the end of World War I on the “Eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.” People would wear small red paper poppies on their lapel to mark the day,. It represents the “Corn Poppy” that grows all over Europe and is memorialized in the poem “In Flanders Fields” by Dr. John McCrae

“In Flanders fields the poppies blow/   Between the crosses, row on row, /  That mark our place; and in the sky/  The larks, still bravely singing, fly/ Scarce heard amid the guns below..... “

It's a very touching poem that still echoes today. In the post before this one Sam Cameron mentioned “The Writer's Almanac” with Garrison Keillor. I also think it's a fine way to start the day and it has introduced me to some wonderful poets and poems. Here's a classic poem by Frost recited


and then set to music

Getting In Touch With Your Roots

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I listened intently to Garrison Keillor’s voice emanating from my radio as he read out this morning’s Writer's Almanac.

Ever since I first tuned in about two years ago, I have become something of an NPR junkie. I get my main dosage in the morning between 6:20 and 7:00 am when I am getting ready for school. This morning when I turned on the radio, I suddenly found myself privy to a conversation between NPR host Renee Montagne and Iranian-American writer, Reza Aslan. They were discussing how writing poetry in Arabic has been a means of forming a post-colonial identity for various nations in the Middle East.

I was so excited by this discussion that I stopped eating my Kashi GOLEAN Crunch so that the aptly named crunch wouldn’t interfere with my ability to listen.  

My enthusiasm for this story had less to do with its poetic appeal and more to do with the fact that I could flap my arms about excitedly while loudly recounting to anyone who would listen how there was a story on NPR that connected concepts from my Anthropology, History, Ethnomusicology, World Philosophy and Literature classes. (My Geekiness is a force to be reckoned with.)            

As much as I enjoy stories such as this one, my favorite program on NPR is The Writer’s Almanac. This five-minute piece, read by Garrison Keillor, airs every morning at 6:35 am. In this brief segment, Keillor discusses “the day’s significance in history, culture and the arts” by acknowledging birthdays of famous writers, artists and historical figures, as well as giving a brief overview of significant events. He closes by reading a poem.

Today, for example, was the birthday of Martin Luther and the anniversary of Sesame Street’s Premier in 1969. It was this particular piece of today’s Writer’s Almanac that inspired this blog entry.

As a community of students and educators I wish to appeal to those of you who have roots in that multi-species neighborhood, to recall the role this groundbreaking television show may have played in your life. Whether it is the spoofs of Broadway tunes, Monsterpiece Theatre with Alistair Cookie, the adventures of Super Grover or Trash Gordon, Stephen and Jonathan Martian, or the timeless letter and number of the day, Sesame Street has the power of bringing out the carefree little kid in all of us. Remember: Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.

For those of you who have no roots in Sesame Street, I encourage you to youtube some classic Sesame Street clips the next time you are procrastinating on a major project. Be sure to watch with the eyes of a child. Who knows? You might learn something new.

Bear in mind, however, that the true heart and soul of Sesame Street is much like Neverland or the Isle de Muerta in Pirates of the Caribbean: it can only be found by those who already know where it is. But don’t bother asking an aficionado for directions. Forty-One years later we still ask:

“Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?”            

Rain Rain Go Away, That's What Obama's Supporters Say

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 200,000 views on youtube? I knowwww THIS FOOL! This kid, in proper Joe Wilson form, calls Obama a liar during one of his speeches, and get's famous (sorta) for it. 
 I was talking to my

THIS KID, making a fool of himself, got 200,000 views on youtube!

Ya know, a lot of starving Youtube video makers are seeking the key to viral success; I’ve found it. Go to somewhere public and call President Obama a liar.
Dont believe me? Ask Awkward Long Hair Kid! 170,000 views and nobody can even hear what he's saying!

I’m not gonna beat this to death, but I would like to quickly lay out why I think this kid’s in the wrong for doing what he did, because there’s been alotttt of support for this kid’s actions.

His own response/defense to my trolling him regarding the whole situation was something along the lines of “I felt the need to let Obama know that we weren’t all zombies who worshipped the land he walked on.” (I lost the actual quote)  My thing is that, regardless of how effectively it might spread your message, whatever that be, in attending a speech, you’re signing up to hear someone else speak. Everybody who goes to a speech understands the etiquette: people know when to appropriately cheer or boo; people try not to leave to go to the bathroom during the actual speech; people don’t heckle. If you break these rules, you’ve broken a promise that everyone implicitly makes in attending. Everyone has a right to push my facebook friend out, just as they did, as he is break all da rules. 



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Do any of you ever feel tired of school? like you just want to wake up one morning and say forget school and not have to worry about homework or tests or papers due?

If not I am happy for you but if you're like me you have those thoughts all the time! Recently I haven't been feeling like doing any homework, I haven't felt like studying or reading anything related to school. I don't know what is wrong with me... I'm in another zone when I'm in class and I find myself not caring. I feel as though society has forced everyone to believe that "you have to go to college in order to be successful in life" and majority of us believe it. I believe it is true to some extent but I also feel like 60% of the stuff we college students learn in college is not applied in our lives when we graduate! So it is useless information taking up space in our brains that serves no purpose at all. What do you guys think?

The highlight of my life at the moment is my recent trip to Frostburg University. This past weekend I went to visit my bestfriend at Frostburg University, It was their homecoming and I had a B.L.A.S.T!!! I don't get to see her often so when I do get to see her there's sooo many things to update her on and being able to talk in person is wayyyy better than just texting or even talking on the phone. We had a lot of fun and being there experiencing the on-campus experience made me wish I would have stayed away at college versus coming home. I have some contemplating to do about whether I want to stay on campus when I leave Montgomery College? or if I should save money and continue to stay at home?... I'm leaning towards staying on campus (laughing out loud).

The Best Laid Schemes...

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“But Mousie, thou art no thy-lane,

            In proving foresight may be vain:

            The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men

                                    Gang aft agley,

            An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,

                                    For promis’d joy!”

This has been another uplifting moment brought to you by the voice of Scotland: Robert Burns. Thank you, Rabbie, for your encouraging words. I’m sure it’s exactly what college students want to hear right now.

I am a planner. No, I am not metaphorically referring to myself as a pocket calendar: I mean that I need a metaphysical map before I go plunging into the proverbial jungle of life, madly swinging my allegorical machete. I’ve spent the past week updating my five-year plan: get the history AA at MC, transfer to St. Mary’s College of Maryland, get a Bachelors in History, minor in Physics, stay on for year five to get a Masters in Education and hope I’ve sold The Great American Novel by then.

I’ve been assailing my MC counselor and some folks at St. Mary’s with a salvo of e-mails, which culminated in explosive stress on Sunday as I sat at my desk buried by an avalanche of books and papers.

            “Mom! Mom!! Oh my god MOM!!!!! I need to rethink my life!!”

            “Calm down, Sam. Calm down.

            “I-have-to-take-psych AND a-foreign-language AND I-don’t-have-time-for-creative-writing AND maybe-I-should-be-majoring-in-physics-instead-of-history AND….”

            “Sam,” said Mom calmly, “I think it’s silly for you to major in physics when you are already majoring in history even though what you really want to do is be a writer.”

I took some deep breaths. Mom and I sat on the couch, penciling in my projected schedule for the next two years. An e-mail from St. Mary’s assured me that I could major in history and still get my primary teaching certification in physics.

By the time I went to bed in my newly cleaned room listening to a soothing CD of Glass Armonica music, I felt significantly more secure regardless of the fact that life is wont to put icebergs in my charted course and I must take firm grip of the helm if I want to navigate my way to smooth sailing.

Even though I had what I would consider a crisis, I know it is small potatoes compared to what most people go through on a daily basis. They are in fact such comparatively miniscule potatoes that they cannot even rightly be called tater tots! I think a more uplifting verse attributed to Burns can describe what I mean:

            “Some hae meat and canna eat

            And some wad eat that want it;

            But we hae meat and we can eat,

            Sae let the Lord be thankit.”

P.S. I left the poems in Scottish dialect because I think they sound better that way; I may be biased. 

The Happy Elf

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Montgomery College and Adventure Theatre are teaming together to present an innovative holiday children’s musical that is guaranteed to warm the hearts of all who see it. The Happy Elf, based on the song by Harry Connick, Jr. and directed by Tony Award winner John Rando, is a live stage production that tells the story of Eubie, a North Pole elf who must bring Christmas joy to the sad little town of Bluesville, and ultimately win a coveted spot on Santa’s sleigh team.

Susan Hoffman, chair of the Department of Speech, Dance, and Theater at Montgomery College’s Rockville campus, stated, “I believe this is a wonderful opportunity for Montgomery College students to be a part of.”  All Montgomery College students had an opportunity to audition for The Happy Elf. Tech positions were also available providing a very educational experience to those interested in that field.

This heart-warming holiday musical will run from November 12 to November 28, 2010, at Montgomery College’s Robert E. Parilla Performing Arts Center in Rockville. Tickets are $20 for regular admission and $15 for students and seniors. Be sure to come out and see The Happy Elf and catch the spirit of Christmas early.

I myself will be seeing it this Saturday with 60 children and their families who are a part of the Starlight Children's Foundation. This international non-profit organization brings joy to seriously ill children and their families through entertainment, education, and family activities. The children will get to sit and enjoy this wonderful play while also snacking on some goodies I am compiling in gift bags for them. Look forward to my review next week about the play and my amazing day with some truly inspiring kids. 

Cold Cold Cold!

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So here in Florida it's cold. I know my friends are laughing at me because 50 degrees is not cold but after hitting 70s all of October I've gotten a bit spoiled. The cold breeze while working outside all day can be pretty biting.

The real reason the cold is such a bother (or enough to mention in a blog post) is the extra costume pieces. Here in DisneyWorld we refer to our uniforms as costumes and they're very specific. It's known as the "Disney Look" and it's very strict - from facial hair, to hair color, to types of shoes to hair ties -  the Disney Look encompasses every part of the way we look when we go to work. (And you can definitely get in trouble for any deviations from the "look"). This makes it extra hard to stay warm - since we have to check-out gloves, hats, undershirts, jackets, earmuffs or anything else we need to keep warm from the our Costume Shop. You can't bring in your own things because then everyone might look a little different and the Disney Look is supposed to be "Timeless" in that you can look at photos from 15 years ago and the people from my attraction will be wearing the same thing.

Training is going well. I've completed shadowing (following someone else train) the training for one person who I'll be helping to assess on Wednesday and I'm helping someone else (hopefully) complete their training tomorrow. The shifts go by faster and it's funny how much I didn't know that I've had to take the time to ask the Trainer I'm shadowing. As a trainer you have to know all about things that really never happen - Evacuations, Fires, Smoking Attraction Components - you name it and there's an official policy to how to deal with it and I'm now supposed to be an expert.

Luckily, there are lots of people to ask until I become an expert and I just hope I don't forget anything!

Inspections are coming up at our apartment. This is when the rental company comes and makes sure we're keeping the apartment clean and in good repair. It's quite funny to me because it just means that we scrub everything down and keep it clean for a day or two and than go back to our normal habits. Not that my apartment is dirty - my roommates and I keep it pretty clean. But the inspection requires that we clean out the fridge, wash the bathtubs, clear items from around the sink etc. If you do well you get what's called the "White Glove" award and get chocolates and a picture taken. If you fail (which would be hard to do since they give you advance notice to when they're inspecting) you could be terminated from the program but as long as you neaten up you'll at least pass. Our last inspection we passed but no white glove.

So here's to hoping that this time we get white glove! (though it does come in the middle of a 58 hour work week for me. Ouchies.) Comments/Suggestions for Cleaning are welcome! :D



A truly diverse experience

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One of the reasons I applied to Montgomery College is because of the tremendous diversity it has. Diversity has become quite the buzzword in the higher education. Some colleges have even been caught photoshopping diversity into their viewbooks ( But this type of diversity is, for obvious reasons, fairly superficial.

Anyone who’s ever walked through the Montgomery College campus can attest to the amount of diversity present here. People of different ethnicities, countries, socio-economic status and people from different walks of life populate the campus. Take a simple stroll through the campus and you’ll hear the different languages spoken here. People representing their ethnicities through the colorful clothing are a fairly common sight.

But the benefits of this diversity don’t become apparent until you take a class here. The convergence of people willing to share their experiences with eager professors who foster discussion results in an enriching experience for everyone involved. In my health class for example, there’s a mother who’s taking health classes to learn more about healthier food, so that she can break the cycle of feeding her kids junk food. There’s an ex-smoker who’s described his struggle with kicking the habit. When we discuss these topics, their insights are far more valuable than the generic textbooks or the mundane talking points. Even a 1-credit health class suddenly becomes meaningful.

My Anthropology class is another example of how MC’s diversity has aided the discussion. When we talked about body language, there were several people from all over the world who described how seemingly innocuous gestures are considered offensive in their native countries. A mere mention of kinship practices kicks off an animated discussion about the various systems in our countries.          

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about diversity for a while. These thoughts have been brewing in my mind for months now. Each additional day gleams in a new insight. If you haven’t taken a class at Montgomery College before, definitely do! If you are currently classes here but haven’t said anything, please do! We can all learn so much more beyond the textbook examples.


MC E-jobs, Good Plumbers, Flute music from China and Celtic Rock

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      Sometimes things do get better. This week some nice things happened. Whew!

      First, I have to tell you that Montgomery College E-jobs is a very nice and useful office. I first found out about it from my professors last June. A very nice gentleman, Mr. O'Hare, helped me to get a resume written and saved at the site so that I had one to send to people or companies who had posted job openings. I needed the help after being out of the work force for more than seventeen years and I really appreciated his advice. I would check the listings every couple of days and applied for some at the college and some at local businesses. I applied to other places, too, like the Federal Government and Safeway and other stores, but it had been pretty dry all summer. Only through the MC site did I get any interviews which helped when I was feeling discouraged. Then, in the last week I had three interviews and yesterday I started a part-time job! It is a great relief and I'm going to do my best.

       So I recommend the E-jobs site. They're there for both students and MC alumni and you can find it here:

       Other good news is that we have a very good plumber whom I would recommend to anyone. He came up with a way to fix the pipe problem in the basement that didn't involve jack-hammering up a long strip of the cement floor and it cost much less than he thought it might and we didn't have to replace the laundry sink. We've had this company as our plumber for nine years and they are terrific. Small local businesses are the way to go, from my experience. Now we just have to get a sack of cement and put down a patch over the refilled hole where things are nicely connected and then we can put the washing machine back where it belongs. Just in time, too, as three kids can go through a lot of clothes especially when it's rainy and muddy outside.

       The on-line Health class is going well and this week there weren't any problems with the WebCT responding when I took my quizzes (thank goodness!) I had to do a short paper on a health subject that we covered in class. I chose “Stress Management”. One of the recommended methods is getting some exercise, and that is something that I really need to do. But right now it's raining and cold and I have to say that I'm not inspired to go sloshing around for a walk today. Ah, autumn.

       I saw the moon this morning before the sun came up and it reminded me of this Chinese melody called “Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon” ( I listen to lots of different music when I can.)


In contrast here's one from “Horslips”, a 70s Irish Celtic Rock group: “King of the Fairies”


T Shirt Tyyyyymeeeee

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While I do <3 learning, I’ve been pretty un-academic lately. 

Probably not what most want to hear, however, this is me, RAW AND UNCENSORED
Just because I’ve been un-academic, does NAT mean that I’ve been doing nothing with my time.

I’ve recently taken to an obsession with T-shirts.
You seeeeee, for a long time, my attitude towards clothing my bare skin followed along the lines of “I don’t care what people think about me, so I’ll dress however I want.” I never considered how much my social experience depended on how other people saw me.

 In not caring about how I dress, I actually express a powerful sentiment about myself. This powerful sentiment, and perhaps odor, depending on how hygienic I was, alienated people. I was a nice guy, but my clothes talked louder than my personality; such is the law of tha land.

Thanks to one of my lovely sisters, my dressing tendencies are well documented


Basically, in spending less time working, I now spend more time on clothing sites; specifically T Shirt sites.

I’ve actually found a lot of little home-run operations that I laike.
Sites follow different models: Some sell one shirt a day, some add a design daily, and others are updated seasonally.

Mebe you will laike sum

Dear Wonder Woman, my apologies, but it was nothing personal.

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“And you are….?”


“Oh, you mean Wonder Woman?”

“No. Superman.”

“But isn’t Superman…a man…?”

Do any of my avid readers (I love sarcasm) recall the Superman boxers I bought a fateful day ages ago, on a subconscious urge to stay childish? Such were worn on Halloween Eve, complete with Superman shirt and mandatory cape. It was a blast.

It was also surprising to receive so many challenges to my Superman-hood; people (around 10 by the time I stopped counting) who could not jump over the mental hurdle presented by a girl decked out in red and blue, cape rippling behind me as I flew circles around town.

It’s really not that I take myself that seriously (I mean, obviously), but it was disconcerting to hear so many comments on my choice of hero. Was it not okay for me to be Superman because I am a girl, and a girl could not possibly fill the skin-grabbing tights of this man? As it were, I am so short that I would literally not fit in any pre-made costume – hence the way cooler boxers – but that’s beside the point. I felt personally insulted each time I was asked, and consequently told I was Wonder Woman… or Super Woman… or something that ended with the word “woman” because I could not possibly be dressed as a male super hero because… I don’t know. How could I compare?

I met Snooki at a party; a male friend in a short red dress, heels, and the infamous hair “pouf.” He would randomly waltz into the room with a perfect rendition of Snooki’s signature high-pitched “Party’s hereeee” announcement. And this was accepted. What I found so interesting was that he was not asked why he wasn’t the “The Situation,” and he was not asked if he was Ronnie, the cast member equivalents to Snooki as Wonder Woman is to Superman. He was a girl for the night and this was okay. Suddenly enter me being a fictional dude for the night, and it was just kind of not acceptable/believable/realistic.

To be completely honest, my thoughts on the subject are not fully formed yet so this is just a bunch of rambling – though I hope that it is amusing, somewhat intelligent rambling. Bear with me.

My deal is this: it is 2010 and a serious polarization of the sexes still exists and this is partly due to the stereotypes we perpetuate every day, subconsciously or not. Girls on Halloween are expected to be, well, girls…except sexier, raunchier but still socially acceptable. This type of sexist thinking applies equally to the expectation that girls are mathematically challenged, and that they cannot be sexually active like boys without being called a derogatory term and that they cannot dress somewhat masculine without being labeled gay.

And you know what, I find these opinions just so subltly troubling.

I did not dress up as Superman to make a statement; I dressed up as Superman because he coo’.

What I did not expect was to remember just how widely gender stereotyping still exists. And what I definitely did not expect was to think about the hypothetical-kids-I-am-never-having and how I would like for them to dress up as whatever they want on Halloween 2032, without being boxed in and defined by gender expectations.

My hope is that society will have evolved enough by then to allow room for genuine freedom but this is too idealistic (even for me) so my real hope is that enough people in this generation, my generation, know better than to enforce constricting societal norms. That they will, in turn, raise the girls who will dress as Harry Potter and the boys who will design Hermione Granger costumes without frilly mini skirts and low-cut shirts; both sides offering respect to one another...simply beause they should.


Balancing Act

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When I came home from school today, I promptly collapsed on the couch and slept until dinnertime. My elder brother remarks on such behavior: “Congrats Sam, you’re a college student.” Nigh three hours of napping might seem excessive (particularly in light of the Malthusian nature of my homework) but I’m going to rationalize my nap because it was vital to the restoration of my internal balance.

            Balance does not exclusively refer to the ability to stand on one foot with out helicoptering your arms like a Looney Toon before falling flat on your face. Balance can be chemical: do I have enough endorphins? Enough lymph? Balance can be physical: is my food intake properly offset by the amount of exercise I’m getting? Have I gotten enough sleep? Have I had too much? And Balance can be emotional: have I been doing too much work and not having enough sanity time?

            The slightest imbalance can topple the whole system.

            The first indication of my current imbalance came on Halloween Night when I contracted a killer case of the sniffles. Between watching the March to Keep Fear Alive, writing a 4,000 word short story for a contest, planting 150 bulbs and trying to get my homework done, my weekend was a little bit hectic and I didn’t exactly help my immune system along. I ate a lot of junk food (I mean hey, it was Halloween weekend) and on Saturday I stayed up until after midnight. (I sleep more than the average bear; for me, midnight is pretty late.)

            As captain of my body I can do one of two things: I can either slow down and right my ship, or I can carry on, full steam ahead until I crash into an iceberg, sink, and have a James Cameron movie made about me.

            Frankly, as much as I love James Cameron movies, I’d rather take a chill pill, drink some tea, and get a bit of extra sleep until I’ve made my way back to calm waters. Slowing down can be really hard sometimes, but I think that when something in your body isn’t quite right, stopping to take stock is the best course of action.

            Last night, when I went to bed, I felt pretty lousy and sick. As I fell asleep, however, with my purring cat snuggled against the crook of my knees, I knew it was just what I needed.


"Friends, How many of us have them?"

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 Lately I have been thinking a lot about friendship and I have decided to dedicate this blog to all of my true friends in the world J without you all I would be a lonely soul. I appreciate all of your advice; you’re listening ears and just your presence. When I need help you’re always there right on time. Below is a poem that best describes my gratitude for you guys. Enjoy.



Mere Words

by Kit McCallum

I searched among the card displays,
To see if I could find,
A little something that would say
Just what was on my mind.

However there was not a one,
That captured it just right,
For no one else can understand
Just what I'd like to write.

I even find it difficult
To try to write it down,
For how do I portray to you,
The love that I have known?

I close my eyes and what I see,
Is someone I adore;
A person who is beautiful,
Right down into their soul.

Mere words cannot describe
The many qualities you show,
The love and caring nature that
You share with those who know.

Your kind and gentle temperament,
Your sweet angelic smile,
Your softly spoken sentiments,
That reach across the miles.

Your smile and laugh that sparkle with
The softness of your sighs,
The way your face lights up a room ...
That twinkle in your eye.

The loving gestures through the years,
That quickly come to mind,
For always you've a gentle word
To calm and soothe I find.

I struggle and I search to try
To find some words anew ...
And yet I cannot capture
All the things that make you you.

I shall therefore, be satisfied
That you must simply know,
Just how I feel about you,
For with words I cannot show.


Miss Maryland Teen USA

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If anyone has read my bio, or more likely just looked at my picture, it is easy to decipher the fact that I do pageants. This past weekend I competed in the Miss Maryland Teen USA 2011 pageant. Friday afternoon I arrived with 63 other teens vying for the title. I had a three-minute interview with a panel of judges to gauge my personality and my ability to speak on the spot. On Saturday night all 63 of the girls competed in swimsuit and evening gown, and Sunday they narrowed down to the top 15. I was the first person called on Sunday to be a part of the top 15, which I was very thankful for, and so was my mother who was anxiously squeezing her stress ball in the audience.

I ended the night placing in the top 15, which I am very grateful for. I have taken a lot away from doing this pageant, and unfortunately it is the last one I can do as a teen. Even though I didn’t walk away with the crown I took lessons and memories that I will treasure forever. 

Miss Maryland Teen USA 2011

Dont Think, Get Sexy

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 So if you’ve happened to scroll down yet, you’ve notice that I’ve written an essay. Obv you did not come to the blog page to read an essay. If you don’t feel like reading 1000 words, I do not blame you. I, recognizing that some people will be turned off by the lengthwink, did this anyways because I wanted to substantiate and articulate a strong reaction to somethings I've come across recently. This was as much a thought working-out process for me as it is something for others to read.

I recently heard that President Obama did some kind of Q&A session with some students on MTV. To me, the President should never appear, by choice, on MTV. I think that by being on the channel, Obama indirectly increases the channel’s overall viewership, furthering the spread of MTV Reality.

Through its programming, MTV depicts reality as hyper-sexual, hyper-emotional, and anti-intellectual. Objectively, there’s nothing wrong here, I admit; sexual is not worse than asexual; intellectual is no better than anti-intellectual.  However, with regards to the needs of institutions integral to societal structure, like government, family, and the workplace, the values MTV advocates are detrimental. One could easily see for themselves how hyper-emotionality and anti-intellectualism could get in the way of work, the family, participating in elections, etc.; I too lazy to lay it out for you.  

Of course, the majority of people have the ability to watch MTV programming and not, to any great degree, incorporate what they see into how they view the world.  It’s the children, however, who are watching MTV and are internalizing values espoused by—MTV Reality (muahaha!)

It's become a  kids are getting older at a younger age.
The coolest kid in middle school is the kid that acts like he’s too old for middle school.
The cool kid in middle school acts like a 20 year old, without fully understanding what that entails. 
He/she owns an Ipod, wears expensive shoes, has a phone with capabilities that will never be used, and parties.
The party is a particularly cool concept to young kids.
Do young kids really know what parties are like? Clearly not, as they’ve never been there. They can, however, understand what parties are as depicted through MTV Reality.
Kids see on Jersey Shore, the Real World, the Summer in Cancun Special, etc., that that there is loud music, boys and girls getting sexually intimate, and that good looking, cool people do it.


See how this commercial, run INCESSANTLY on MTV, combines all of what I’ve said above?

There’s sex, music, bracefaces (like the KIDS watching) kissing, moving tattoos, osmosis of lip ring, oral freckle transfer, everything that most middle-class children think happens at parties. Then there  is—of course—DJ HERO, which is the reason anyone even came to this party…duh.

So, while MTV isn’t behind the creation of this commercial, it PERFECLTY exemplifies MTV Reality.

I don’t know why Guitar Hero/DJ Hero, and MTV for that matter, doesn’t just make their motto
 “Don’t think, get sexy”

If Obama wants to get on MTV and indirectly increase the channel’s viewership,
President Obama can just join the club too!
“Don’t think, change--it’s sexy (also, vote for me!)”

I don’t mean to be a super-conservative anti-TV marauder championing the assembling of an army of anti-MTV followers who will one day storm and burn to the ground Viacom’s headquarters. All I want to do is convince you to look at the kids younger than you, maybe even your younger siblings (I know most of you live at home with them,) and understand what they are being exposed/think is cool.

Rome’s greed, infatuation with luxury, and self-destructive morals are often cited as reasons contributing to the empire’s downfall.
I’m not saying that America’s greed, infatuation with clothing, ipods, technology, and self-destructive morals are contributing to a downfall…
but I am brushing up on my Little Red Book. 

Moving Up?

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So I'm excited to share some crazy-awesome news this week! Now, this is a pretty rare occurrence since I'm technically an Intern here at Walt Disney World. But as an intern, I've been offered a promotion to Trainer.

Besides the fact that I'm just a student, it's a really great opportunity to work with the training field and a wonderful resume builder (especially since Trainers are usually only considered after 6 months of working there). I'll be training people specifically at my attraction which is pretty cool. It's really cool and very rare but it sounds like it will lots of fun! (Though some extra work will be involved)

Other than that the playground remains much the same as ever. Insane, fun, busy, loud. It was especially neat to work on Halloween where there were lots of families dressed up. My favorites were of course Wall-E and Eve, along with the family that dressed up like the Incredibles - even with the masks painted on their face! I went out myself with a group of friends trick or treating at Downtown Disney as a pirate! It was really terrific being down here for the Holidays and going trick or treating in 72 degree weather!

On another note the Holidays are quickly approaching here at Disneyworld. Now that Halloween is over all the backstage preparations are going up for everyone to see. At Hollywood Studios (the park I work at) we've got the super-special Osbourne Family Spectacle of Lights! Now you can google that and get the whole story but I'll summarize it for you here! Basically there was the Osbourne Family (ANOTHER Osbourne Family anyways :P) who would go over the top decorating their house in Christmas lights each year. It became such a huge deal that people would come from all over to see it! Unfortunately for the Osbourne's, their neighbors didn't appreciate the increased traffic and other issues that came with these lights and started to complain. When it looked like it was starting to get serious, Disney stepped in and offered to let the Osbourne family decorate the backlands of Hollywood Studios and so the Spectacle of Dancing Lights began!

It's crazy but they basically just cover EVERYTHING in Christmas Lights. It's really beautiful and I'm looking forward to the opening date on November 8th.




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