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Welcome back!

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Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a refreshing winter break and you are ready to embark on this new semester. I was happy by the end of the break because I completed two things that I had planned to do over the break; I obtained my learners permit and I wrote the SAT. The last one is surprising right, but I needed it for two schools I am applying to transfer to. I was happy to come back to school and begin new classes but I felt a little bit sad because I wasn’t going to meet a few of my friends. That is one sad reality I have faced in the last two semesters. Most of the friends I made since my freshman year have all transferred to different schools or have moved to the Rockville campus. Every two semesters, at least four of my good friends transfer from MC. I miss them but I am happy that they are moving on to continue their education. Finally after this semester, it will be my turn to move on too. I am already finishing up my transfer applications and by March 1st everything will be sent in.

I find it great that I will be blogging about my last semester at Montgomery College because I anticipate many things to happen as I wrap up my time here at MC. A few interesting things are already happening or will be happening. On February 28th, I will be attending the Maryland Collegiate Honors Council (MCHC) at McDaniels College to give a presentation on a research paper I wrote about the incidence of Traumatic Brain Injury. This was the same paper I wrote last semester in my Anatomy and Physiology honors class. My professor encouraged me to summit a summary of the paper to the MCHC committee and it was chosen to be presented at the conference. I am excited about that and I hope to get my nerves intact so that I make a good presentation. I hope that this is the beginning of many good opportunities to come and till then, I will keep on working hard in my classes. Have a good weekend and stay warm.

On Savoring Things

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Greetings, all!

Ah, the new year has begun, and we innocents thrust headlong into it. Already this first frigid month has nearly ended, as has the first week of the spring semester.

With many new year’s resolutions already waning, I thought it fitting to propose a not-so-new year’s promise: to get the most out of every possible moment. This is my last semester at MC (gulp!), and though it is a little late to get going into paying conscious attention to every last detail, I do believe that I should be squeezing every drop of potential from every situation possible. The idea for this sort of popped into my head when I was running late (as usual) to one of my four jobs. I was trying to choke down a green smoothie experiment gone wrong as the frosty air wrapped its icy fingers around my car. Scrunching up my face, I held my nose as I shoveled the last remnants of countless blackberry seeds into my mouth. “Done!” I thought with relief as threw down the cup into my cup holder and dashed out of my car.

When I got back to my car a couple of hours later, however, I saw that despite my efforts to content myself with being finished with my smoothie, I had left a good bit of it at the bottom of the cup, giving the clear plastic a greenish tint. And suddenly, it hit me: I have been approaching school and work the same way. I trudge through just enough to get what I have to, rushing to finish it, and unknowingly leaving what could be the best part behind. None of us can go through our entire lives in such a manner (though I think that the level of social media and technology saturation makes it simpler to do so). And so, I am making a commitment now, today, to leave such mindless meaninglessness behind. I will strive (progress, not perfection) to get the most out of everything  - whether that be classes, work, relationships, friendships, college applications, etc. It’s high time that I savor life to the very last drop.

 Kimberlee's Thursday Tune:

I was unable to find a catchy ditty that talked about food, so here's one of my recent earworms: Rend Collective Experiment - 10,000 Reasons

Did I Just Equate College to the Hunger Games?

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Hello again Friends!

It's been awhile, but hope that everyone was able to have a nice relaxing winter break before we get back into the swing of things with school.

Let me tell you, usually it takes awhile for the stress to start to hit me, but I have just returned home from an information session about the admissions process for the particular degree I would like to earn, and…

Well, two days in and I am officially stressed. That's got to be a new record.

It’s a bit frustrating to know that there’s really nothing you can do to help yourself, especially when it comes to something so important for your future. I have all of the qualifications necessary and have worked hard to get this far, I’m just worried that it will end up being a numbers game. 

The thing about good, well-respected programs is that they are selective. They have to be in order to provide their students with the attention and care necessary to make them into professionals. That being said, knowing this doesn’t make applying any less stressful. The reward will be great, should you take the risk, but what if you don’t get in? What then? There’s an entire year before you can apply again, and you have already completed the requirements to the best of your ability.

I’m rambling, and please excuse my using this platform to work out my anxiety, but this is college, unedited, so I guess it‘s fair game for sharing. That being said, at this point, the only appropriate line I can think of for all of you (and me as well) getting ready for Health Sciences application deadlines is that one from The Hunger Games.

“…may the odds be ever in your favor.”

Good luck!

Until next time,


Music for this week! Atlas by Coldplay from the Catching Fire soundtrack: 

Macho Monday

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Hello Everyone! 

It’s been so long since we last spoke. Welcome back to a new semester.

You may or may not know that I have always been an aspiring athlete. I played softball, swam, and was a cheerleader. I say aspiring because I wasn’t very good at them. But, since I had to work extra hard to keep up with everyone else, I was in pretty decent shape.

Then I started college and the fanciness of a fit lifestyle went out the window.

In a discombobulated world full of twenty-pound textbooks and perpetually unsharpened pencils, I found myself unable to make time for the gym. I thought that avoiding it would give me more time to do homework. But instead I procrastinated to spend quality time with dear old Netflix.

Over break I decided to reintroduce that old habit of going to the gym. I just wear my gym clothes to work (we have a very casual dress code) and waltz on over afterwards. Working out has been working out great (see what I did there?)—I feel more energized and have more self-confidence.

But today when I went to the gym all I could think about was this big essay that was due.  I felt my old worries about time management sneak back in. So I decided to do the quickest workout of my life. I stepped on the treadmill and started running and then…

I felt great. I felt relieved. I felt an inkling of… calm? And I was suctioning off the cellulite from my backside at the same time. What the heck, I thought, why haven’t I been doing this all along?!

Going into this semester I’m trying to develop better ways of stress management—ones that don’t require binging on my mac or procrastination.

Exercising seems like the perfect way. Plus I’ll get all sexy and macho. What do you think?

Happy Monday!



Tiffany’s Magical Monday Music Selection:

I Can Lift a Car by Walk the Moon




P.S. Having a gym membership can be super expensive. I’d recommend Planet Fitness for most college students. It’s relatively cheap (only ten bucks a month) and open 24 hours to accommodate our crazy schedules.

P.P.S. You don’t have to go to the gym to get some exercise or reduce stress. Try running around your neighborhood or youtubing a yoga video. Those are just as easy and completely free. 

Winter: Out in a Flash.

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Well, that was quick . . . BANG!

and in the blink of an eye winter break is gone (but as the thermometer will readily tell you; winter is in full, unmerciful swing).

I hope that everyone out there in internetland had a wonderful break and spent time with family and friends.

 Who out there is ready to be back at school? I can’t say that I am, especially not in this bitterest of bitter chills. Heck, lest we forget, some people may be signed up for their first classes ever at MC. What a shock to the system to have to race from class to class in sub-freezing temperatures.  

  Sometimes life dictates differently when we take our next steps. I hope there’s someone out there reading this may still be taking those first fawn-like, unsure steps toward s a next great leap forward. I hope those first time students can  right themselves quick because before they know it, the semester will be all but a memory.

 Anywho, so welcome back to all and I look forward to having a little more reader response this semester. We live in a strange, whacky, fast paced world here in MoCo.

It’s not quite DC but still just as high strung and overbearing and I’d love to hear how some of you are dealing with it and how it affects your studies and your lives. Take care all, stay warm and commute safely.

 Tata. . .




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