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It's 2013, ladies and gents! 

After a well deserved Winter break, we are back in the swing of things and one step closer to those goals. How'd your first week go? Don't be shy, give that "comment" button a tap and let me know.

So last semester, I said that there was a strong possibility that I was getting a 4.0 GPA. Wellllllll........

I got a 3.92.

A mere 0.08 points away from perfection. Not that I'm complaining at all! I'm very happy with what I got. 3 A's and a B. (The B was in a 1 credit course.) What surprised me the most was my Astronomy grade. I was a little iffy on that final exam and didn't know how I'd do. I'm still not sure how I did on the final, but my class grade ended up being an A. I was ecstatic! This coming from the guy who did all that complaining last semester. I actually pulled off an A. 

Let's hope I can do the same for my Math course this semester. My professor is the friendliest guy, but I haven't done college math in 4 years (I'm 22 for anyone who's forgotten) and the stuff in this textbook looks like another language. With that said, my courses this semester are as follows: 

  • Digital Illustration
  • Photoshop for Graphics and Photography
  • Survey of College Math
  • Art History: 1400 through Present 

So, wish me luck as I will certainly be wishing you guys luck this semester. Also, it seems all the bloggers are posting pictures with their entries this week. I don't have any photography for you, but I do have a sneak peek at my next class illustration. No where near finished, of course. But it's a start.


 photo Blue.jpg 

Take Care.

~ Jay

Is Vacation Really Over?

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 Well, we’re back!  Classes have started back up again – but my body still thinks that it’s vacation.  When I got up this morning, I had one of those moments when you feel like – oh my god, I’m so tired.

It’s probably because I had such a full vacation.  I literally got back from vacation on Thursday (well, technically Friday morning, but we left on Thursday).  Friday was unpacking day, (and god help us I’m so tired day,) and Saturday was Shabbos (the Jewish Sabbath).  Then there was Sunday, and then on Monday, classes started.

As for the vacation itself… well, I’m hoping that it’ll help me with my classes, or at least, my French class.

I went to France!

I cannot describe how excited I was.  This was my first plane trip, (two planes to and two planes from,) my first time across the Atlantic, and my first time out of the country.  Before the first of January, I had never been further from home than New York City.

I went to France with my grandparents.  Our plane landed in Paris, and we took a connector to Montpellier.  From Montpellier, we rented a car a drove to the house we were renting in a village called Saint-Chinian.

What was my favorite part…? 

It would have to be the history.  Everything we saw, everywhere we went, was simply weighted with history.  Even relatively “new” things were historical (roads, churches, etc.). 

I took a lot of pictures.

Some of my favorites in Saint-Chinian were of the view.


With good reason.

Outside of Saint-Chinian, we went to places like Cessanon-sur-Orb,




and Enserune.


Here's me at the Tower in Cessanon-sur-Orb:


We also went to the must-see of Languedoc – Carcassone!


I took a lot of pictures in Carcassone.  A lot.



This one is particularly fascinating, because you can see the original Gallo-Roman foundations.


Brilliantly enough, there was a lovely hike just outside of Saint-Chinian as well, which was a must-see for anyone who likes little stone-pile shelters.  You could practically see the goats and herders!

Les Capitelles

I also took lots of pictures inside of churches. 





The thing was that there were historical things everywhere!  I kept wearing myself out with excitement from everything there was to see.

It’ll probably take me a while to stop babbling about it.

Everything was so beautiful!

And now I’m back at MC, and I can’t help but think about how everything is connected.  Even on vacation, I was learning – listening to French and hungrily searching out every historical site I could find – and now I’m back at classes and learning in a different way.

It’s all connected. 

Someday we’ll find it –

The Rainbow Connection –

The lovers,

The dreamers,

And me…”  The Rainbow Connection, Kermit from “The Muppet Show”

Welcome 2013!

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It is official! As students, we have survived 2012, and now we have arrived to a brand new year, 2013. A year at Montgomery College is a door full of opportunities. Now is the time to make those new year's resolutions, good grades, join a club, fight for a cause, and of course getting to know your new professors and embrace the new knowledge in which they are eager to teach!

I know it’s difficult to say goodbye to winter break, goodbye to the simple life, and hello to the busy life as a student. Personally, I am ready for the busy lifestyle! I just have some adjustments that I have to get use to; for instance, going to bed at a decent hour, not focusing all my time on cooking and baking, and actually being productive with time. In order to accomplish this I have to put my home projects on hold until I finish school. I’m going to store my unfinished dollhouse in my closet and perhaps during spring break, I’ll be able to complete painting it. 


I’ve met all my professors! I am so eager and excited to work with each of them! 

The first class I have is with Professor  Wakeman-Linn! Oh, I’ve been looking forward to this class for a long time! She is a very intriguing person, she has written short stories, and she is now working on her second novel. I must get my hands on her first novel! This course is for writing fiction and I cannot wait to learn her secrets and techniques! This definitely will be my favorite class! Nevertheless, I still enjoy all my other courses too! English has always been my cup of tea, and I’ve never taken a course that has disappointed me! Math on the another hand is a completely different story.

My new resolution is passing my math course. I dread numbers and I dread the word problems that come with it, but this year is the year I shall finish math! Music to my ears! 

My second class is political science, YIKES! However, Professor Sember and seems amazing. His class will be a challenge for me, I’m not used to speaking openly about my views on politics, but I’m open for new experiences! This class will indeed help me to succeed a confidant voice. 

Third is Spanish! It’s not only about learning a new language, but a culture as well. 

Last and in my opinion, the least interesting class of all-Math! 

Hope everyone has the best of luck with their classes! 

It’s a start to a fresh new year let’s begin with a BANG! 


Final Semester At MC

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Today I begin my final semester of blogging. This isn't my final semester, however. I will have one course left for the summer, and I'm done. I had a great winter break. I worked 2-3 days a week, and on occasions, got together with some friends. 

I thought about doing something unique for the first blog of this semester. I am not going to advertise a specific restaurant, but I'll show you guys some good Nepalese, North Indian and Indo-Chinese foods that you can try in this area. I took these pictures in one of the Nepalese restaurants in Germantown. Check them out ! Wiki will tell you more about each:


They call it "Chicken Lollipop." It is just a sweeter and larger version of "Chilli Chicken."


This is called "Goolab jamun" or "Lalmohan." It's a cheese-based sweet dessert. 


This needs no explaining. It's "Tandoori Chicken." You can find it everywhere !


Samosas are the most popular Nepalese/Indian appetizers. It's often a favorite food for vegetarians.


Momo (dumpling) is the favorite dish of most Nepalese. It tastes a lot better if you try it in a Nepalese restaurant. 




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