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Truthful Tuesday #14: The End is Near

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Wow, so I haven't been this tired in a WHILE... maybe I'm about to get my second wind, but a few minutes ago my face was on the desk in front of me and I was sound asleep.  I woke to footsteps on the stairs and blurry vision due to my face down position putting pressure on my right eye.   The day has been pretty much non-stop and I am ready to snuggle into bed as soon as I finish up here.  

I'm encountering this strange issue with the blogger program that I'm pretty sure actually has to do with the blazing fast internet I have in this new nest.  Also, I believe that I now understand why another blogger was running up against a wall and unable to post videos.  There is a brief moment when loading the page to edit a blog that an <html> button shows up and is clickable.  Then, it gets covered by text and becomes rendered useless.  I didn't realize that the slower internet speed allowed me adequate time to hit that button until now.  Interesting.

Anyhow- here. A video where I talk more:

Namaste I say

Happiest of Holidays


Truthful Tuesday #13: The Power

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Hey Everyone! I'll let the video speak for itself this week...

And a link due to technical difficulties:

Hibernation Habits

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Good Evening Raptors,

Thank goodness it is 67 degrees today! Waking up to 20-30 degree weather has not been working for me. Getting out of bed cold is possibly the hardest things for me to do. Another lovely side effect of this cold air is it brings out our “hibernation habits.” Im assuming everyone gains a little weight to keep warm over the colder seasons. Winter Holidays even require us to eat like animals. It’s just in our nature when it gets this time of year.

One day I was walking through the down stairs of our PE building. A bulletin board caught my eye. I have walked down this hall uncountable times since I started coming to MC. Never once did I stop and read a bulletin board. Today was different. I was hungry and I saw a few pictures of food. I stopped and began analyzing the pictures, reading the comparisons and I even took a few notes. A few examples of the food seemed like a yummy replacement snack... but most of the time I just want a big bag of chips!



This got me to start thinking about how there could be tons of ways changing my “hibernation habits” would change my study habits. Sometimes I get so hungry before going home and I will drive through McDonalds or Taco Bell. After eating fast food all I want to do is watch TV and sleep. What if I was eating something that woke me up! Something that didn’t weigh me down! But something that tasted good. I went to my good friend Google and started looking for “snacks that help you study.” I found lots and lots of examples. The only problem was healthy snacks don’t always taste the best. So I pulled out the ones that made my mouth water!  




String cheese 


Banana and Peanut Butter 


Cucumbers and Cheese 

Mini Pretzels 


Celery and Peanut Butter


Celery (peppers) and Salsa! 


Frozen berries 

Cucumber salad 

Hard-boiled egg




Seasoned tomatoes 

Crackers and Tuna (dip)


These are just a start of the new snacking changes I’m applying to my life. I hope you have learned from my lazy couch potato story. Next time you want to buy some fast food, chips, pizza, get one of these snacks instead! You might end up liking it better than the chips you were going to have.

I hope everyone appreciates the friends and family they have to be grateful for! 

Enjoy the break and eat up!

Love always,

Katelynn Suzanne 


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Well, this is it kids, the end is near!  It seems only yesterday I was in classes and planning my turkey feast in 2013.  Yes kids, trust me, time flies.  

While most of you who have stayed on track will be able to gobble, gobble, gobble, I will be using the time “off” (out of classes) to get back to speed in one course I will not mention out of abject shame.  But, I will be ready for the final by the time I digest my mashed potatoes and gravy.

Typical Maryland weather, I am glad that it looks as if tomorrow I can get my bulbs planted, which I’ve not had time to do, and then Wednesday they’re calling for snow, so who knows, we may have to re-write the holiday carol, “I’m dreaming of a White TURKEY!”

I had to shout out again to my dearest professor Joan Naake who actually took three hours of her OFF DAY today to come into her office and go over my applications for transfer with a fine tooth comb.  And well, who does that kind of thing?  Nobody is who, but Professor Naake does.  Why?  Because she truly loves her job and truly cares about her students’ successes.  Thank you again, Professor Naake. 

Meanwhile, I won’t have time to do much cooking for the family, but will be making my famous Cuban Flan, not the usually soupy style, but my almost cheesecake thick Key Lime version.  I have been so good about what I eat, but come Thanksgiving I just throw all caution to the wind. So I am expecting a food coma to overwhelm me and that’s the way I like it thank you very much.

Yes, it will be a bittersweet Thanksgiving with the death in the family those of you who have read  my previous blogs are aware of.  But it is still going to be a good time for the family to all get together in his memory with a happier occasion in which to remember him.  It is a big table full of big personalities. But also a lot of “Big Love” so we should be fine. 

My prayer of gratitude is that you all have a very safe NON-TEXTING AND DRIVING holiday.  That you and yours enjoy the comforts of home, old friends and family and a well-deserved break from all the hard work.

Let’s hope that Wednesday call for snow is not enough to derail our travel plans and that we all get to where we are going safely and in the spirit of love and family.  All my best to your and yours!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


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