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Lights! Camera! ...........Cancer.

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Just as things seemed to be falling into place (a rhythm, a daily routine had taken shape out of the wild closet of my summer hours)  time had folded neatly into boxed fragments of scheduled obligations, study, exercise, rest and so on.  I felt good about the small antlike cadence of purpose that being back in classes had brought back into my life.

But then life as it is wont to do it threw a Molotov cocktail into my family’s life…Cancer.  Then unwanted words start to invade our little well-sculpted universe: Advanced. Terminal. Inoperable.  Pain Management. Timeframes.  Bests and Worsts.

The world takes on a hush - time suddenly quieted.  It’s like being hurled into a vacuum of the unknown. A long exhalation of sudden and overwhelming regret envelopes you and the tears become impossible to fight. You find a quiet, peaceful place to allow the world to be this hard. And you allow yourself to feel vulnerable and sad and hopeless for a bit until you regain your footing somehow, pick yourself up and remind yourself that you need to be strong for a lot of people. 

And you go on and you decide to be a sport and you cling to the tenuous hope the doctor has perfected in counseling families like ours…”prolonging the inevitable, seeing that he’s comfortable, at home.”  The bell is tolling and it is tolling for us.

Our calendars take on a different priority. Life is colored with a biting implacability where only yesterday that kick in your step as you whistled in happy luck has now suddenly slowed to a stride. One adjusts the view in one’s mind. Recalculates. Reaffirms. This malady has struck most every family, every person I’ve known. Skin. Breast. Lung. Colon. Brain. I’ve known them all far too intimately of late.


Now it has come to nestle it’s dark cloud upon mine.


Only a few months ago I embraced the sweet, heartbreaking reflection of mourning in the lovely eyes of a dear lady friend who had just lost her husband to cancer, a robust man and father of four in the prime of his life. It was hard even from a “safe” distance. However, no one is safe. Cancer belongs to everyone.

So we must all count the endless gifts and joys that exists alongside tragedy.  This has long been my daily habit of good intention in approaching the day.  Among my many  gifts I count without question the good occupation of my work at Montgomery College.

Having the great resource of involving my mind in my studies is going to be invaluable in the coming days and weeks. Reading books has once again become a balm against the coming storm. Books have always been comforters for me, like fireplaces warming my soul on the coldest of unforgiving winter nights.  Here in the world of books and discovery, there is a safe harbor to weather the storms ahead.  Not to mention all the great people here who remind me everyday, we are all in this journey together.

Truthful Tuesday #4 : The Safety of our Drinking Water

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Truthful Tuesday Vlog Post #4

The truth this week is brought to you by me and Keith Clark. Keith spent ten years working for a water organization going to door to door to protect creeks and streams, until this year when he decided that if the organization he was working for wasn't going to protect our drinking water, he would!

Last weekend Keith and I had the privilege of attending a citizens conference on Fluoridation of drinking water in Crystal City Virginia.  Scientists, researchers, Doctors and Dentists from all over the world came to speak on the topic.  

Mercola_Girl_Against_Fluoride_1 Mercola_Girl_Against_Fluoride_2

Things aren't always as they seem, and sometimes information we get about the safety of publicly funded practices is wrong until proven so.  We believe wholeheartedly that this is the case with fluoride.

Some of the guests included Dr Joseph Mercola.  Here is a link to an article he wrote about the Harvard study on Fluoride:

Another guest was The Girl Against Fluoride who came all the way from Ireland for the conference. Here is a link to her Facebook Page :

Last but certainly not least, the conference was put together by an incredible group of folks dedicated to this public health issue. They call themselves Fluoride Action Network. This is their website:

If this scares you and you want an option for getting better drinking water, is a great resource.  Keith and I travel regularly to Frederick, MD to harvest fresh mountain spring water.

If you would like to contact Keith regarding Cleaner Water Foundation, his e-mail address is

Until next Truthful Tuesday




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As flu season comes around the corner it is getting harder and harder for us to wake up and go to class. We are drowsy. We are weak. We are groggy. At MC we come in contact with tons of people, exposing us to tons of germs each day. The chances of you catching a bug are pretty likely! As a college athlete I spend most of my time with my team. If one of us gets sick, we all start dropping like flies. This week, with in days, each member of our team came down with something!

 When people are infected usually you don’t see signs right away. While we seem fine and healthy we may have already caught a bug and can pass it onto other students with out knowing. I don’t say this to make you paranoid, I just think we should be aware and make an effort to avoid getting sick (especially this time of year!!)

Growing up when I got sick I was always told, “make sure you rest your body and drink lots of fluids!” Sleep and a hot bowl of soup was the perfect remedy for me. As students we don’t have much down time. Between school, work and hobbies it’s hard to give our bodies time to heal themselves.

My team and I came up with 5 rules to try and avoid getting sick:

 FLU SHOTS! – seems obvious, but some may find it a hassle to take the time to go to the doctors and get shots! But I promise it will be less of a hassle than catching the flu and not being able to make it to class for a few days.

Wear Gloves- as the weather gets colder you want to stay warm. Wearing gloves will also prevent you from touching lots of potentially infected surfaces. You can even make a fashion statement out of it as well ;)

Wash your hands- we cannot completely avoid germs they are all around us. On average we have 50,000 bacteria per square inch. When we rub our eyes, eat a meal, bite our nails, etc., we are at risk of taking in germs. Stay clean.

Don’t share drinks- bring your own bottle to school. Fill it up at water fountains.

Stay Classy- Hard but important. Each person you hook up with increases your chances of getting sick. Try limiting the hook ups.

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you still get sick. Here are some home remedies and treatments that we learned from our moms, which have helped us this week when we DID get sick: 

If you want to build your immune system, eat blueberries and orange juice.

If you have a sore throat, drink hot tea with lemon and honey.

If you’re feeling nauseous, eat saltines and drink ginger ale.

If you have a stomach virus, drink club soda with salt and lime.

If you have a fever, wrap cold moist towels around your feet, hands and head/back.

I hope my teammates have given you some good ideas to stay healthy this semester. They have certainly helped me. Good luck staying bug free!

Love Always,

Katelynn Suzanne


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Well friends it’s been a remarkable Manhattan week for this MC Student!  

As many of you already know I came up to attend the première of Sally Kirkland’s new film “Archaeology of a Woman". Kirkland didn’t fail to deliver and it was a most powerful and galvanizing performance.

I had a chance to meet and greet many beloved fellow actors I had never met before such as Rutanya Alda (Deer Hunter/Mommie Dearest) - Franc D’Ambrosio (Phantom of The Opera) - Angelica Page (Anna Christie, Edge, Sideman) not to mention many other theatrical and film people. After the screening we repaired to an East Village Italian place, John’s on 12th Street and enjoyed much copious laughter and good fraternal fun.  It was a sparkling evening all in all.

But not two days before as all Americans know and can never forget, was the anniversary of the September 11th tragedy here in New York City.  After many sunny days, it was the first to be glum and dark and gray from the earliest light. I opted to flee Manhattan and repaired to Brooklyn where a buddy had suggested I come to ride bicycles. I went. The day was languid and cool, breezy actually, if gray throughout. Also I had just heard very painful personal news. A man I dearly love, my brother-in-law, was diagnosed with inoperable cancer of the liver. The prognosis couldn’t be worse. So I spent the day in quietude with a very heavy heart and allowed myself to cry over him, the lost on September 11th, and all the pain currently swallowing up our world in war, discord, bloodbaths and enmity between nations and peoples.

But we must all endure wasn’t we? So I put on my best Broadway “show must go on” face and went on my long bike ride to the river’s edge where I saw the final rays of lovely sunset that at the end broke free from the miserable darkness, and there was our Freedom Tower shining its memorial beacon up into heaven.  I stood there, awash suddenly in my profound sadness. Why? Why must our race of creatures be forever enslaved by violence? Why do we kill off humankind’s best hopes for a world of peace? Ghandi. Lennon. JFK. MLK. Bobby. Why would anyone choose world dominance over world peace? 

On the bright side, I was able to attend my Art & Reason Honors course due to my professor’s kindness in accepting my offer to invite me into the class vis Skype due to my absence. It was beyond cool! Professor David Carter arranged it with IT over at Germantown and I was able to be broadcast to my class who could see me and I my class and professor with a cam.  I was able to listen to my student colleagues chime in about their feelings regarding the book we are dissecting: Art and The Zen of Motorcycle Maintenance. So I was never far from campus. And the truth is…I miss it.


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