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I'm not the only one....

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A funny thing happened to me other day. Well I thought it was funny anyway. I arrived at class early as I usually try to. I hate arriving in class rushed or late, I just don’t feel in the mood for learning then. My professor said to me that she was in a meeting the other day and on the wall was chart of the places around the world where students come from that are attending MC. She did say the figures were from 2002 but were still relevant. Anyway she said, “Guess how many from New Zealand?” “One,” I said, still living in the bubble that I was about to emerge from. “No, eight!” she said. “Eight??” I said confused and slightly excited. “And twenty-one from Australia,” she continued. “Twenty-one!” I echoed back to her. Wow, I was blown away. Even if these figures were from 2002, does this mean that there could be other students at MC now that are from New Zealand? I mean, the reason I am so blown away is because I didn’t even think there was eight people from New Zealand living in the Washington DC area, let alone studying at MC. Maybe we could all meet one day? Maybe one of you was that person I didn’t talk to in class last semester so I didn’t hear your accent to recognize you?

Anyway, long after this conversation I continued to think about the diversity at MC. There are so many people from different countries around the world. People in my classes are studying for different reasons. Some I have talked to have to study again because their qualifications aren’t recognized in the US, and they must study in a field they have already worked in. Others, like me, are studying at MC because it’s a chance to change their career when they arrived in the US. Whatever the reason we all have the same goal. I love to meet new people from different backgrounds. Other students I have collaborated with in my classes have been from Ethiopia, Cameroon, Jamaica, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Serbia, Honduras and the list could go on. I have had Professors from Burkina Faso, El Salvador and Nigeria. And of course I’ve met a lot of students and professors from Maryland and DC and others from Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania and California. This is so exciting to me because New Zealand doesn’t have the same diversity that there is here. I am sure to many of you who have lived in the DC area for a long time it is quite normal. But to me, the excitement of meeting so many new people from so many backgrounds hasn’t worn off.

It’s Friday time. Have a great weekend people!


New Zealand Fact for the week: New Zealand’s rugby team are playing the US for the first time ever in the US next Saturday. Unfortunately they are playing in Chicago not DC. New Zealand’s team are the world champions. Rugby is the biggest sport in New Zealand and people follow it with the same, if not more passion than people follow NFL here in the US.

Apparently the game is live on NBC next Saturday. You should watch it!

Thirsty Thursday: Schedule Fillers pt.2

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Whats going on guys? I'm back with the next part in my class suggested schedule filler. Today, I'd like to talk to you guys about a class I took some semester s ago and that would be History of Sport class or HS118 (in the old catalog).

I know I know , another history class sounds boring but who wouldn't want to learn about the pioneers of football such as Knute Romney and Jim Thorpe. Have an interest in Baseball? Bet you've heard of Babe Ruth or the Great Bambino, but, have you ever heard of the Chicago Blacksox? Or what boxing was like before betting scandals and greed hit. It is imperative as a fan that I am 1) mindful of the back stories of certain sports and 2) that I am respectful of those same stories that shaped sports today.

I believe in the History of Sport course you are able to gain that awareness and level of respect. History has a way of repeating itself so this class could do more good than people think. This class can just be used as a filler you don't have to be a sports management major or even a history major to take the class, just someone who cares to learn where some sports came from.

Baby steps

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No I'm not talking about "DR. Leo Marvin's" fantastic self-help book. (If you haven't seen Bill Murray in WHAT ABOUT BOB you should)

     As we're coming to the close of another (fingers crossed) successful school week I wanted to touch on goals. We all want something in life be it love, money, friends, jobs, fame, etc. but how many people do you know sit down (or pace if you want, I always think best when I'm walking) and write out their goals or dreams? Probably not very many, now take that number and subtract all the people that don't write down what they can do this week, weekend, month and year to make it happen. Destiny is a daunting prospect and what the future holds no one can say so let us take advantage of our day and not waste it in some frivolous way. Pardon the poet, he makes entrances at the most (insert interesting word here) moments.

     In all seriousness though figure out what steps you need to take in the immediate future in order to get yours where you want. to take a quote from myself "I live so much in the moment that anything outside that moment becomes extremely distant. When I'm in the moment, others can join me and it's a great adventure. When I'm alone, it's like I'm in a bubble, outside of time." In this regard, DON'T BE Will Campbell!!!!! Live in the moment, yes, but think and act beyond that which is prevalent in this very moment. If I can do it, you can do it. Take some baby steps toward your goals and make your dreams a reality.

 We'll see- what the future holds,

 Will C


Truthful Tuesday #9: The Pursuit

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I'm here at MC to learn mostly about science.  During my first run through college I studied art just because that's what I had done a lot of in high school and honestly didn't think I was cut out for anything in the STEM realm (though, I don't think that acronym was used much in those days, if at all).  The BS in Art has served me well, in many ways.  Over the years following my graduation from UMBC I grew broader interests beyond the lens and the sketchbook.  It was fitness and massage therapy training that led me to become fascinated with the human body. In these school environments, I was exposed to the troubles of our food system and the way it is impacting health across the board. I was finding true meaning around every corner, with every new person I met, every new thing I learned I was given more reason to carry on with a purpose. Back in my high school and early college days I was much amused and much of my time consumed with things like shopping, sitcoms, amusements, blockbusters, traditions, and so on.  As the years pass along, I find myself moving farther and farther from finding these things gratifying and seek a more profound purpose more and more everyday.

Last night I happened upon an article (or perhaps it happened upon me) regarding Viktor Frankl's "Man's Search for Meaning". I must say- the timing was perfect.  In recent weeks I've been feeling stretched and uncomfortable (as we must become in order to grow) but in the thick of it, simply knowing doesn't necessarily make it any easier- just more tolerable.  Viktor Frankl was the Viennese psychiatrist who wrote "Man's Search for Meaning" out of the misery reared in a Nazi concentration camp.  His "Logotherapy" psychological movement emphasizes the following three things: that life has meaning under all circumstances- even the most grueling, that our motive to live is our will to find meaning, and that we are free to create and find meaning however we choose. 

It's always a great reminder to me- to happen upon this kind of thought, especially when I under pressure.  I remind myself that more so than a pursuit of happiness, I am in a pursuit of meaning.  Everything I experience- the good, the bad, and the ugly- guides me toward the deepest and most satisfying meaning in this life.

So, the truth this week is: Maybe it isn't happiness we always need to be in hot pursuit of; perhaps it is true deep meaning that is optimal for quenching and sating our souls.

Namaste, Friends...



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