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Germantown Counseling & Advising

Location, Hours, People: 

Sciences and Applied Studies Building (SA), Room 172.

Need help finding us? Use maps and directions to find the Germantown campus.

We Care About Your Success!
Introducing the Starfish System
& Online Scheduling for Counseling & Advising Services

Starfish Icon

Recently, Montgomery College acquired Starfish Retention Solutions in order to create an online student success environment and facilitate access to counseling and advising services.   Students will be able to use Starfish to view service availability and schedule appointments online to meet with a Counselor in person.  

  • Students must have applied to the College and been issued an M#.
  • Appointments are  typically offered in 15, 20 or 30-minute blocks.
  • To schedule an appointment, go to MyMC and click on the
    Starfish icon
     SF Logo 
    See step-by-step instructions for making an appointment with a counselor.

Visit Online Advising for Frequently Asked Advising Questions or e-mail an online counselor.

Mailing Address:
Germantown Counseling & Advising
20200 Observation Drive, Room 172
Sciences and Applied Studies Building
Germantown, MD 20876
Phone: 240-567-7734
Fax: 240-567-1985


Find more information on our Academic Coaching  program.   Click Here! 


We also provide counseling and advising to international students, speakers of English as a second language, and recent immigrants enrolled at Montgomery College’s American English Language Program (AELP) at the Center for International and Multicultural Students (CIMS), located in SA150.

Summer 2014 Hours (May 27 - August 1, 2014)**

8:30am - 7pm (Doors close at 6:30pm)*

8:30am - 5pm (Doors close at 4:30pm)*

8:30am - 7pm (Doors close at 6:30pm)*

8:30am - 5pm (Doors close at 4:30pm)*

8:30am - 5pm (Doors close at 4:30pm)*


Center will be open Saturday in August and January,  9am - 1pm (Doors close at 12:30pm).  Call for schedule.

** Hours may change due to special events or closures due to weather.

Special Closures: 

Germantown Counseling & Advising will be closed the following dates:

May 26, 2014 (Memorial Day)

July 4, 2014 (Independence Day)

Students must be signed in 30 minutes prior to closing to see a counselor. 

The Counseling department is available to assist students with personal emergencies or quick questions that can be addressed within 5 minutes or less during our general hours of operation with no appointment necessary. 

All other students will be directed to schedule an appointment. Please plan to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. 

Students arriving after their appointment time may be asked to reschedule. If you need more time than scheduled, you may be asked to make a follow-up appointment. 


Faculty & Staff

Department ChairPhoneRoom
Ms. Katie Mount (Montgomery Advising Program, MAP & Academic Coach)
(240) 567-6966SA175C
Administrative Support
Ms. LaShaun Harris, Counseling & Advising Administrative Aide
(240) 567-7734SA172
Ms. Bonnie Vanatta, Part-Time Office Assistant
(240) 567-7734SA172
Full-Time Faculty CounselorsPhoneRoom
Online Advising/ Email a Counselor 
Mr. Anthony Solano (Distance Education/Online Advising & Counseling)
(240) 567-1997SA175A
Dr. Jennifer Dobbins (Academic Coach) 
(240) 567-1996HT130
Ms. Ada Garcia-Casellas (International)
(240) 567-1801SA150
Ms. Zenobia Garrison (Career) 
(240) 567-1968SA207
Ms. Tyra Goodgain Peanort (FYE)
(240) 567-7715SA175D
Ms. Audrey Hill (Transfer/Scholarship)
(240) 567-6965SA179
Ms. Erin Marcinek (Houser) (Academic Coach)
(240) 567-6936SA175B
Ms. Tamesha Robinson (Career)
(240) 567-6968SA172G
Dr. Jack Sallie, (International)
(240) 567-6959HS180
Ms. Anne Schleicher (Transfer)
(240) 567-1991SA177
Dr. Harvey Stempel (DSS/Pathways/Academic Coach)
(240) 567-6967SA189
Ms. Kimberly Talley (International)
(240) 567-7757SA150
Mr. Harry Zarin (DSS/Academic Coach)
(240) 567-7767 (V/TTY)SA189
Part-Time Faculty CounselorsPhoneRoom
Ms. Jeanie Brand (Early Alert) 
(240) 567-7806HT222
Dr. Helen Dias (International)
(240) 567-7734SA175
Ms. Jacy Hildreth (Online Advising/International)
(240) 567-7734SA175
Ms. Heather Hughes (DSS) 
(240) 567-1992SA189
Ms. Marilyn Keeley
(240) 567-7734SA175
Ms. Barbara LaPilusa
(240) 567-7734SA175
Ms. Lori Leister
(240) 567-7734SA175
Ms. Angela Mastromatteo
(240) 567-7734SA175
Ms. Christina McGill (MAP, Early Alert)
(240) 567-7734SA175
Mr. Jeffrey Schwamm (Veterans)
(240) 567-7734SA175
Mr. Doug Smith (Academic Coach)
(240) 567-7734SA175
Ms. Latonia Staten
(240) 567-7734SA175
Ms. Shirley Willcher (International)
(240) 567-1975SA150
Ms. Dottie Wiseman (Career/Early Alert)
(240) 567-7734SA175

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Montgomery County, MD


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