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Rockville Counseling & Advising




Rockville Counseling
51 Mannakee Street
215 Counseling Building, Room 215
Rockville, MD 20850

Need help finding us? Use maps and directions to the Rockville campus.

Information: 240-567-5063
FAX: 240-567-5089

Counseling Department Hours


We Care About Your Success!   Introducing the Starfish System
Starfish Icon
& Online Scheduling for Counseling & Advising Services

Recently, Montgomery College acquired Starfish Retention Solutions in order to create an online student success environment and facilitate access to counseling and advising services.   Students will be able to use Starfish to view service availability and schedule appointments online to meet with a Counselor in person.  

  • Students must have applied to the College and been issued an M#.
  • Appointments are  typically offered in 30-minute blocks.
  • To schedule an appointment, go to  MyMC and click on the Starfish icon  SF Logo  ( see step-by-step instructions.)
    If unable to keep your appointment, please cancel it in Starfish or call us at 240-567-5063.

Online Advising

We may be able to answer your questions via email.   If you have a general/quick question about a specific issue that can be answered over e-mail, you may submit the  Request for Online Advising form.  Please note that due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) counselors only provide general information, and will not share information or work on student records via email.  If you do need assistance that requires a counselor to access your student record and you cannot come in to Counseling for an appointment you should consider submitting the Request for Tele-Advising form.  We reserve the right to refer you to make an in-person appointment with a counselor if we can’t assist you through Online Advising.    

F-1 Student Appointments

If an International Student Coordinator referred you to see a Counselor, you will need to submit a  request for an F-1 Student appointment.  If you have questions about immigration status and visas, contact the  International Student Coordinators directly.

Financial Aid Appointments --  (NOTE:  Appointments will be scheduled for the months of March, June, and October)

If you are a General Studies major and need an academic plan as part of your Financial Aid appeal, submit a request for a financial aid appeal appointment here .  If you are not a General Studies major, you will need to schedule an appointment with a faculty advisor in your major.  See:   Rockville Campus Advising Directory and Department Web Site Listing)   If you have any other questions about financial aid, contact the  Financial Aid Office directly.

Veteran (Combat-to-College) Appointments

If you are veteran or currently serving the military, submit a  request for an appointment here.

New Student Group Advising Program

IMAP - After completing the ESL ACCUPLACER, the next step is to attend a group advising program (IMAP) in order to get your scores and more! 

Request an appointment for the GROUP advising program (IMAP)     

During the program you will:

  1. Obtain test results and your course placements in writing, reading and speaking.
  2. Learn more about the courses offered through the American English Language Program at Montgomery College.
  3. Identify courses for your first semester at Montgomery College.
  4. Receive advising and have your questions answered by a counselor. 

MAP OR EMAP - After completing the ACCUPLACER OR submitted scores which exempt you from testing:

Complete an advising program (MAP or eMAP) in order to get your scores and more!   Call 240-567-5063 to schedule your appointment or find out how to complete the online advising program.

*New students who have already earned a degree through another institution, those designated as “personal interest”, and visiting students from other colleges are encouraged, but not required, to attend an advising program

Administrative Support Phone Room
Ms. Tonya Harris, Administrative Aide
(240) 567-5085CB215
Ms. Nancy Hicks, Administrative Aide
(240) 567-5088CB215
Full Time Counselors Phone Room
Ms. Sue Adler
(240) 567-5086CB201
Ms. Dana Louise Baker
(240) 567-5065CB229
Ms. Francesca Caretto
(240) 567-5068CB231
Ms. Valerie Collins
(240) 567-5078CB231A
Mr. Fabian Drain
(240) 567-4079CB215G
Ms. Denise Simmons Graves
(240) 567-5093CB209
Ms. Ever Grier, Chairperson
(240) 567-5083CB215D
Mr. Gustavus Griffin
(240) 567-5090CB216
Ms. Aggie Harrell Sparks
(240) 567-5079CB215A
Ms. Joan Hawkins
(240) 567-5075CB203

Ms. Marcella Karp

(240) 567-5066CB212
Ms. Karen King
(240) 567-5056CB215F
Mr. Tim Kirkner
(240) 567-5049CB204
Ms. Julie Levinson
(240) 567-5076CB228
Ms. DJ McCullough
(240) 567-8019CB208
Mr. Clif McKnight
(240) 567-5084CB207
Mr. Marcus Peanort
(240) 567-5055CB202
Ms. Sharon Petrillo
(240) 567-5082CB225
Ms. Jessica Present
(240) 567-7497CB205
Ms. Linda Robinson
(240) 567-5080CB206
Ms. Karissa Silver
(240) 567-7200CB215F
Ms. Hilda Decena Smith
(240) 567-5116CB224
Ms. Kathryn Woodhouse 
(240) 567-5098 CB226
Ms. Gail Wright
(240) 567-5099CB227
Ms. Celia Young
(240) 567-5069CB211
Part Time Counselors Phone Room
Ms. Jamie Adasi 

(240) 567-5063 CB215 

Ms. Martha Baer  

(240) 567-5063CB215
Ms. Pascale Brown
(240) 567-5063 CB215 
Ms. Lorraine Bryant
(240) 567-5063CB215
Ms. Amy Evans 
(240) 567-5063 CB215 
Ms. Kelly Kleine
(240) 567-5063CB215
Mr. William Nasvaderani
(240) 567-5063CB215
Ms. Karima Selehdar
(240) 567-5063CB215
Ms. Laurie White 
(240) 567-5063CB215 
Dr. Rudolph White
(240) 567-5063CB215
Ms. Michelle Williams
 (240) 567-5063 CB215

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